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The Hotel El Caribe & Secret Service Agent Scandal in Colombia

Updated on April 25, 2012

President Obama: A Couple of Knuckleheads

I think that to most Colombians and residents of Cartagena think ZERO about the US Secret Service scandal and their prostitutes. Most Americans shrug their shoulders and say, "they finally got caught". The State Department has quite the opposite view citing all sorts of reasons, which are legitmate, yet, privately, think, "they finally got caught". President Obama probably thinks the same.

I mean, agents off duty, in a foreign land, well advance of the US President, go out and party. They go to bars, hang out, are approached by hookers seeking to earn quick money. It would be hard to NOT know one was by their actions and dress. So, they go back and "hook up". The President was not even in the country. Yes, hookers back in the "cold war" era did use their body to rub info out of enemy agents, and there is no evidence this is remotely the case.

The major of Cartagena is wondering what the fuss is all about, after all, prostitution is legal in Coloumbia and in that city, it is a big tourist trade. It does not bother them at all since they all are adults. Hookers are all over the damn area, not just in bars or strip joints. They hang on the beach, just outside of the Hotel El Caribe. When other businesses go there, it is expected some will look for sex.

As the dozen agents arrived a week ahead of time, hotel waiters stated they were heavily engaged in drinking that started at lunchtime. When they were drunk, most ended up in the pool and played water polo according to the waiter. The hotel allows its customers to bring in prostitutes to their rooms between 2300-0500 hrs but must sign in and pay an extra fee. One prostitute, Angelica Rosales, 24, will have intercourse for $112. In the past two weeks, she has earned $3400. Others in the area do it for $20 to $500. Angelica did meet with five of the US agents on the beach, but did not have sex with them. She thought the agents met the women at the local La Dolce Vita bar or the strip joint, Pley Club, when dancers in G-strings and nothing else do pole dances.

Prostitutes are also bused in from other parts of Colombia during convention times to service those interested. However, child prostitution is against the law.

According to the bouncer at Pley Club, none of the women who went with the US agents would have done so unless the service was prepaid.


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