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The Illusion of the Holographic Universe

Updated on January 27, 2019

A Persistent Illusion

Whatever exists in this universe, broken down into its tiniest detail, looks like a barcode -- binary code, 1s and 0s, ons and offs; because the base of our reality is digital. It is because we live in a holographic virtual reality universe that we think is "real" -- it's not real though; it's an illusion, "a very persistent one," as Einstein said.

Our reality is all based on frequency; the only place it exists as anything else is inside our minds. Even thoughts and emotions are frequency -- think of it as a broadcast; if you broadcast hate into the world, there will be more hate in the world. What happens if you broadcast love? Our virtual reality universe is interactive; it is not just one way. We don't just receive, we also broadcast; this is why the universe responds and reacts to us as it does. It is so subtle, in such a soft way, that people who don't pay attention and try to understand what is happening will never know that the universe is responding to them.

Even though we rarely realize it, we always get what we truly want; that is why it is so important to really know ourselves. Most of us have no idea what we want, because the only part of us we understand is what we experience -- but that is not what decides what we want. We experience what we experience because of what the subconscious parts of the mind want; consequently, that is where the "want" that actually manifests into reality comes from -- most people have no idea in the world how this works.

This is why so many people have so much horror in their lives: because someone else has told their subconscious mind what to want, and it therefore manifests that into physicality -- instead of they themselves telling their own subconscious mind what it should be wanting, and therefore manifesting into experienced reality.

You must program your own mind, your subconscious mind. The whole environment we are in affects the subconscious mind, and everyone all around us is broadcasting information to it all the time. This is why we react to things, because of the vibration; we love it or hate it, couldn't care less, whatever ... it is all because of the vibration, which is frequency.

This is why native peoples of the world always did things with music and chanting and things like this, like the Native American "rain dance"; they were aware that they could vibrationally imprint upon and therefore affect the space around them, especially with music, which is obviously nothing more than frequency and vibration.

Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, did amazing things with water that demonstrated how our thoughts and emotions can and do have amazing effects on the world around us. The conclusions and implications of his water experiments are quite stunning, really.

Dr. Emoto's experiments involved applying various frequencies to water, that he would then freeze very quickly and later take photographs of. The water crystals varied widely -- based entirely upon what frequency was applied to them. For instance: when the word "love" was applied to the water, it created beautiful symmetry and visually harmonious images; however, the water that "hate" was applied to took on a grotesque and disturbing appearance, obviously disharmonious and out of balance.

This is something to think about carefully. How much of the world is water? How much of your physical body is water? What happens to your body and the world when you put love into it? What happens to your body and the world when you put hate into it?

Some of Dr. Emoto's experiments even involved blessings being put onto water that was already contaminated with negative frequencies; this water returned to a much more positive looking state and looked much more like the water that had only ever been exposed to positive frequencies.

In Dr. Emoto's experiments, the words applied to the water are holographic waveform information fields that are vibrating to a particular frequency, which then impacts upon and is absorbed by the water which then takes on the structure that corresponds with the frequency associated with whatever word was being used.

Luc Montagnier

Another researcher, Luc Montagnier, has also shown some very interesting things in his experiments with water; he has shown water to actually have a memory. One experiment involved putting a flower into the water: first, the water was photographed without the flower, then the flower was added and then removed; the water was then photographed again. It turned out that each individual droplet of water retained the information that corresponded to the flower being in it. The same seems to be true no matter what is added and removed from the water -- the water "remembers" what was in it.

Luc Montagnier's experiments also involved transferring frequencies from one water sample to another water sample over a long distance, digitally. What they did is this: they put something, like the flower, into the water sample. After the water had absorbed and mirrored the frequency of whatever was in it, that frequency was then digitally recorded onto a computer hard drive. The frequency information was then sent as digital information to another computer, miles away, where the frequency information was then turned into sound which was then applied to pure water that had not been exposed to whatever had been put into the original water sample. When they did this, the most amazing thing happened: the water actually restructured itself as it would have if the flower, or whatever was being used, had actually been in it. This water was never exposed to the flower -- only to the digital frequency information left behind by the flower.

This has profound implications for a whole lot of things, one of which is human health. What if we could experience the benefits of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, but with none of the harmful side effects? What if we could simply ingest the matching frequency of the medicine and spread that frequency into all parts of our bodies?

Water frequency research has also revealed that whoever interacts with the water influences how it looks. Any number of different people can take water samples, and just like fingerprints, there will remain in the water a frequency corresponding with the person handling it. This is completely consistent with what quantum physics has repeatedly demonstrated: the observer always affects the outcome of any experiment. This is because the energy field that makes up a person impacts upon the space and environment around us. If you understand this, think of the power we have to influence reality ... and we walk around thinking we are powerless? Yes, because we have been manipulated into thinking that way by a ruthless Control System that is desperately trying to prevent us from ever realizing this one basic simple truth of life: your thoughts affect physical reality.

Pineal Gland

A computer virus is rogue information, pollution, a distorted energetic information field, which manifests as a computer functioning very badly and behaving very poorly. The same kind of distorted information field is in our water, food, air, vaccines, and drugs -- and that is why the human race is functioning so badly and behaving so poorly; we are systematically and relentlessly being pumped full of distorted, polluted, rogue information. All this stuff destabilizes us and distorts the workings of our brain and body; it is almost as if we are under attack.

One of the areas of the brain most affected by all this stuff is a tiny little thing called the pineal gland. It is small, sure, but it is responsible for something enormous. It's kinda like that little WiFi adapter you have to put on some computers before they will connect to the internet. The adapter is small for sure, but look how important it is. A computer disconnected from the internet is just about worthless, and so is a human being that is disconnected from Consciousness. The pineal gland is like our WiFi adapter; it is what is called the "mind's eye" or the "third eye", and it is what connects us to other levels of reality, realities beyond the hologram -- some people even call the pineal gland the "seat of the soul". It is how our brain is supposed to be able to connect to Consciousness, like the WiFi adapter connects the computer to the internet.

The pineal gland looks like a pine cone and it is part of the endocrine system, which looks very much like the ancient Egyptian depiction of what is called the "Eye of Horus". One must ask: Did they know about the pineal gland in ancient times? Evidence suggests they did.

The endocrine system is vital to the way we decode reality; if you can affect this system, you can control the way people decode and perceive reality. Children often have all kinds of "imaginary" friends and apparently see all kinds of stuff that the rest of us don't; this comes mostly from the endocrine system, and specifically, the pineal gland. And this is part of the reason we have fluoride in our water, because it calcifies the pineal gland and makes it of no use; this dramatically affects how we decode reality.

The pineal gland has rods and cones, just like the retina of the eye, because it is involved in another level of "sight". We think the world is outside of us and coming toward us, but it's actually inside of us being projected outward into its holographic form; the pineal gland helps us to become aware of that, and when you are aware of things on that level it tends to change just about everything -- people whose pineal gland has become damaged beyond repair will never be able to understand this.

There is a universal belief, throughout the ages, that is part of every religious and spiritual teaching the world has ever known ... and now science is beginning to finally start coming to terms with it: everything is within you; whatever you experience is dictated by the world that is within you. “I believe that the greatest truths of the universe don't lie outside, in the study of the stars and the planets. They lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind, and soul. Until we understand what is within, we can't understand what is without." - Anita Moorjani. We can decode reality and it can be beautiful or it can be war, suffering, and conflict; the choice is our own and it is based on our own perceptions, which are whatever we choose them to be.

The pineal gland is very influential on the manner in which we decode reality, and so is every cell in our body for that matter. The membrane of every cell in your body is a liquid crystal; radio works by the vibration of crystals, and so do we -- because our body, through its crystalline structure, is "tuning" into the reality of the metaphysical universe that is all around us all the time; through that tuning process, the holographic illusion is created for us to experience as reality. DNA is a crystalline receiver/transmitter of information as well; the basic form of DNA is that of an electromagnetic antenna. DNA is also the instruction code from bacteria to human; it is the software program of life, that runs through the entirety of our digital virtual holographic "reality".

"Human" is just one particular experience within Infinite Awareness; "man", "woman", or whatever else anyone may be -- that is just your software program. What you really are (what makes your holographic physical body "alive") is EVERYTHING -- that is/was/can be -- just temporarily experiencing the one singular point of attention that we call man, woman, name, race, nationality, religion, title, or whatever else we call ourselves.

All Possibility

In the holographic universe, there is never an accident, only possibility and probability, which are folded into and out of reality through perception and observation. This means that we live within All Possibility, but the individual possibility that we actually experience is brought about by our perceptions; this is why programing, dictating, and controlling our perceptions is so important to the Control System and the Ruling Elite.

We don't see anything as it really is -- the manipulated band of frequency we exist within decides who we are and what we will become, which is why we haven't been living our true lives; we have been actors living fake lives behind many layers of the facade that creates The Illusion that we have been manipulated into believing is the "real" world! It's not though -- it isn't real! It's an illusion! Awaken, and disconnect from the Control System and its programing; you will be amazed and astounded by what is beyond it.

It is like being stuck in traffic and not knowing why, then suddenly rising above the traffic far enough that you can see the cause of the jam. You go from confusion to understanding when you awaken ... and then you have something you can work with to understand the world -- rather than just being lost, dazed, bewildered, and confused all the time. When you are just stuck in traffic and confused all the time, you will likely get more and more frustrated and upset as you go ... or don't go, rather. But if you can simply change your point of observation, it all becomes so clear and then you'll just "know" what you have to do to get going again.

Frustration and rage disappear when you awaken, because you become aware of the situation you are in and understand what you must do about it. When you start to access reality from this other level, the people in your life will think you are crazy. But it doesn't matter that they do: "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” - Friedrich Nietzsche. Can you hear the music?

There are many levels of awareness, but we so often tend to just experience life from one level, this one frequency we are confined to by the five senses; we are All Possibility, what are we doing just doing the same thing all the time? We are ALL, that has been, is, or can ever be; why are we living some monotonous life of drudgery, misery, and helplessness? Why are we living that way? There is so much more. We are All Possibility -- we are All.

Think of it: All Possibility. What does that really mean? If there is only one thing, then that is not All Possibility; that is one possibility -- we are All Possibility, not one possibility. Everything, exists within All Possibility; therefore, if we identify as and understand ourselves to be All Possibility -- we are EVERYTHING ... ALL things. We are the All-Knowing silent darkness out of which everything comes. We are the place or no-place, where or not where, ALL is known and nothing is also known. Nothing, no-thing; something, some-thing -- both equally exist and do not exist within All Possibility ... it simply can be no other way. All Possibility is All Potential waiting to be made manifest everywhere ... and nowhere, because it has to be -- because "everything" and "nothing" must exist for it to be All Possibility.

You cannot "think" about this and work it out; it is not something the five-sense controlled brain can ever "get its mind around". This just comes from a place of "knowing" -- the heart. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller. This knowledge comes from places that the brain cannot access.

You can't do all jobs with the same tools; some jobs are for Heart, not Mind. Some things you just have to intuitively know, and that comes from the heart -- the brain will forever be "thinking" and trying to figure it out. Give the poor guy a rest; the brain (Mind) is the wrong tool for this job. You can learn everything there is, read all the books in the library, and sit in front of every teacher the world has ever known; you will never access the kind of knowledge you will encounter during the silent meditation into the dark stillness of All Possibility, which is waiting -- gently waiting -- to be manifested into experienced reality.

Nikola Tesla: "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." From this, to All Possibility, created by thoughts and imagination, into an illusion that we experience as a solid "real" reality that is anything but real or solid.

Holographic Reality

Holograms are created by splitting a laser into two beams; one beam is reflected off of an object then to a receiving plate, while the other part of the beam strikes the receiving plate directly. Where the two beams collide, an interference pattern is achieved and then captured as an image; when another laser is fired at the image, the hologram is projected.

It can be seen the same way as tossing some rocks into a pond of water: each rock will make its own wave in the water; each wave will make contact with other waves that have been caused by other rocks, and wherever those waves collide is an interference pattern. This pattern contains all the information needed to determine the physical properties and aspects of all of the rocks that were thrown into the water. Waves and interference patterns contain enormous amounts of information about whatever caused them.

Some of the holograms we already have look pretty real -- some you can even touch. Think of holograms you can hear, taste, and smell ... it is not hard to imagine; it is all just frequencies being decoded by the brain/body. If you can sense a hologram with one of the five senses, you can do it with all of them. Imagine what an amazingly advanced digital virtual reality might be like: have you ever seen the holodeck from Star Trek? What kind of technology would be needed to create a Star Trek-style holodeck the size of a whole planet? What might that look like if you were experiencing it from the perspective that would be from being on the planet that the holodeck creates? Might it look like a "universe"? What if we are looking at the "projector" every time we look up at the sky? What if that's what the technology that creates The Matrix looks like, from within The Matrix?

Within all holograms, every part is a smaller version of the whole; this is why, in water memory experiments, every droplet of water retains the whole image of the flower or whatever they are using to conduct the experiment. This also is how we come to understand ourselves to be ALL -- in a hologram the whole is inside each of the parts -- therefore, we have to be ALL, ALL that ever was/is/can be ... because we are part of the hologram. Think of it: "you" are a tiny piece of everything that has ever existed or will ever exist -- the story of the entire existence of the universe and the whole of reality is incomplete, without including you! And since you are part of it, the whole thing exists within you -- it must.

It doesn't matter how many pieces you cut a hologram into or how small you make them, the whole hologram is present in every piece. Anaxagoras: "The seed of everything is in everything else." Consequently, that is exactly how a holographic universe would work -- the whole is in every part, no matter how small. This is why acupuncture and things like that work, because in every part of the body exists the whole body. This is how our entire universe works -- think what we can do when everyone understands this ... we could change the whole world overnight -- and we will.

It is very odd to think in these terms, especially for those who have never encountered this type of information before, but consider this example: some people can see with their hands. What? What does that have to do with anything? Well ... as strange as it sounds, there are documented and very well factual cases of it being so -- people really can "see" with parts of their body other than the eyes. Helen Keller: “The heart has eyes of which the brain knows nothing." If you speak to blind people, who are very well adapted to their condition, they will tell you that the eyes are certainly not the only part of the body that sees. The reason that people can "see" with their hands or other parts of the body is because there are actual visual sensors in other parts of the body, just like in the eyes. What can be "seen" with these other parts of the body, though, is certainly in no way anything like what we see with our eyes. This type of seeing is described more like "black smoke" or "black water", which sounds very similar to the All-Knowing brilliant darkness of All Possibility. The reason there are visual sensors in other parts of the body is because the body is a hologram. Every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole hologram; therefore, visual sensors must be in all parts of the body -- you do not need eyes to "see", because: "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind." - unknown. "Oh -- I see!"

This is also why palm readers can tell so much about a person, because the whole body is in the hand; when you understand this, these things no longer seem to be such a mystery. The hand is a smaller version of the whole body, the body of the Earth, the Earth of the Galaxy, the Galaxy of the Universe ... and the Universe of the Multiverse? Stands to reason that it would be, but what might be beyond that?

We Can Change the World

Scientists tell us in quantum theory that the reality we experience only exists when it is observed, and that might well be true, but we can only observe what we first perceive, and then decode to be observed. What this means is that mind can control matter; turns out that the old saying, "mind over matter" is exactly correct. The evidence for this is so overwhelming that anyone with a functioning brain could hardly deny the profound implications and staggering truth offered by this knowledge.

When the wave function is observed, it collapses into the decided upon holographic reality; when it is not observed, it is just waveform electromagnetic information. The unobserved wave function is All Possibility waiting to be perceived and decoded into one possibility, "reality", which can then be observed and experienced. If this process can be influenced and interfered with, anyone can be manipulated ... and we are.

If something is not decoded into the holographic three-dimensional form that we call "reality", then our senses cannot sense it because they operate only at the hologram level. Our senses cannot observe the waveform, they can only experience the already decoded holographic expression of the waveform -- if you understand this, you can change the whole world.

Don Juan: "We are perceivers, we are awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless. We forget this and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime."

We create the reality we see; if we can change our perceptions, we can change what we decode into being and that is why this is so important -- we can change the world by developing a functional and practical understanding of how "reality" actually works and what our role in it is.

The Illusion of Time and Space

Time and space? These are creations, among the greatest of all illusions, of Mind. The stars and planets are billions, trillions, of miles away; it would literally take forever to ever reach them. How can this be though? The only place stars, planets, and the space between them exists is in the visual part of the brain, which is obviously tiny by comparison. How can something so big exist within something so small? It cannot -- it is an illusion created by your brain, just like everything else ... your brain is the only place that has "space" in it, everywhere else there is no such thing. How can particles communicate with one another, instantaneously, that are billions of miles apart? Because "space" and "time", or "spacetime", is an illusion; there is just one energetic field, therefore time and space cannot actually exist.

When you put a DVD into a player, the movie plays out scene by scene from beginning to end; this is perceived as "time" -- but the whole thing exists singularly on one disc ... the passage of time is an illusion. When you look at the screen, especially a 3D screen, the illusion of space will also appear in front of your very eyes, but that too is just on the same disc right along with all that time you perceive to be passing. The part of the disc that actually contains the information that you perceive as all that "space" is on something that is little more than a millimeter thick -- space is an illusion. A disc can have what appears to be billions of miles of space within it, but it doesn't; a disc provides the illusion of time and space, but there is no such thing.

As the movie plays, wherever the laser is reading is the present -- NOW -- wherever it was before is the past, and where it will be is the future ... but it all exists on just the one disc. It is just the point from which we observe it that makes it different; you cannot observe the past, and you cannot observe the future -- this means, in line with quantum physics, the past and future cannot exist. NOW is all that exists. Nothing exists until it is observed ... there is no past or future -- only the Infinite NOW. The only moment available to us is the present one. You can't do anything in the past or future; you can only do something NOW. So how are you gonna spend your "time"? Regret of the past? Fear of the future? You can only change NOW; so if you spend your mind in the past or future, you will never be able to do anything -- you'll be stuck, "stuck in a rut".

It is the left brain that arranges information into a sequence that we can understand; this appears to us to be the passage of time, but it's all relative. If you put a clock into a plane or a spaceship, moving at very fast speeds, it will tic and toc at a different speed than clocks on Earth. "Time flies when you're having fun," people say. Yes, it does, and it drags on forever when you're having a bad time. Time doesn't actually exist; however, the perception of it does, but it's not real though -- time is not tangible.

We measure time by the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, divided into sections called hours, minutes, and seconds -- and then we all rush around breathless every day trying to keep up with it all. We have become slaves to time -- but it is ridiculous: an invisible line in the ocean makes the difference between "yesterday" and "tomorrow"! Every four years there's a whole extra day, and we "lose" or "gain" an hour each year as daylight savings time is rolled forward and backward. In 1752, Britain switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. This changed everything by a year and eleven days; consequently, George Washington's birthday went from February 11, 1731, to February 22, 1732, because of this. It seems that "time" is just whatever ... whenever, they said it was. We can change it to anything we want, but we are prisoners to it -- controlled by each second that passes. We have been enslaved by the mentality that comes with the acknowledgment of time for thousands of years, and it's all just another big fat illusion within the hologram.

Studies have shown that sometimes athletes go into another relationship with time; somehow they are able to see things happening slower than the rest of us, which is why they can do things that seem impossible. When people experience something horrific or terrifying, like a car accident, they will often describe events as if they were "happening in slow motion"; this is because time is relative, just like everything else ... it's an illusion -- that changes based on your perceptions and beliefs.

Some people, like Leonardo da Vinci, have entered the world seemingly "before their time"; he was here like about 500 years before his time, really, but that is not what made him such a genius. What made Leonardo da Vinci so brilliant was his ability to access levels of awareness that simply exist beyond time and space; that is why he was so advanced and ahead of his time. “I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep.” - Leonardo da Vinci. It doesn't matter "when" you live; you can access the intuition and intelligence that is for All Time and is available to all of us -- always. This is accomplished through the Chakra System of the body, which includes the heart; Heart connects us to realms far beyond the limitation and confines of "time" and "space".

The Heartmath Institute has shown that the heart emits the most powerful electromagnetic field of the entire human body; in fact, they have shown that the brain obeys the heart rather than the other way around. There is more information moving from the heart to the brain than there is information moving from the brain to the heart; there are also more nerves that go that same way than the other way. Our reality comes in through Heart, and is then transferred to the brain ... that is one way of looking at it.

Some people will be thinking, thinking, thinking ... just keep thinking, just keep thinking, just keep thinking -- and that is all they will ever do. Others will just stop thinking; they will see how they "feel" about whatever it is, then say something like: "I just know it ... in my heart." The brain can only think, think, think -- but "knowing" occurs in the heart.

"Knowing" comes from intuitive knowledge accessed through Heart, which is beyond time and space; it is beyond all physicality too. This is why sometimes we intuitively know things, but don't know why -- sometimes it's not something our brain worked out; sometimes we just "know". It's because Heart connects us to the All-Knowing of All That Is -- not the brain (Mind). Fear, negativity, depression, anxiety, and worry (Mind) function and serve to prevent us from accessing the great forever of the ALL. That is not to say that the brain is not important; of course it's important, and so is the gut as far as that goes.

Heart/Brain/Gut is a system that must work together and be in harmony in order to access higher levels of Awareness. If this system does not function in balance and harmony you will have a bewildered, confusing, and frustrating life that leaves you feeling sick and exhausted most of the time. People don't have joy and happiness in their lives when there is always a war happening between the heart and the brain ... and when they are not aware of the role the gut plays; Gut is your instincts. Gut works at an instinctual level, Mind (brain) does the thinking, and Heart connects us to higher levels of Awareness.

To stop the war going on inside of you, you have to put everything in its rightful place. Frustration or harmony? Hmm ... what should we choose? The choice seems pretty clear, but the world is structured in a way that attempts to make this extremely difficult to understand. The world is structured to keep us in fear and anxiety; but if you can find your Heart, and figure out how to follow it, you can change the world.

Bill Hicks: "We are experiencing a reality based on a thin veneer of lies and illusions. A world where greed is our God and wisdom is sin, where division is key and unity is fantasy, where the ego-driven cleverness of the mind is praised, rather than the intelligence of the heart.”

Beyond the Hologram

Reality is a construct going through waveform to digital to holographic, and this is why numbers are so fundamentally important in this place we are in. Sometimes people will see the same numbers, or sequences of numbers, appearing to them all the time. One level of our reality is digital, and this is why numbers are so important; it is because digital holograms require the use of numbers. The very foundation of what we call reality is expressed as computer language: 1s and 0s. How fantastic is that? The very fabric of our reality is binary and trinary code; how can it be anything other than what the "digital holographic virtual reality" theory suggests that it is? If you want evidence that we live in The Matrix, there ya go: the base of our reality is computer code ... moving on.

The Fibonacci Sequence can be found throughout nature; everything consists of the Fibonacci Sequence. Waves, shells, the human body, storms, plants, planets, solar systems, galaxies ... it never ends -- the whole universe is based on the Fibonacci Sequence, as it would be expected to be if it was a virtual reality simulation ... which it is. Mainstream science is really starting to pick up on this; they are beginning to pose the question: Is the universe a computer simulation? So far, it cannot be proven that it's not ... and there is beginning to be a whole lot of talk on the subject. Ultimately, they might call it something else, but it is going to be the same understanding ... and this understanding is as ancient as mankind itself; it is about time "science" is finally starting to come to terms with reality. Some experiments are showing that computers can create and control the biological world; virtual biological realities have already been created, so the proof is already there that it can be done. What could extremely advanced mind-blowing technology create ... look what we can already do. Laws of Physics? No problem, just enter them into The Program and click "install": please wait ... Laws of Physics loading ... If we were living in such a place, we would never be able to "see" it -- people inside The Matrix cannot "see" it until they go outside of it. If we do live in a computer simulation, we certainly will not ever be able to see the walls of our prison ... unless we find a way out.

We are told that nothing can go faster than the speed of light ... because "light" is our prison. The biggest blocking code of this reality is the speed of light, which is not the "fastest speed" of anything; it is the wall of the fake reality we have been manipulated to believe is real. We exist within a confined closed off place, of which, we might never be able to see the "walls" that make us think we are the fake identity that is our name, race, gender, religion, and nationality. Most people are whatever the Control System tells them to be, but that's never what we really are at all.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.” - Jim Morrison.

We have got to stop living the lie of limitation, and start living the truth of Infinite Awareness. We are not human beings; that is just one experience we are having within Infinite Possibility. A near-death experience: "Everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of time, of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously." The Control System doesn't want us to think like that though, they are doing everything they can to keep us from realizing what we really are.

Socrates: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." In a race toward infinity, no-one ever gets any closer than anyone else; in the race toward Infinite Knowledge, no-one knows more than anyone else -- putting together all of the collective knowledge of the entirety of the whole history of the human race is still "nothing" in comparison to ALL. Jordan Maxwell: "When you think that you know everything, you know less than nothing."

We have been manipulated into focusing on tiny little aspects of life; consequently, we rarely, if ever, expand beyond ourselves to experience the whole thing. Everyone has their own area of interest and their own specialty, which is the result of any typical career; this leaves people only focusing on their one little area -- almost no-one ever looks up from their tiny little area of focus (know your place) to see the whole picture of what is actually going on around them and in the world. There are a lot of people who know a lot about one thing; there are few people who know a little about a lot of different things. The wider your knowledge base, the more aware and conscious of things you can become; the more aware and conscious you become, the bigger picture you can see. If you know all the details about one topic, but do not understand how that topic interacts with all the other topics, then you really don't know much. You might know a whole lot, but if it is just about one thing, it's really not knowing about very much at all. If you became an expert about Star Wars movies and could tell every single detail about them, that would be fantastic; but if you never watch anything else, you will have a very limited understanding about movies in general. If you base your whole concept of movies totally on the limited knowledge you have of only the Star Wars movies, you will be at a serious disadvantage in a game of movie trivia. You will be able to answer all the questions about your specialty, but will be basically clueless about anything outside of it -- and you will lose the game as a result. This is what we have done with life, and this is why we are losing.

If we don't broaden our perspective, expand our perceptions, raise our awareness, and embrace a fuller consciousness, we will keep losing -- forever. By letting ourselves become narrowly focused into one area of interest and by endlessly repeating the same mindless activities, we have allowed Infinite Awareness to become reduced to just one little tiny disconnected person who believes they have no power ... and we kill, ridicule, and despise those who can see beyond it.

"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." - Plato.

© 2019 Jason Horne


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