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The ISIS Hysteria in Iraq

Updated on June 22, 2014

There was peace with only a rumor and rumble of war in Europe between 1937-39, when another diabolical terrorist named Hitler was the menace. Despite all the talk of peace and peace deals to appease Hitler, his sudden blitzkrieg into Poland and taking it over was a wake up call. After Poland fell, and time passed, Europe once again fell into a Disney-like wunder, thinking that was it. Hitler was happy. Then, he struck again, seizing France in 1940! Who would have thought was remotely even possible, then or today?

ISIS is a small, disciplined force of not more than 5000. They are mobile riding in Toyota and American pickup trucks with their light arms. They strike fast creating a mass hysteria in the populations who have fled in the millions.The ISIS group has the momentum and now are within 60 miles of Baghdad. But it is not an army, it is not an army of tens of thousands. It is an army that uses Syria as its home base. Ironically, the West supported them in Syria because ISIS was the striking power of the Free Syrian Army fighting against Assad. Now, ISIS, has focused on creating a home in Iraq.

The Iraqi Army is a pathetic lot. Four of its 17 divisions crumbled when ISIS attacked them even though ISIS was outnumber by 5 to 1. Iran has already sent in two battalions to help Iraq. The under current is the Sunni-Shiite theme, each hating one another. When Iraq's second largest city, Mosul, fell, it was attacked by only 800 ISIS soldiers in 150 vehicles armed with light arms. Mosul is a city of millions. Think about the hysteria. The Iraqi forces in Mosul simply panicked also and fled for the most part even though ISIS was greatly outnumbered.

The Iraqi Army has 200,000 men, 336 tanks (of which 140 are M1A1), 2800 armored personnel carriers and 77 helicopters. However, many soldiers are Sunni commanded by Shiite officers. Reports show that when these troops even encountered small ISIS units attacking, they fled or switched sides by shedding their uniform. This is what happened in Tikrit. As ISIS romps around in Iraq unopposed, it is like a snowball going down hill, they get stronger and bigger as other Sunnis join them.

Obama is assessing the problem. ISIS is advancing and hysteria precedes it allowing ISIS to seize towns or cities easily. Kinda like Hitler did. While all the concerned nations talk about what to do and debate and hesitate, ISIS acts. Kinda like what happened in 1939-40. Obama loves to try not to get involved and have others do the fighting, but sometimes, one has to act. Sending 300 special forces to get intel and assess is good if it leads to drone strikes or US airstrikes with Iraq's approval. Interdiction attacks will stem ISIS and buy time for Iraq to get their forces in order and act. It will also damage ISIS. Yes, it may make them even more hate America, but at this point, it no longer matters- they always will.

If the Obama does nothing or backs away from further reaction, ISIS will continue. It is hard to imagine Baghdad falling to ISIS, its just to big, but panic and hysteria in local population causes things to open up and ISIS could take sections of it. Who would of thought Samarra, a city of millions, would fall to ISIS? In that case, 500,000 occupants fled.

Could ISIS take most of Iraq? Right now, there is not much stopping them.


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    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Interesting analysis...and perhaps the media's responsible for half the hysteria and who knows what the real political goal out of this is? ..Iran and America could become possibly unusual allies to curb the problem and maybe that's the whole game after all? .. just a thought