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The Homeless Billionaire, "Nicolas Berggruen"

Updated on June 16, 2017

Governance: How It Works | Homeless Billionaire | Oxford Union

The homeless billionaire chooses to live a simple life separate from possessions that have held most of us as Americans hostage for a lifetime of debts and family responsibilities. Dreams of attaining 1/10 of a percent of the riches that Nicolas Berggruen has achieved and generates annually is an absolute financial success.
Nicolas Berggruen equity firm is generating $5 billion dollars yearly and choose to sell two property and the car he owned 12 years ago to live a simple life.
What nonsense, this man is not living on the street he is not jumping from motel to motel, he is not getting handouts or hungry "homeless billionaire".

Mr. Berggruen travels the world in his jet and only stay in five-star hotels. It was reported that the only possessions that he owns may be in storage, and just carries an iPhone and attire that suit the occasion of his travels. He stated that we are all different and live in a material world which is true, he said possessions are of no interest to him, showing off his wealth is not appealing because ownership and wealth are only temporary "WoW" he actually recognize that fact.

He also said that real value comes from one's action that will last forever, I challenge Mr. Berggruen put your money where your mouth is, the title that has been bestowed on to you "Homeless Billionaire" is not fitting the title should have been "Billionaire Berggruen Build Homes For The Homeless", so build some. A lot of wealthy Americans has the potential to make massive change within our country and simply choose to be selfish with their wealth, they can,t spend it all in their lifetime so why not give a little to the people that really needs a helping hand. If I had a $1million what changes I would make in others life, but for now all I have to give is an encouragement. The Homeless Billionaire


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    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      Interesting. I hold;d no grudges or jealousy towards the wealthy and feel people can do what they want with their money... but you raise some interesting points. My wife and I have always said that when we have money, we will invest in nice homes and property. We like to stay home and don't really travel much. we also want to help others with our wealth and I think most wealthy people do that to some extent. This character sounds interesting. I'll follow news on him for sure. Thanks for sharing!