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Updated on October 22, 2016

Greek Art ...then


Economic destruction. Greece flirts with it -- daily. And it is being prolonged by the Eurozone. Countries willing to make enormous loans may never be repaid. If the euros were not injected into this failing state, would this financial contagion spread?

Greece suffered with almost 26% unemployment, in the first quarter of 2015.

On the other hand, recent tourism influxes, less imports, and more exports, are painting a rosier picture picture. In a Wall Street Journal article by Gabriele Steinhauser, Greece might do better if it could obtain just a bit more cash, say another 40 billion euros?

A Brussels 'Think Tank' indicated that this might be in order. Recent budget surpluses aside, Greece may have an insurmountable economic problem, coupled with a surmountable social problem.


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Send in the Euro's - Please?


Greece will seek the easy way out, if it continues to obtain loan after loan. But such a move might destabilize markets in the Eurozone, if not create more friction between Eurozone partners. This could eventually result in a fractured "Euro."

The easy way out, for Greece, would be to monetize the debt, issue bonds, or perhaps do as Alexis Tsipras (Leftist Opposition Leader) has suggested, and that is write off the loans. Perhaps 60% of the loans.

Greek property values continue to drop, as much as 32% in recent years. Sales of homes/property in Athens continue to plummet.

It has become something of joke to own property in Greece. Tax increases appear to burden to homeowner. Why would one pass such a burden onto one's children?

The Real Grexit


Emigration levels in Greece are the highest they have been since 1998, according to EnetEnglish of the Independent Greek Press. In fact, the country had a net loss of about 5.5% in 2012 alone.

Some of this loss can be attributed to 'Brain Drain' with suggestions that over 46% of Greek PhD holders are living abroad.

Salaries Cut as much as 50%

In an interview for BBC with Chris, John Humphry's son, who has lived in Athens for about 20 years the “Destruction of the Middle Class” was mentioned. In some cases salaries have been cut as much as 50% and such a thing has become almost normalized. Chris himself has not been paid on occasion.

'Greek Culture' appears to be suffering.

Gone are the days of enjoying the night air at a Cafe - because there is just no money left or what remains is saved. Although, there appears to be a certain amount of fear, regarding certain groups, the return of fascism or some other type of social breakdown is a new worry.

Chris thinks that the Greeks are a resilient people with close family ties, however. Both John and Chris hope that this measure of resilience maintains the Greeks through these troubled times. The interview took place downtown in a nearly empty restaurant.

According to an article dated 6 FEB 2014, for the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada, the “EU” is a welfare system for entire nations.

Population of Greece -- last count: 10,812,467, but there are recent influxes of immigrants...

Greece, with a population of about 11 Million people has received about 240 Billion Euros. That is almost $30,000 a person.

National Debt per Greek citizen stood at almost 29,224 per person.

The Greek National Debt stands at approximately 315,000,000,000 euros.

Crime is also increasing in Greece. The US Department of State has issued warnings about the many types, including the run-of-the-mill pickpockets, to the well organized gangs preying upon tourists.

Violent crimes appear to be less in Greece, than in other European nations, but burglaries are on the rise.

Terrorism in Greece is not necessarily new. Groups like the Fire Nuclei, have claimed responsibility for bombings and have been associated with bank robberies.

Shisha Smoking


'Shisha' is yet another nail in the Greek coffin. It is referred to as the poor man's drug of choice. Alcohol consumption is on the rise, as one would expect in this situation. But this new homemade drug 'shisha' is an apparent substitute for cocaine. There is a photograph of a Shisha Smoker below. Smoking this substance can make one aggressive, some reports indicate.

Aside from terrorism and 'shisha' problems, there is the odd political party called the Golden Dawn. Odd would be a kind name. It has been labeled a Neo-Nazi Party, but not akin to the home grown ones here in the USA.

The fact that these people now hold office is troubling.

A Party Leader named Nickos Michaloliakos of Golden Dawn said last year, that he did not believe that the Nazis used gas chambers to exterminate the Jews. These Golden Dawn Nazis should be taken at their word and be removed from office post haste - be voted out.

Banks in Greece have now lost 66% of their of their value - in 2015.

Greek Debt



...mindless crowds...
...mindless crowds... | Source


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      If the Zionists couldn't care less about the rise of neo-Nazism why would we? After all, just a quick peak at the members of almost any European and US governments to understand why they are the first to be targeted. They mainly are the rulers? If Nazism rose it was because of the economic meltdown of Germany. If the Jews were the first to be targeted, it was because they were probably the biggest minority and also because they were thriving economically, many were part of the elite.

      However, you should remind the people that if the Greek economy collapsed it is mainly due to their government. Again, the people are the ones to suffer. Spain, Italy it is the same. Banks buying poisoned US financial products. In what way Greece will feel better if given money? It only signifies more debts.

      Europe is not here to guaranty the recovery, it is here to pump a maximum interests from a debt. European people are rejecting the Euro and Europe massively and the US is pushing their heads deep. Euromaiden with Ukraine is the perfect example. The US is financing a coup with a minority. Muppets at the head of the European councils obey to US orders applying policies to the detriment of the people. Governments ask for money, money is lent and the people have to repay it. Policies applied by governments and the elite respond to impoverishment at short term and enslavement at a long term.

      And we (the majority) are STILL trusting our governments.