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The Impact of the Coronavirus on the U.S. Presidential Election

Updated on March 25, 2020

What It Exposes

It was just a few very short weeks that the stock market was zooming into the ozone and the U.S. presidential race was ramping up among the last Democratic contenders standing. It was just Biden and Sanders. Trump was sharpening his attacks on Biden. Oil prices were at $50 a barrel.

Then, the sneaky coronavirus, COVID-19, was barely on the radar with just a few cases in Washington state. Nobody was concerned and the least among them was Trump. And like an exploding volcanic eruption out of nowhere, COVID-19, turned like wildfire within communities, then cities, and then across America. The stock market crashed to near 1929 era depression stats that caused millions to loose up to 50% of their investments. One day, an investment went from $120K down to 90K, and the plummeting continued on the days to come. Panic gripped America in ways not seen in a VERY long time. Yet, POTUS continued to act rather blindly about it all and not very concerned for the most part.

What Happened to the 2020 Presidential Race?

Some might say, it is on "pause". America has more important things to do because we are at war with the unseen. It all sounds great to POTUS who was finally getting concerned as it really did seem serious. For Trump, this is his moment to shine or die and he knows it. The polls seem to agree, as up to 60% of Americans think Trump is handling it as best as one can. The coronavirus has actually become an ally to Trump's 2020 election bid, so far. It allows him to have daily WH meetings (something he never did before) and act presidential with all his minions behind him and how they praise him for the wisdom. He introduces new stimulus policies that may bankrupt America BUT if they work, could get him re-elected. He is basing his whole strategy on this plus getting troops out of America's 20-year war in Afghanistan. Put these two together, and if they end up a wins, pretty hard to beat. Added to that, if the stock market returns to its previous glory days, what is Biden going to challenge him on?

Where is Biden?

Hilariously, what rock is he under? What happened to the campaign? Where is Sanders? Both are a little too silent on the virus situation and there has been no banter against Trump with regards to his policies about handling the pandemic virus. They seem to have chosen to remain quiet and not look like pundits in a time of crisis. America is forgetting about the horror of having Trump for another four years, or are they? Perhaps they are just looking to survive as best as one can against an unseen enemy.

Biden did have remote TV station setup in his basement so he could demand bolder action from Trump. Really, what more would Biden do? However, when Biden delivered the speech on March 23, none of the TV outlets carried it because of the speech from NY Governor Cuomo! Ouch. That tells you where even the news media is when it comes to the 2020 race.

Biden is also hurting in momentum, or lack of it. His donors and fundraisers have other things on their minds now and donations are being channeled elsewhere. Biden is scrambling to find how to reconnect with voters, but the longer the virus thing goes on, the more voters or supporters will become uninterested. Biden's Monday speech was only seen online. Biden is needing to get back out in his rallies, to have a presence with voters. None of that is happening.

Should COVID-19 continue to wreck havoc on America in the 2020 election season, voters and supporters for Trump and Biden, may have other more important immediate needs to worry about. Trump is getting all the free airtime and media attention, if everything continues to heal, will half of America who hated Trump but benefited from his relief plan, still vote him out of office? Will there be enough this time?

As for Biden, he has been sidelined, no doubt. The longer it goes on, the less danger he may appear to Trump (assuming Trump's economic plan works). all Biden can hope for is a failing of Trump policies so he can advocate why he should not be POTUS and why he (Biden) should be. Rather anemic.

Wash your hands and practice social distancing, America!


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