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Immigration Issue in America: Pros and Cons

Updated on April 5, 2017

There is No Easy Answer on Immigration

Immigration policy has changed over the years in America. No one can seem to agree on anything on this problem.
Immigration policy has changed over the years in America. No one can seem to agree on anything on this problem. | Source
Some feel America should welcome everyone and just tax them like every other American citizen.
Some feel America should welcome everyone and just tax them like every other American citizen. | Source
Immigration Reform is a hot button issue at the White House in Washington, D.C. Some people are for it while others picket against it.
Immigration Reform is a hot button issue at the White House in Washington, D.C. Some people are for it while others picket against it. | Source

Pros of Immigration

There are pros and cons when it comes to immigration in America. The list below shows some of the main reasons immigrants should be allowed in our country. We are supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are intelligent people. I am not sure why we can not put our heads together and figure out a solution.

1. If you allow immigrants into our country, you could tax them just as other Americans. Treat them as U.S. citizens and make sure they pay all their taxes. Americans get benefits such as insurance and retirement but, Americans also pay their taxes to the government. In a few years, we may not have any retirement left.

2. Most immigrants are very hard workers because, they came from very bad circumstances and they are just glad to be here working. Anyone who is willing to break their back working should be allowed to do so. So many people nowadays are spoiled and lazy, so when a worker with a strong work ethic comes along it's a great idea to hire them right away.

3. Many immigrants are willing to do any job including some jobs that Americans will not do. Whether it's cleaning toilets or digging ditches and most all manual labor, most immigrants will do it all. Hard work is hard work no matter who is performing the tasks.

4. By having cheap labor, businesses will be able to offer better items for their customers as well as lower prices. America was founded by a ton of immigrants (may be we have forgot that) and America is full of a mixture of countries. America is the land of opportunity. A lot of immigrants do make it here but, there are a lot of immigrants that die trying to make it here.

5. This country was founded and built by immigrants from across the globe. By allowing immigrants to come into our country, you will be giving a chance to people who have had hard times by giving them a chance to succeed. We need to remember compassion, when dealing with human beings whether they are from other countries or whether they are locals.

No matter what your stance is on this major issue in politics you have to admit both sides have great arguments. It is estimated that 10-20 million people living in America are illegal immigrants. If all people would follow the rules, life all the way around would be easier.

If a person has a Visa that is one thing but, sneaking in illegally needs to be stopped or at the very least controlled and limited. Fences and guards patrolling the border is simply not enough to handle the current growing issue.

Immigration is a big deal and will probably always be a huge debate because of the fact that their will be the discussion of any one not born here in the US, will be taking the jobs that are for US citizens.

I do feel sorry for the migrant children. Children are cruel whether you are a migrant or not. However, they could use knowing two languages to their advantage.

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President Obama speaks on Immigration in the U.S.A.

Cons of Immigration

There are pros and cons to everything especially in a situation such as this. This is a tough situation for everyone involved and always will be. Below are some of the cons of illegal immigrants entering into America. This hot button issue has been a political debate for decades.

1. At the present time, immigration is illegal therefore, immigrants do not have to pay taxes. It is not fair to come to our country and live and work here without paying taxes when the rest of America does. If they can sneak in and go unnoticed then, they will not have to pay what we do towards taxes.

2. A con of immigration is that they take away jobs that could be given to Americans who may really need them. Other countries do not allow us to enter and work there so, we should not let them live here either unless they decide to extend the same courtesy.

3. Immigrants are known for coming to work in this country and then sending the money back to their country instead of spending it in America where it was earned. I do not know enough about the rules to make a comment here. I would dare say that this is probably the issue most of the time keeps some people plus myself, from knowing how to intelligently discuss the issue.

4. By allowing illegal aliens into our country, we are giving terrorists and other international criminals a chance to sneak into our country. We have to protect our country from any potential threats. Also, drugs, guns and other crimes increase with an increase in illegal aliens sneaking over the border.

5. By allowing unlimited amounts of immigrants to flood our country we are going to slowly become overpopulated. Our country has loads of congestion as it is but, allowing a free for all in this country will eventually make the U.S. become very cramped.

Many Americans do not like immigrants entering into our country but, objectively both sides of this argument makes very good points.

The countries with the most illegal immigrants in the United States are listed in order below:

Note: Mexico has the most illegal immigrants with over 45 percent.

1. Mexico

2. El Salvador

3. Guatemala

4. Honduras

5. Philippines

Its a sticky situation because sometimes it is hard to know what the right thing to do is and the correct way to go about fixing the problem. This is always going to be a tough situation because, we all have our different opinions on this matter.

* Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this delicate subject in the comments capsule located at the bottom of this article.

Time Magazine: Immigration Debate

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    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 3 years ago

      Leslie, you have done an excellent job of setting out both sides to the equation. I may get hit over the head by ultra liberas for this, but I think the cons outweigh the pros. The argument that we were all at one time immigrants just doesn’t make the grade. Yes my family came over here before we became a country and fought for our independence against the mother country. Then after we won, we literally chopped out civilization from the wilderness, and African American slaves chopped right beside us and earned their citizenship as well. Members of my own ancestry were killed by Native Americans, which is ironic because I AM Native American, too.

      My point is that these people (ancestry of the illegal immigrants) did not come help our ancestors and earn their right to be here. All of a sudden they decide their country is too bad to live in. Instead of remaining and trying to make things better, they want to come through the crack in the back door and lap the milk and honey that they perceive we have. I have no problem with those who come here legally through the proper channels because it allows us to select the ones that we desire to allow to become citizens, which should be our right just like it is in other countries. I am very sorry for the children of these illegals who have known little or nothing else than America. Their story is very sad, but is that really our responsibility? The Bible says something about the sins of the fathers being foisted on the children. This sounds like one of those cases.

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