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The Higher Beings speak of The Shift & Changes in Atmospheric Pressure

Updated on July 20, 2011

The Raising of Gaia to 5th Dimension

Mother Earth
Mother Earth

Mentoring from Higher Beings 24th May 2011


Question - What can you tell us of  where we are in the journey to the fifth dimension?

The journey to the fifth dimension is not the whole journey, we will speak to you of time because this is the most important point we need to make today.

When time began here on earth it was an experiment, it was a way of causing all of the souls who would incarnate here to be encased within a certain frequency.

This frequency curtailing is now coming to an end.  You will now be able to travel much further than the fifth dimensional tract of time.  We speak in the this terminology so that you understand what time has done to you.  It has held you within the lower frequencies.  When time has become abanded on earth she will rise up to the fifth dimensions, you will all be able to go much higher.

In order for you to comprehend of which we speak we will bring you more in line of understanding with what dimensions actually are.  If we simplify this for you then we can call this time tracts.  In fact this is where your timeline vocabulary has been used in connection with dimensional time travel.  They are one and the same but because of your limited awareness of what time travel is then you will be confused as to how time travel is actually dimensional travel.  Both exist within different time frames.  One is the no time frame the other is time so when you leave this dimension which is time and travel to a no time dimension you are time travelling.


Question – are we in fact travelling as we comphrehend it or just rising in awareness and consciousness?

Yes, you are rising in consciousness, we will use this term because the term of awareness is very much convoluted on your planet.   Many use this term when they are speaking of being awake.  Awareness is a much higher frequency than just being awake.  In order to be awake your frequency does not have to change much from that of sleeping, in your htz measurement this will be just 2 or 3 frequency changes but to be awake and aware you will need to switch to another 2 or 3 frequency changes.

Much of the misunderstand at this time is because there is not an understanding of frequency changes.

When someone who is asleep changes their frequency from sleep to aware then they know something has gone on but when they change from sleep to awake they are just going about their daily routine.  In order to wake up more people we are raising the frequencies of the planetary system of reference.  You will begin to experience many higher frequencies when you are awake and when you are asleep, we are in fact altering your frame of reference for this.  In order to change a routine there is often a need of chaotic change or sudden change and we are capable of doing this to you!

We will only use this with the best of our purpose because we are wanting you to awaken more quickly and to be awake to higher frequencies more often.

It has been said that to awaken is to be afraid, we would say to you that to be asleep will be terrifying as more and more changes occur to your energy fields.  These changes which are occurring naturally cannot be altered.  We are also able to quicken individual frequencies when we see the need.  Those that are to be quickened by us will be those who are still on the sidelines but are very well aware that there is a need for more change.  We can be their catalysts for this, their options are currently open but not for much more of your time.

Question - What is the time table for our evolution and our planets?

The timetable will look to you as a spherical cornet.  The top is wide open and the bottom is tightly closed at the moment.  There will come a time when the bottom will be wide open as the top is.  This will occur at the moment that the big changes with the earths atmosphere occur.   The top of the atmosphere will become the bottom and the curve of the earth will change.  We cannot give you exact timings but what we are at liberty to say is that there is much more to come after this.  You will by that time not be asking questions but will be attempting to gain your equilibrium after having tipped upside down within your atmospheric lining many times.


Question - I don’t really understand what you are saying can you explain further?

Yes, it is very difficult to explain when you have been exposed to many different equations that are being talked about within your planetary surface.  They concern themselves too much with the physical and not enough with the atmospheric pressures and changes.  When the atmosphere changes then everything changes.   The earths balance is held into its position because of the atmospheric pressure.  This pressure will be the first item to change within your earth world.


Question  - What does this mean for us?

When the atmosphere changes then you will feel lighter, you will not require as much oxygen when the atmospheric pressures are lighter.  You will be able to move quicker and with much more ease.  As this occurs then many other things occur on the planet, she will not be able to be completely stationery which is what you experience now although the planet is actually moving but not at a speed which gives you any sense of movement.  When the atmospheric pressures change then you will indeed feel movement.  But because of the changes occurring within your own ability to move then you will quicken with her.  Many have been speaking of the quickening but there will be a much bigger version of this coming up very soon.  This will be the first thing that you will experience as the shift occurs.


Question - What do you refer to as the shift?

The shift is when, after the atmospheric changes, the earth will become lighter and more spinning as an object in the sky, because of this she will be able to radiate out a higher frequency and a higher vibration, she will become 5th frequency vibration by that time.


Question - What happens to all the different people on the planet at the time of this shift?

When one is able to hold a higher frequency then one will do this with ease.  If you are not able to hold the higher frequency then you will become disorientated.  We have spoken many times of the mental stress that will occur for those who have no altered their frequencies.  It will be the mental stress that affects those of this dimensional habit.  When the changes are over many will become ill as you describe things on your planet, this illness to us is when the soul is separating from the physical.   It is always so,  when ever you are ill it is because part of your soul is being left out of your lifes situation.  You can  not live completely healthily without embracing completely your soul and your lifes mission this time on this planet.

Those who have completed the work of raising their vibration and taking back their lifes mission away from the ego will be best suited to help those who do know there is a healing to be done but do not know how to accomplish this.  There will be those who cannot walk before they run, therefore many will require assistance.  They may have heard of what is going on but have not changed the functions of their system to be able to cope with these changes.  The intent at this time will be everything.  Anyone with the intent to actually embrace the changes will be able to do so.  Those that rally against them will come up against a brickwall.


These changes will accomplish the healing of the planet and everyone on board at that time who will relinquish the old egoic regime.

Blessed are those that carry the gene for re establishing the momentum of  the planetary grid.  There are many who will know what to do for the final healing of the grid system.  You are all endowed with many different functions when the changes occur, you will all return to your stations and begin your work as if you have done nothing else all your lives.  Your frequencies will be unaldulterated then.  This is how it is and so it will be



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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Very interesting as well as very positive messages.

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Great, I guess this is what they mean by being in our light body.

    • edw4rdcull profile image

      edw4rdcull 6 years ago

      is something to be aware with the planet

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Very interesting and most inspiring. Thanks!