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The Hollywood Cultural War Is Raging

Updated on August 30, 2011

The Hollywood Cultural War Is Raging

The gays and the alphabet-soup assortment of alternative lifestyles folks are not going to relent in trying to win hearts and minds; be it advocating for the TV producers to announce that Bert & Ernie of Sesame Street fame are gay puppet lovers or expressly wanting children to learn about these alternative lifestyles, usurping the will of those parents who feel contrary. I am mindful that this cultural war been raging for sometime; I used to watch a show on HBO titled “The Wire” and one of the Baltimore gangsters was blatantly gay – the visual and cultural message was that you can be tough and nails hard and Black and still have 'flair.'

Today, the news that was trending was the fact that Chastity Bono (Chaz) was among the cast for the coming new season of “Dancing-With-The-Stars.” I supposed that Chaz, who was born a woman, and saw fit to change her gender to a man, will be partnered with a woman as a dancing partner… and of course all of Hollywood will applaud this novel aberration, hoping that it becomes the norm. This is the ‘unreality’ these people are trying to force on us, and it is why many of us watch the kid who used to play “Doggie Howser” and, who is now gay in reality, can have a successful show (How I Met Your Mother)… playing a womanizer – but hey, it is just acting.

The cultural war is such that we have become accustomed to the “unnatural” and the things we frown upon are now acceptable; and, God help those of us who have a contrary, traditional view. Yesterday, on Sixty Minutes, I watched a story, which depicted this lady who brought Black children together to sing Gospel. We heard and saw touching stories about whence these children came and their respective struggles, and how the gospel convocation raised the self esteem of said children partaking in it - but not one mention of Jesus who inspired the Gospels. I bet you that this blatant omission of the Christ was deliberate on CBS’ part and were you to call them on it… the producers of Sixty Minutes would chalk it up to “editing.”

Another part of the cultural war is what is deemed an issue to promote. Case in point, in New York, there is an effective, graphic commercial being shown on the TV stations, depicting the health dangers of smoking; there is nothing wrong with the commercial to prevent smoking, but imagine depicting the sickening pictures of discarded aborted babies, especially late-term. You would have heard how disgusting it was to show these aborted babies (murders) because, apparently, if you murder the unborn in secret and in the privacy of a doctor’s office, it is A-ok.

Now, I have legal colleagues equating being gay to being Black and some of them have even convinced some of our Civil Rights leaders to buy into the specious comparison. But I know that ‘reality’ does not matter in this cultural debate because I have witnessed Blacks and Whites siring children and I will be forever waiting for this miracle of life to happen between these unions among alternative lifestyles.


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