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[ The Great State ROBBERY - KODA Ex.Chief Minister is in JAIL.]

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Friends & Robbery.Manifesto.

Deposits Rs.61,000,000,00.00 in one month
Deposits Rs.61,000,000,00.00 in one month
Election Manifesto Released to wipe out Corruption.
Election Manifesto Released to wipe out Corruption.
Partners in crime.
Partners in crime.
I need money for my family.?
I need money for my family.?

What is Bofer's.?

A Nationalized Bank in Mumbai accepts Rs.61 Crore Deposit in 30 days.This is violating the Reserve Bank of India Guide Lines that any person depositing Rs.50,000 and above the Bank has to inform the Income Tax Department.and Rs.49,000 in 10 Banks no problem.How than this Bank Manager now designated as Chief Managers did not inform.Was he on leave.Was it done without bringing such a Huge Deposit to his notice.Was he just on the day had gone out and never came back since he had to meet a faulty lone person who had taken the loan and never bothered to visit or deposit even the first installment.Had he gone to inspect the assets of the person who had applied for a loan.Was he in search of a house to rent since he was recently transferred.Was he a good friend of whosoever came to deposit and had taken him for coffee as he was glad that he had completed the target for deposit mobilization was achieved just in the month he was to have achieved.Was he feeling sick and wanted leave for the entire month.we the real people won't know.

This Chief Minister of yester years how did he get so much,What happens to all the money that the Income Tax Sleuths recover.A Scam a year or whenever the Govt wants is predictable in INDIA to divert the attention of the people or press.

Seams have long been a natural phenomeuon in INDIA like the terrists attacks in Kashmir or else where in any place.Except the Rains that dance Kathakali in one State and Bharat Natya in one and trible dance in another and westren dance from foxtrot to any shakes of legs and other body parts in other States,Indeed it also takes a break in any state it likes due to the fact that there is Climate Change.

In our country each Scam gets bigger,better and generally scammier than the preceding Scam. For us the ordinary law abiding citizens it is a Puzzle.Where does the money each and evey Scam.

This Madhu Koda has paid Rs 640 crore into a nationalizes Bank.

If I try to put just Rs.64,000 in any of the Nationalizes Bank or non nationalized Bank or a Piggy Bank account , the next morning or even in midnight the IT Boxers with metel nailed boots will berge in to my house and drag me to God knows where they take such persons right in front of my wife and children and take me to their dungeons.

Here I would be made to confess by hearing to repeatedly read over and over by different type of voices as to how I have Voilated Artical 17,sub-clause 15( D of the Income Tax Act ( 1949) as to just how the hell or hawala I got the filthy little hands on all that moolah,all of Rs.64,000 soiled Rs.100 notes bundled in plastic used covers.

However our Great Koda's case is different,the cashier at the bank's counter could not blink an eye lid let alone hit the panic button which would flash red lights all over and the electric siren would start WHOO Whoo,WHEEE,WhEEeee. That wouldSummon the local pot belly Flying Squad to the spot. He would just say politely Rs.640 crore to be deposited sirrr,Yes Sirrr,Here is the receipt Sirrr,any thing else sirrrr.

Let's see the previous Scams:-

1) Harshar Mehta - Rs.1,400 Crore.

2) Ketan Parekh - Rs.20,000 Crore.[ Counting is on }

3) Telgi - Rs. - Rs.7,800 Crore

4) Satyam Computers - Rs.4,000 Crore + His Assets God only Knows.

5) The Mother Scam Bofors Rs.64 Crore.{ The Sweetest Scam.}

Let's not bother BOFORS JUST NOW.

Let's talk of Inflation.

Let's talk of Corruption.

Let's talk of Corodpathis.

Let's talk of Swiss Bank Accounts.

Let's talk of the loot captured.

Let's Add all the loot.



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      shafqat verwqas 7 years ago

      Huh, very cool info about ceiling speakers. I bet they make the sound in your home incredible.


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