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The History of Racism in America: Why it still Exists!

Updated on September 29, 2009

A House Divided Will Not Stand


         I was only seven or eight years old when Jimmy Carter became President of the United States and during those days, my beloved country was just beginning to recover from the racial divide of the 1960’s but unfortunately many Americans have not recovered as former President Carter so elegantly reminded us this week and I completely agree with his statements; however I do think he should have went a little further and conveyed why Racism still exists in this country.

        Why is there Racism in America? The problem is deeply rooted in the history of our American culture.  Our country was framed by men and women who owned slaves and this ungodly institution became a way of life as it slowly entrenched itself into the heart and soul of our beloved families and thus through observation and infiltration the horror of Racism became a family tradition.

         I know this because I was born a southerner and as I mentioned in an earlier writing, I was raised in a racist community where from my youth onward I heard and saw the bigotry of my neighborhood toward the blackman; I heard the racially charged jokes and the immoral conduct propelled at men and women who looked differently than the status quo; so I understand President Carter when he says that there are people in this country who believe that a black person is unable to oversee the affairs of our nation for I know firsthand that many white people think they are superior to the blackman in all things.  Why does Racism still abide in the hearts of many?  The answer is simple; from generation to generation the idea of race preservation and inferiority toward others of a different ethnical background has been planted into the heart and soul of our country; it was planted there by our forefathers who fought in the Civil War and furthered by their children and unfortunately it continues to flourish.

         In conclusion, I am proud of Mr. Carter for saying something that others could not; yes you may say his statements were politically motivated and you may completely disagree with him and with me, but it does not change the true fact of our country’s history which is deeply rooted in racism; it does not change the long and flawed history of our families being indoctrinated with racial ideas; it does not change the awful truth that Racism is still violently on display across our nation and though it does not abide in everyone’s heart and perhaps it is not even the main reason for the unethical outbursts toward our President, but it is a driving force that must not be overlooked or simply regarded as being a form of free speech.





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If Barack Obama was white, would he be receiving such criticism?

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    • William R. Wilson profile image

      William R. Wilson 8 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      I experienced a similar thing growing up. There were only white people in the town I grew up in, and black people were referred to without fail using the 'n' word.

      Yes, racism is alive and well in America.