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The Importance of Deleting Cyberbullying from Society

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Importance of Deleting Cyberbullying from Society

Cyberbullying has become widespread throughout the nation and so many children have been affected by torture, harassment, humiliation, deprivation of their character, death, and embarrassment. Cyberbullies have utilized the Internet to target children and utilize it to their advantage. What has become of Generation X and Y? It’s not always simple for parents to know how or when to intervene. In this world, technology has become a huge factor in young kids and teens lives because they are constantly online chatting on social networking sites such as Facebook, utilizing their Smart phones, and texting. If parents become more involved in their kids technological world then the parents can help protect their kids while online.

In order to mitigate cyberbullying the first step is learning about cyberbullying and becoming more aware to mitigate it. Cyberbullying is when kids and teens receive horrible text message harassments, awful e-mails, death threats online or on their cell phones, harmful images are posted on MySpace or sent to them, and they are called disgusting names in online chat rooms. It may take years to mitigate cyberbullying, but parents can begin now to help keep their kids safe by 1) teaching their children to delete suspicious emails without opening them, 2) educating children about how to be more aware of cyberbullying, 3) allowing their children to join an awareness campaign on cyberbullying, 4) teaching their children not to respond to bullies, 5) teaching their children not to retaliate, 6) saving the evidence, 7) encouraging their children to inform them when they are being bullied, and 8) informing their children about sites they can and cannot visit.

As a nation we all need to take a stand to mitigate cyberbullying once and for all because if we don’t; therefore cyberbullying will proceed. We need to stop being silent and open our mouths to speak up to let bullies know we will no longer tolerate it. If kids and teens don’t allow cyberbullies to embarrass or harass others then cyberbullying will come to a halt. In the end, once cyberbullying is no longer present kids and teens will be able to surf the net without being harassed. We will have helped create a generation without cyberbullying and have more control over the technology instead of letting it control us.




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    • profile image

      lulu 3 years ago

      watch the movie cyberbullying that's all i can say

    • profile image

      detroitmare 5 years ago

      Good luck with that. Have you been able to eliminate in-person bullying. Try that first!

    • AlishaRc profile image

      AlishaRc 5 years ago

      It’s not that simple for kids to ignore technology because Generation Y was born into the world of technology. Technology is all around us and things are not the same. It’s not mere to get over cyberbullying when someone’s character has been tarnished. Everyone does not have a strong mind to forget what other individuals articulate about them. There are a lot of kids who committed suicide because they were being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying is not going away, but we should not ignore it, but stand together as a nation to eliminate it.

    • profile image

      detroitmare 5 years ago

      What ever happened to sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me? I am tired of hearing about cyber bullying. If kids today are affected by things they read in a chatroom or on facebook etc., toughen them up or take away the technology they are using to go to the sites where they are "bullied". When I was a kid you got your ass kicked physically and words spit in your face. It's part of growing up. I'm not saying it's right and I can honestly say that I never played the part of the bully, but it's gone on for a long, long time.