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The Hypocrats Are At It Again

Updated on December 8, 2010

The ‘Hypocrats’ Are At It Again

President Obama just reneged on one of his campaign promises – discarding the Bush tax cuts - which supposedly benefit the wealthy or more specifically… those who make over $250,000.00. Those who follow politics know that there are consequences to elections and the ‘shellacking’ in the recent mid-term elections suffered by the Democrats, as described by the President himself, was the reason for his compromise. Besides the apparent capitulation by the President is the constant refrain by some of the Democrats that the tax cuts will increase the coffers of the ‘rich,’ and moreover, add to the gargantuan deficit. I have no quarrel with the Dems over their position as ‘deficit hawks,’ but stop being ‘Hypocrats’ and pay the taxes that would have been paid… had the Bush taxes were revoked. Do we really need a law to force us to do what is right? In essence, do we need a change in the tax code to make the Democrats who are wealthy to pay the taxes that they are so adamantly against?

One would mistakenly think that only Republicans are wealthy… forgetting that John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi – all Democrats - are some of the wealthiest legislatures in our seat of government. I also know that many of the Democrats supporters are our Hollywood stars… who are wealthy and they too parrot the Dems in their outrage of taxes for the rich. For all those politicians, movie stars, or the regular folks who are against President Obama’s compromise on the Bush tax cuts… simply pay what you would have paid had the taxes been revoked. But alas, I know many of these politicians and stars do not have the courage of their convictions – years ago, when John Kerry ran for president, there was a box designated on the Massachusetts tax form… for him or anyone to check off said box to pay more taxes than were compelled… you guessed it, Senator Kerry ignored the box.

In that same vein, I recently saw a very good movie, “The Other Guys,” by Will Ferrell, but the only critique I have of that movie is the proselytizing at the end when the credits were rolling… against those who work on Wall Street about their greed, which may be true. But Mr. Ferrell makes some $20 million a movie, dutifully negotiated by his agent/lawyer… but does anyone thinks that he gave back any money for the many stinkers he has made before redeeming himself in “The Other Guys”… some of these movie stinkers that did not even made back the money it took to make them? Years ago, there was a report on which politician gave more to charity per ca-pita, it was Dick Cheney; this made sense because, supposedly, only Republicans are wealthy… Hypocrats!



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