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The Importance of Quality Awards within each state

Updated on September 23, 2013

We as consumers know what we like in the products and services we purchase and when the quality is less than advertised or it does not meet our expectations then we have issues. A system of quality awards within each state whether created and managed at the state level or whether it is done privately does not reduce the importance of quality principles.

As we work each day we have various responsibilities and regardless on our level in an organization the quality of work we provide affects the company. This not only takes place in the area of customer satisfaction but in the reputation a company attains from the public who purchases our products or services. Quality efforts within each state need to be recognized. Many private organizations both nationally and at the state and local level recognize the need to cover quality efforts by all sizes of organizations. Many states provide or have a system of recognizing quality efforts of companies/organizations within their respective states. Having a system which recognizes quality in an organization is important not only from the standpoint at the state level but it can provide some influx of new companies/jobs. Companies when they know quality efforts are recognized looks favorably upon any decision regarding expansion or moving from one state to another.

Quality is a characteristic which seems to be lacking in some organizations as can be seen in news reports and product recalls. Quality at one time was thought to be the responsibility of one department in an organization but it never should have been. Quality is every individual’s responsibility from the lowest level of an organization to the highest. Quality is the result of people working together to make a difference in what they provide from an organization.

We as individuals know how we feel when we are recognized for our efforts and companies are no different. At the state level it can be the highest recognition of quality efforts for an organization. Granted there are specific requirements for the various quality awards not only through state organizations but national organizations but applying for any award is a process. An application form must be completed with all the appropriate information and sometimes documentation to allow a determination on whether a company meets the criteria. Evaluation of the application and the possibility of a site visit to confirm the information on the application is an important part of the process.

The extent of recognizing the quality level accomplished within any state is an important characteristic which companies may consider when making decisions to expand or move their locations. Recognizing quality work within each organization is one aspect which should be considered in any application for quality recognition.

Organizations who are thinking about applying for any award must examine their operations and policies to determine if changes are needed to meet the eligibility requirements. Usually but not always an application fee must be paid. Examination of one’s operations is a side benefit of having state quality awards and can lead to better quality of products or services.

The existence of state quality awards and even awards which may not necessarily have the word quality within the description does not reduce the importance of receiving the award. It is a matter of being recognized for the improvements in the products and services a company or organization provides. As previously mentioned quality efforts are the responsibility of every individual within an organization or company and it is becoming more recognized today more than ever. Quality should never be about a single department but the entire process within an organization. Every aspect in the structure of an organization has an impact on the end result of the product or service offered to customers.

The public/customers are no longer satisfied with poor quality products or poor service. Customers are at the point with their reduced income expects to be treated with respect and expect the product or service meet the advertised requirements. When this does not occur they expect to be compensated when their expectations are not satisfied. Keeping customers happy is the key to a successful business and this involves providing quality products and services at a reasonable price individuals can afford. Customers normally do not have a problem with paying a higher price for quality products or services but if they can realize the same for a lower price many are taking that option.


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