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The Idiot Savant That Is Katie Couric

Updated on February 5, 2011

The Idiot Savant That Is CBS' Katie Couric

Yesterday, Katie Couric intimated that America would not hate Muslims if there were a show like the Huxtables – that fictitious Black family where Bill Cosby was the lovable patriarch. According to Katie, the Cosby show, supposedly, made White America love Blacks more -- imagine, CBS is paying this woman $15 million annually for such nuggets. This is the kind of idiocy these elitists spew when opining on the important issues of the day… dripping with not too subtle hatred for their country. Just imagine Americans attacking some Muslim country and killing thousands of their citizens… I wonder how the Muslim streets would have reacted.

Let me school Miss Couric about America: there was an earthquake in Qom in Iran some years ago and the “Great Satan” provided much succor, which was gladly received by the mullahs; there was a tragedy in Pakistan two years ago, flooding and the like, and I saw the GIs passing out food and blankets - this largess is from a country that supposedly hates Muslims. I am told that Katie Couric’s latest diatribe was borne out of the old debate about the prudence of building a mosque down at Ground Zero – it is rather convenience that no one is speaking about the fact that there are over a hundred mosques in New York. By the way, in New York, it was the Jewish Mayor, Ed Koch who argued against including the baby Jesus in the Christmas manger scene that was located on city property, but was ok with the Crescent Moon and Menorah – tolerance, I tell you.

When the World-Trade-Centers were blown up, the Palestinians, who get aide from America, in Judea and Samaria (incidentally, by my referring to those lands by their Biblical names are clues as to how I feel about that particular issue) were rejoicing and sharing lollipops. Years later, we had pretty Muslim school-girls from Paterson, New Jersey, on the program Sixty Minutes, saying that it was OK to blow up military institutions and the like out of duties to jihad – of course they were back a couple of weeks later to apologize. By the mercy of Christ Jesus, they have been countless failed attacks by Muslims, yet nothing like what Katie Couric is saying has reared its head across America. As for Miss Couric’s premise that a Muslim sitcom akin to the Cosby show would foster love for Muslims, I beg to differ; no one can legislate love – it’s either inherent or it’s not.

In Texas a Black-man's head literally came off when his body was dragged by racist skin heads… I supposed they missed those eight glorious years of the Cosby show. Moreover, Cosby’s own son was shot on the California freeway… again, the White murderer must have missed the Cosby show. Lest I should be accused of being biased - especially since we all can succumb to the vestiges ‘original sin - last year, a Black-man killed five police officers in Washington, I supposed he did so because he did not watch enough episodes of the show, 'Friends.' I too have hatred for much of the current legal work of the ACLU… I hope I do not resort to murder especially since I have not seen Charlie Rose or have been reading the New York Times.


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