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The Idiocracy of America.....Penn State Scandal

Updated on August 17, 2012

Penn State Pride

The Media's Role in the Scandal

It simply amazes me everyday how misinformed and unintelligent some people can be. I felt compelled to write this article after hearing and reading the scandal surrounding Penn State and the Jerry Sandusky trial. Back in November 2011 was when we first heard about Jerry Sandusky and his alleged molestions of boys (now founded truths). Through all those days following this, most of the focus was on Joe Paterno. The media quickly capitalized on Joe Paterno and how he was wrong, yet the alleged perpetrator somehow escaped the media firestorm that was about to follow.

What is most interesting about this whole case is the fact that the days, weeks, and months following this case focused more on a man who “refused to do anything” than on the person being accused. Why? Simply because this country thrives on drama and hovers over media hype. After all, we have become slaves to our tvs, cellphones, video games and any other electronic device made. Most people today probably do not even know what the inside of a real book looks like because they are too busy gleaning all of their information from what people tell them.

You might be saying, well what's wrong with that? My response would be that there's a lot wrong with that!!!!! American society today is ill equipped with the critical thinking skills our ancestors possessed, as well as the ability to be non biased and base their decisions on logic. Hmmm, what does that mean? Let me process it for you! People today are so driven by the drama that is perpetuated by the media that they fail to research and get more information before making an educated decision.

If we, as a society are prone to believing everything we hear or see than we give our leaders more reason to manipulate us into believing everything they say and do. Let's face it.....there are many, many corrupt people in this world and a majority of them are our leaders (the politicians, government officials, etc).

Back to my point, the Penn State scandal has now become more of a major cover up than we could have ever imagined. As a society, if we were so worried about doing what's right and punishing those who failed to act, then why was only one person punished in this whole scandal and that person wasn't even the perpetrator?!!!! In fact, there were many other parties who knew about this, including Curley, Schultz, State College Police, and the then Attorney General, Corbett (and now Governor of Pennsylvania). In addition, what ever happened to the District Attorney who was supposed to investigate this case and went missing. But, the media doesn't present that information on a national stage now do they? Fact are Facts and America is being fooled by the media to believe what sells the most. If you don't believe me follow this link and read more That is if you dare to be non biased enough to make decisions on your own rather than believing everything you hear.

Penn State Scandal


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      This was quite a black mark on our history; it is lunacy that only one man was punished for this, and I fear this may not be the only college where this kind of cover up is happening. Well done!