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The Health Care Anger

Updated on August 12, 2009


As I watch CNN and read certain articles online I keep coming back to the same thought. I wonder if we’re all really as upset as the media has painted us regarding Health Care reform in the US or if some political mechanism somewhere is using people like pawns, a means, to get to their end. Conspiracy? I’m no Oliver Stone but it does seem as if these protests and the anger are all staged and that although there may be no script, it definitely seems as though there is an outline. The Health Care anger – Don’t Get Me Started!

I don’t know how anyone can be surprised (and not disgusted) by the fact that we are supposedly one of the richest countries in the world and yet we have no universal health care. There are people turned away every day from getting care because of not having insurance. It’s all so shocking to me that you could show up at a hospital dying and they could turn you away because you didn’t have insurance or the “right kind” of insurance where the hospital can triple bill and make a fortune off of you so you’re turned away. I don’t get it. Is it in the Hippocratic Oath somewhere that physicians will only heal those with the proper insurance and fourteen pieces of ID? Don’t get me wrong there’s more blame to go around than to just the doctors, the patients who are so hoping to have a sponge left in them so they can sue are morons too. Then you add the predatory drug companies and insurance companies and what you have is a vicious cycle that is designed to keep you jumping through hoops until you finally get so tired that you just close your eyes at night and hope you still have a leg in the morning.

If you’ve ever had to deal with insurance companies I don’t know how you couldn’t want someone to step in and start regulating things in order to ensure that at least there is some fairness to the process. I defy anyone to call their insurance provider and not have your call forwarded to at least two departments, add in your wait time and the minimum of two times when you’ll be hung up on and have to call back and what you have is a very expensive pain in the ass. Plus you’re always at the mercy of the person that is on the other end of the phone who incidentally gets bonuses for denying you coverage and/or service. Wow, that sounds like a system that’s working great, no need for the government to step in (he said, eyes rolling very far back into his head).

So take my anger and multiply it times the many people who are out of work, the people who want to become famous and then have a town hall meeting you put on television and YouTube. Put that all together and it doesn’t spell “Mother” like the old song used to say, it spells, “Motherf#@cker!” You can’t possibly look at these things and not think that the people who brought us Joe the Plumber aren’t involved somewhere.  The recipe appears to be the same. You take a nation of angry people, out of work people and you show them how a “normal” guy ends up making money and going all over the world being interviewed simply for spouting an uneducated opinion and then you see an ad for a town hall meeting in your city. It makes it seem as though you’d be crazy NOT to go to one of these things, make a fuss and hope you become an overnight sensation. Because the old adage is true that opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

I don’t have any answers, I’ll leave that to the more educated and informed but I do know that insurance seems to be like buying a plane ticket, no one paid the same fare and yet you’re all in it together going to the same place (in the case of insurance, we’re going to our death). And just like the difference in airfare that has never made sense to me, I don’t get why people are turned down for insurance or why there isn’t some sort of standard for people of certain height, weight, age or whatever instead of allowing coverage premiums to be decided by how many people are in your plan, or what your pre-existing condition might be. Frankly I’m convinced that when you get insurance there’s someone on the other end of the phone that spins a large wheel and wherever it stops that’s what you pay (that would be the clicking sound you hear while you’re on with the phone with them) and then there’s some lawyer in the back writing fine print using a lot of jargon you won’t understand to tell you why it all makes sense.

I was watching today and some woman actually stood up and said we had the greatest health care system in the world. Where has she been? Where is she living? And what, is her husband a senator and that’s why she has such great coverage? I get the anger over insurance but sometimes I think we’re all the same, afraid to change but bitching hoping someone else will make the change for us. (Which wouldn’t be so bad if anyone in our country knew how to give change for a dollar let alone giving life changes a try.)The thing is that the more the media covers it the more there seems to be a cast of characters handpicked to do the bidding of someone out there who just wants to see any reform fail. Can you say drug companies? Can you say insurance companies? Can you say politicos yearning to get camera time? Someone do me a favor and just wake me when the politics are done and the laws are in place. The Health Care anger – Don’t Get Me Started!

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