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The Hidden Agenda of the Catholic Church against Pres. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

Updated on February 28, 2014

Pres. Aquino III

The Catholic church rides on the anti-pork barrel movement

Did it escape your notice what the Catholic church has been up to?

The Catholic church wants President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III impeached as president!

The reason? The Catholic church does not find President Aquino III as prayerful as his mother, Pres. Corazon C. Aquino. This church does not find Pres. Aquino III as obedient to its wishes either.

Clashes with the President

The first clash between the Catholic church and Pres. Aquino III has been on the issue of Reproductive Health bill that the President has signed into law.

The Reproductive Health Law is supposed to be in force now. However, the Catholic church filed a petition in the Supreme Court charging that the RH law is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has ordered an abeyance in its implementation for four months.

The second major clash between Pres. Aquino III and the Catholic church ensued during the elections in May this year. The Catholic church openly campaigned against the candidates of the Liberal Party to which Pres. Aquino III belongs. This church had dubbed anti-life those candidates who had supported the RH bill in Congress. This church endorsed the candidacy of those who supported the Catholic church against the RH law.

Even if it failed to block the election to the Senate several Liberal Party candidates, the Catholic church is satisfied to find that most of the candidates it endorsed got elected. In short, the May elections has proven that the Catholic vote is alive and kicking.

The Supreme Court is now reviewing the RH law. Oral arguments are now going on with the office of the President and Congress arguing for its constitutionality and the Catholic church arguing for its unconstitutionality. This process is being sidelined by more attention-getting events like the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the MNLF uprising in Zamboanga City.

Riding on an issue

The Catholic church is riding on the issue of PDAF. That is a legitimate issue. However, the Catholic church did not raise an eyebrow when it was being debated in Congress during the time of President Joseph Estrada. This church neither saw immorality nor injustice in PDAF then.

The Catholic church did not raise an eyebrow either when there was a rift between Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile over the distribution of savings among senators.

I wrote an article saying that the Senate was barking on the wrong tree when there was a move to audit the Senate savings. The real issue, we say, is the injustice on the nation committed through the PDAF.

The Catholic church says that pork barrel is a form of corruption and immorality. It does not say that about the practices in other countries, like the United States. This church did not say that before PDAF was enacted when all along there was pork barrel.

Now a direct attack on President Aquino III

The latest anti-pork gathering in the streets was around the St. Mary’s shrine erected by the Catholic church in Ortigas, EDSA. Prominent among the participants in rallies have been Catholic church personalities.

Retired Bishop Oscar Cruz has been directly attacking by means of pronouncements on television President Aquino III on the Disbursement Assistance Fund (DAF) and PDAF. In a press conference on the latter, Bishop Cruz said in effect: What kind of governance is that?. Meaning, what kind of governance is Pres. Aquino III performing that allows this kind of graft and corruption?

The Catholic church is riding on the issue of pork barrel up to a point of triggering impeachment proceedings against Pres. Aquino III.

However, as Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has said, the issue of DAF may be a legitimate one to make a move to impeach Pres. Aquino III but such cannot prosper because Pres. Aquino III has enough allies in Congress to block that move.

The Catholic church is right in charging that PDAF is immoral, a corrupt practice, and unconstitutional.

Masking its own misdeeds

In making pronouncements on PDAF theme and participating in rallies, it is masking misdeed where itself, the Catholic church, is involved.

Those issues are the landholdings of the Catholic church in the Philippines and the non-payment of taxes on Catholic church businesses.

The Catholic church has already carted away trillions of pesos from the Philippine economy by repatriating profits and alms to the Vatican for over 100 years now since the Spanish colonizers were driven out of this country.


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