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The "Hard Word" - Serbian Prime Minister Honestly

Updated on November 19, 2012

What's the "hard word"?

Prime-minister, Ivica Dacic.
Prime-minister, Ivica Dacic. | Source
Mr.Dacic says that Serbian weapon, in contrary to Hashim's Taçi's one (EU) will be the United Nations.
Mr.Dacic says that Serbian weapon, in contrary to Hashim's Taçi's one (EU) will be the United Nations. | Source
The pressman of weekly newspaper "Informer", who had some "hard questions" for Prime Minister of Serbia, and Minister of Internal Affairs - Ivica Dacic.
The pressman of weekly newspaper "Informer", who had some "hard questions" for Prime Minister of Serbia, and Minister of Internal Affairs - Ivica Dacic. | Source

Ms. Hillary Clinton surprised

In his speech, Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Ivica Dacic added: "Ms. Hillary Clinton, along with Cathrine Ashton were surprised after the press conference that we held after our meeting, recently in Belgrade. What surprised them, is the honesty of this Government, when I stated out everything we talked about, on the media held conference in the Palace of Justice.

He added this on the context on the question of two other pressman, questioning them why do we see three different news in one day. First in the morning. Then in the noon, and totally another kind of news at the evening.

Summary of global injustice

Three days after sudden release of war-crime accused Croatian generals, Mr. Ante Gotovina and Mr. Markac.
- Three days after, the euphoria in Croatia doesn't calms down, but in same time the
dirge in a church, in Serbia was held, to about 100.000 Serbs that had to escape from the "Krajina" during "Croatian Freedom War Operation" called: "Oluja" (eng. Storm).

- The major brake-trough was the press release from the Croatian General Ante Gotovina, where he says that operation "Storm" was done with co-operation of C.I.A. How can all these recent events in region affect to "reconciliation" on Balkan, Mr. Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Internal Affairs: Ivica Dacic had something to say...

Reconciliation will be even harder now

- Mr. Dacic stated that he doubts that the road where Serbia and Croatia were headed to, the road of reconciliation and peace in the region, and how "the West" saw us like France and Germany - on Balkans, is now very jeopardized with the decision of the ICY (International Court for Yugoslav wars) in Hague.

- "We have, still, the friendly oriented bi-lateral conditions with Croatia - but on the next conference, I or any colleague of mine will not attend in Zagreb. The cooperation with Zagreb, Croatia, has been brought now on to lowest, technical level, in past ten years - and all because of disgraceful decision to release Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and General Markac.

- The doubts that Serbian people had about ICY integrity have been confirmed now. "Milosevic, if we go back to past, made that court - not even imagining that he could be the one that will end-up there - but believing in justice. Now, it's clear that the decision to release two Croatian generals, accused for war against hummanity, violation of the law and the rules of war, ethnic cleaning, making fortune in the war, killing unarmed people and civilians and other "points of accusation" are now totally irrelevant.Serbia has brought, also, with ICY in Hague - cooperation level on to "technical", meaning that we will decide whether or not we will deliver some papers or things like that in future. Huge mistake was made, and it can cost a lot in the future - especially in the meaning of justice and "reconciliation". "


- On the question, on Pink 2 TV channel, in the latest (first) edition of "Hard Word": "How will now, after all these recent happenings in EU and USA, and the fact that Court in Hague was a political court not justice court, will affect to the reconciliation in the region and what is the "weapon" that Serbia will use now?" - Mr. Dacic answered: " Our only real weapon is United Nations, but the bad thing is the influence of Court in Hague on the ongoing International Sue between Croatia and Serbia ..."

- The press-man of the weekly newspaper in Serbia "Informer" was, and will be, "hard" on every guest, as he said. The point of his show is to present to the public the real meaning of the press releases of Serbian high representatives, and the questions will be pointed so that whole nation, on "national-language" - understanding for all, explain - currently Mr.Dacic - what has been agreed in Brussels over almost five hours of negotiations with Kosovo's side; with Hashim Taçi.

"If they, when I say they - I mean the Hashim Taçi and Kosovo's Albanian side think that they can take all- leaving us with nothing... I think that they are fooling themselves. I've told to him: "O.K, You are now on the position and a side where Milosevic was during 90's in Rambouillet... If You think that EU is holding Your side, then I can assure You that we have the United Nations, without You can't be recognized as a legitimate country."

On the question: "Well, as You said: "If You think that EU..." .... do You Mr. Dacic think that EU really holds the side of Hashim Taçi? And how, actually, those negotiations look like? What? You sit here, Ms. Ashton there... Taçi here.. And then what? " - the energic pressman questioned prime-minister.

"No! Absolutely no is the answer on the question - if Kathrine Ashton is holding Kosov's side. We talk on English, and she is the "mediator" when we talk. She doesn't even interferes into our conversation at any part of it, because - as she said - this is "the thing between Belgrade and Pristine" " - Mr. Dacic answered. He was pretty calm, when it came to the question of the "IBM". He also explained to people what the "IBM agreement" means. "IBM agreement is agreement between past Government and Kosovo, where EULEX should have control over Integrated Boarders on two more punkts. Let me remind You that on Merdare and one more point, have been "implemented" already the "IBM" for ten years now as a "pilot-project". " - Prime Minister Dacic added.


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