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The Complete Hypocrisy of the Left

Updated on June 29, 2017

The Complete Hypocrisy of the Left

It's well known that most news journalists have their own strong and prominent political biases. Of course we cannot expect journalists to not have their personal leanings as we are all humans and we are all burdened with our own opinions and free will; all wrapped up in the first amendment. It's an accepted agreement by both sides that its never a bad thing to lean a certain direction, however it does become a problem when our political affiliations get in the way of honesty and integrity. Sources like CNN, NBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post obviously have their left leaning ideologies on full display in their reporting and other sources like Fox News leans towards the right side of the spectrum. This poses an intense dilemma to the public. It is the media outlets ethical responsibility to oversee the process of reporting by their journalists and they should keep things fair and balanced as to not mislead or marginalize the viewing public.

The left has time and time again allowed their emotions and ideologies to take hold of their reporting, in turn they has gotten themselves in tight situations. We've recently seen three journalists resign from the media monster known as CNN earlier this month after an article considered by many to be "fake news" was published. In this article it intentionally and incorrectly linked senior adviser to President Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, to an ongoing FBI investigation into Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential election. CNN has been on the forefront of the Russia induced hysteria ever since Trumps presidential victory last year; to the extent where the Media Resource Center noted that between May 17th and June 20th CNN and other allied new outlets such as CBS, ABC, and NBC spent more than 350 hours on the Russian investigation. This is a staggering statistic when the report further explains that economic discussions were only worth about five minutes and terrorism was lucky enough to get around twenty-nine minutes. What makes this exponentially worse is the fact that the Russia story is simply false, to the point that even the people reporting it don't believe its validity. Recently released and quickly ignored by a large portion of media are the tapes released by 'Project Veritas', which shows its founder James O' Keefe interviewing the likes of CNN producer John Bonifield and Commentator Van Jones saying, in blatant words, that medias' Russia coverage is nothing more than a ratings grabber and is completely unsubstantiated. The tapes show that no evidence is available and most likely don't exist at all. This is perhaps the most unethical situation a news outlet can be caught in, a long standing political smear campaign based off a lack of factual information and perhaps even a long winded, blatant and damaging lie.

CNN is not alone in this questioning of integrity by the public. As we agreed on earlier, it is perfectly fine for journalists to have their own political leanings. However it is the media sources responsibility to keep their reporting honest and equal. A recent study by the Harvard Kennedy School/ Shorenstein Center had shown different statistics on the overall coverage of President Donald Trump, these statistics based off of positive or negative tone displayed by differing news outlets. CNN and NBC led the way with a whopping 93% of negative coverage. CBS, The New York Times and The Washington Post also had surprisingly high percentages when it came to speaking disparagingly of the President. When the media is thought to supposedly be unbiased, its disheartening to see that most major news outlets don't adhere to that universal standard.

In short, the media has certain obligations to the public. They have a great power over the people of the United States and the responsibility they have is even greater. Honesty and integrity is key when it comes to reporting many issues happening in our country; from health care to the economy and to crime. It's of course a tough job but is absolutely essential when it comes to keeping citizens safe and keeping politicians honest in a modern day civilized society. It pains me to say that liberal media is failing, they're failing us and in turn failing our country. It is crucial that every American citizen knows what they're reading, they must understand media bias, and they must take each story with a grain of salt. In addition, we now must know the complete and blatant hypocrisy of liberal media.

Graph presented by Harvard/ Shorenstein Center
Graph presented by Harvard/ Shorenstein Center | Source


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    • profile image

      Dugitron9001 9 months ago

      Vs. the Totalitarianism of the right... Both sides are fundamentally flawed as are all political candidates and systems of government (control). The answers are obvious for anyone brave enough to venture outside of the paradigms (prisons).