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The impacts, causes and effects of the oil spill in Guimaras

Updated on December 20, 2012

bad effects of oil spill

mangrove, fish, sea birds, sea creatures and sorts of marine life suffer oil sludge
mangrove, fish, sea birds, sea creatures and sorts of marine life suffer oil sludge | Source

The 2006 oil sludge that struck the island of Guimaras

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mapmap of the Philippines showing the island province of Guimaras which is located in the Panay Gulf between the islands of Panay (North) and Negroscleaning slick oilpart of guimaras that bears the brunt of the calamitycoastal ecosystem devastated
map of the Philippines showing the island province of Guimaras which is located in the Panay Gulf between the islands of Panay (North) and Negros
map of the Philippines showing the island province of Guimaras which is located in the Panay Gulf between the islands of Panay (North) and Negros
cleaning slick oil
cleaning slick oil
part of guimaras that bears the brunt of the calamity
part of guimaras that bears the brunt of the calamity
coastal ecosystem devastated
coastal ecosystem devastated

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Dr. Jose English: Guimaras oil spill damage may be felt by at least 2 generations

GIVEN the choice, residents of Guimaras or anybody else in his right mind would not want anything catastrophic to befall their beloved homeland. But the inevitable did happen, causing them to wake up one day in the midst of oil sludge, the magnitude of which the residents have never experienced before.

Said to be the worst oil spill the Philippines has ever seen, the disaster struck on August 11, 2006 when the oil tanker M/T Solar 1- carrying more than 2 million liters of bunker fuel- run aground on Guimaras Strait off the coast of the provinces of Guimaras and Negros Occidental. Causes of this catastrophe is blamed on bad weather and human error. Overloading was possible because it was stated the tanker was designed to carry a load of only 1.2 million liters. Investigations reveal further that the captain was incapable of managing the ship.

Disastrous effect was far-reaching The spill has damaged fish and other species feeding and breeding grounds. Dr. Jose English said the damage may be felt by at least 2 generations, the reefs and mangroves may have likewise been damaged, the ecosystem may have been scarred, causing seafood yields to greatly deminish; He further stated that the shorelines, the coasts and the swamplands with mangrove would be the worst hit, affecting positively small fisherfolks. Dr.Jose English is eco-region coordinator of the WORLD WIDE FUND for nature in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The oil slick also poses as a threat to the blue crab, blue marlin and yellow fin tuna industries of Negros Occidental if the spill oil is not checked immediately.

The Philippine Coast Guard said that the 500,000 liters oil spillage that poured out into the sea has affected 20 communities in 4 municipalities of Guimaras. It also threatens 27 communities in Iloilo province and 17 others in Negros Occidental. The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) said the oil spill happened in a rich fishing ground of the Visayan sea which contributes a significant supply of fish to the entire country.

A villager from Brgy La Paz, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras has been reported to have directly died after inhaling the poisonous fumes from the oil sludge that caused him cardio-respiratory disease. Also 2 workers from the ship have been reported missing.

The cleanup has been estimated to last 3 years. The sinking of the oil tanker M/T Solar 1 as well as its oil spillage happened nearly 4 years ago on August 11, 2006. We asked, "What percent has the oil spillage clean-up been done? This hub has for its main purpose of informing the public, the studentry of both high school and college, etc. the harm or the bad effects. of oil spill. We, therefore, ask dear readers, especially those in the affected area to send us a feedback or an article on the efforts being made to restore the economy and environment of Guimaras by incorporating the answers to the following queries in your write-up:

(1) What particular solutions has been done by the affected local government units towards solving this problem? (the barangay, municipal and provincial governments using IRA and funds from outside sources), (2) What help did the national government extend? (3) Describe in detail the kind of assistance given by the HARIBON Foundation. (4) Were there other private entities or groups who lend a helping hand in the restoration efforts of your environment and economy? On the help from abroad, What did the British oil experts- who were sent by the SMDC, do in Guimaras? A 4-man team from the US Guard also arrived in Guimaras for what? Is the sunken oil tanker still there in Guimaras submerged?

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