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The ISIS Street Gangs Myth and Ghost of Iraq (D.C. Think Tank Blames NWA for ISIS)

Updated on August 20, 2015

D.C. Think Tank Says ISIS is a Black Street Gang

D.C. and FBI Blames ISIS on Black Folks

I was reading some 'think tank' documents from Brookings and I was shocked to see these pin-heads in D.C. and NYC saying that ISIS was simply a street gang and with the release of the NWA (Nig*ers With An Attitude) film along with the African American Girl from Mississippi that was allegedly trying to join ISIS because, according to the FBI, she had nerve to be proficient in Math; while her new husband, had nerve to know about Computer Science; we see a trend of racism.

Do you see where this is going? As White Militias unleash guns and infantry operations all across the United States, from Ferguson, Mo. to Tennessee, into Texas and the Western U.S.; the only targets of the Federal Government appears to be black folks that actually know how to do something other than 'pick-a-bale' of cotton.

  • White militias are celebrated and protected while Aryan Nazi Biker Gangs have taken control of American Highways but if a black person gets a degree in Computer Science or Engineering; this of course, using the current logic, is suspicious and a 'person of interest'.

If ISIS is simply a street gang, like the Bloods & Crips; then why do they(ISIS) have international satellites along with superior environmental laws? ISIS clearly are experts in mining and oil drilling. I will not even get into their fine eye for art & artifacts.

Only Israel & some aspects of the U.K. (non political class) understands these groups inside & out because it is Israel's back yard. Hezbollah has gone from 1.0 to 2.0 and now we have Hezbollah 3.0, which basically makes them a hard core elite special forces unit of Iran. Even Hezbollah is no longer simply a 'gang' of rag tag Iranian back thugs with rocket launchers. These groups have changed a lot in the past decade and while they may have an online image; this online image is nothing to do with what is actually happening on the ground.

  • What street gang member has advanced degrees in Islam (like the current head of Islamic State) along with braches of government, that actually appear to be working)? THERE IS NO MORE IRAQ. Iraq is a thing of the past and as soon as people realize that Iraq is no longer a country with the same borders; the more accurate that these 'think tank' people will be in their assessments.

ISIS is a street gang and the people that discuss the Islamic State have no expertise, according to Brookings Institute. Emm Hmm, A street gang with Islamic hotels, infrastructure, media and last I checked, ISIS had released superior post-cards of pristine water and streams as the E.P.A. caused toxic spill in the United States have turned our rivers and streams into yellow/orange sludge of chemicals.

  • Chemical explosions all over Texas and China. Texas just had a chemical explosion and before that, we saw a fertilizer plant explosion that wiped out an entire Texas Town. What is it about the Islamic State, that this Islamic Terror Country can operate multiple plants, without so much as an oil or chemical leak?
  • Arabs were the first people to start the inventions of present day algebra and engineering. These people are able to wage terror and maintain environmental integrity, that is in-line with their Halal Quran environmental standards of clean food & water.

Vlad Putin and his Radical Islamic-Chechen BFF, Ramzan Kadyrov, (the one that marries off 15 year old girls in Russia to Top Cops) has been sending a stream of blonde hair/blue eyed women into the Islamic State. Putin is playing all sides of the equation. He has five feet and they are firmly planted in Iran, China, Syria, Egypt and most of Eastern Europe.

  • Everyone talks about the people from 'The West' that are flocking to the Islamic State but never a word about Putin and Kadyrov's slick influence in the Mid East. Putin is always some where in the back-ground with his Soviet Hands involved in every aspects of every country. Putin has a charming smile, that reveals jagged Satanic teeth of world domination.

So, ISIS is a street gang? I sure would like to walk around Compton or Watts and see some Bloods-Crips Hotel Inc or some MS13 Petro Companies. Emm Hmm, because this is what street gangs do; they operate hotels, send out post-cards of their Halal environment of pristine water and produce barrels of top-notch oil. Sure Brookings Institute; ISIS is nothing more than Arabs sitting around and listening to Ice Cube.

ISIS Street Gang

Looks like an entire country to me
Looks like an entire country to me


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      That's what is coming out of these alleged 'think tanks' in DC. There is no more Iraq. There is a Shia section, a Kurd area and the Sunni Areas that will eventually be under the expanded Islamic State. Iraq is over. The Bush Administration abused our diplomatic and military power by not only encouraging torture but also used billions of our dollars to feed a corrupt government and then negotiated our troop exit, leaving a racist tribal shia government in place. There is no Iraq. The more that this reality is manifested, the more upset these Western Governments appear to get about a reality of changing Mid East borders.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 

      3 years ago

      ISIS is for sure not a street gang. Very interesting hub and if think tanks believe that ISIS are just gangs then they should not be in a think tank.


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