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The Inevitable End of an Empire

Updated on June 24, 2016

As It Was Written

As many of my readers are aware, I sit perched at the edge of the word, in the wilderness of Sin, where the sun rises and each day heralds a new beginning for the entire world. How does one end up residing in Asia, it’s a long story, but I have always believed the divine hand has guided me through all my days and has directed my path. The Lord says, “GO”, and I go. But more importantly, every instruction given, every command or direction has turned out for the best and I do not live a life of regrets as so many of the people I know have lived or are currently living.

When I was instructed to write the series of articles entitled Revelations: the Book of Eleazar, it was as I explained not something that I wanted to do, but one that I knew I had to do. The warning had to be given, people had to know what was coming. There was never any belief that people would listen or take notice of the impending doom that was contained within its verses. After all, it wouldn’t be prophecy if people actually listened because then they would have a means of avoiding its inevitability, and if that was the case, that it never happened, then surely it would not be prophetic.

As mentioned, now I sit and watch the world unfold as it was shown to me the manner in which it was intended to unfold. For those that have followed my articles for the past five years, you know that I had long ago stipulated that the transition into the unavoidable abyss would take place in 2017. Back then I had no idea that issues and entities such as ISIS, homeland terrorism, an American election like 2016 having dynamic that no one could have anticipated or even imagined, a resurgent Russian, a China identified as the new enemy, and an unbelievable naivety of the American public, especially amongst its consumer engrossed youth, could actually take place. Now everything that was shown to me is occurring exactly as it was written, sad but true.

Just Say It: Radical Islam

The refusal to even acknowledge the predicament being faced by America only serves to compound the inevitable Armageddon that Revelations: Book of Eleazar foretold. If your leaders can’t even mouth the words Radical Islam, or acknowledge that a man walking into an Orlando nightclub, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “I pledge my allegiance to ISIS” while he kills 49 people truly means what he says, because the head of your DOJ wants to explore other reasons that might have led him to causing massive grief and misery to the American people, then you have no hope of surviving the peril. The devil is at your doorstep but you still choose to open the door and invite him in. As the Revelations revealed, the war in the Middle East will take place on an unbelievable scale, but it is the second phase, in which America is destroyed internally by forces that have been growing from within. You don’t have to be a Rhode’s Scholar or a master mathematician to do the math and see the truth of this statement. Even if we were to suggest that only 2 percent of the Islamic world was radicalized, a percentage probably far lower than the actual value, then of the half million Syrian refugees proposed to be brought into the USA, there would be an estimated 10,000 jihadists entering the country. Add that to the hundreds that have already entered under previous immigrations and there already is a sizable army within your borders. Seeing the potential ease of how one man with an assault rifle can end the lives of almost fifty innocent citizens and you have a possible estimated death total of half a million Americans in the blink of an eye. That leads to the ripple effect where copycats consisting of anarchists, revolutionaries, and other types of fanatics increase the number exponentially by a factor of 10 because they feed off the chaos and suddenly your looking at 5 million casualties. It spirals downward after that! Now you can see how easily the internal destruction predicted in the Book of Eleazar can take place. Simple math and yet of a devastating proportion from which America would not recover from for a very long time, if at all.

The Dragon Awakens

But it goes even further. Your media is already preparing you for some of the events mentioned in the prophecies. For example, I wrote about how the dragon would rise after the first wave in the Middle East and it would become the antithesis of Judeo-Christian western civilization. Living in China, it’s obvious to me whom was intended as the dragon. After all, Napoleon mentioned it himself over two hundred years ago that eventually the West would have to confront the Chinese Dragon. But never did I anticipate that western media would not only be anticipating such an event but purposely preparing the American people to face what should be a completely avoidable situation. You only have to read the latest Newsweek article:

Not only do they claim this war is inevitable, but they make the false assumption that it will not be much of a war because of American military superiority. Who are they kidding? American couldn’t win against the North Vietnamese, the Afghanis, the Libyans, and certainly hasn’t shown that capability against ISIS. Yes, they won in Iraq but then they gave away everything they had fought for, everything that they had died for. The military might and rapid development of China, is lightyears ahead of the aforementioned adversaries that America failed against. Not to mention that China has by the bucket-load what each of those others had; a sense of purpose; an ideology of pride and history; a sense of being right! It is that mindset which defeated America in the past and which will defeat America once again, except this time the extent of destruction, the millions of lives lost, the misery that will be created from which the world will never fully recover will be a price that articles such as Newsweek’s do not realize. To suggest that it is inevitable, only reiterates what I said initially, “no one pays attention to prophecy, which is why it is prophetic.”

Creating an Enemy

This week I was watching a series I have enjoyed for two years. Some of you may be watching it as well. It is called The Last Ship. The first two years were about the lone surviving navy vessel trying to save the world by becoming a floating vaccine production center to fight the devastating plague that was created by flawed science. From a scientific perspective I enjoyed it because working in the field, I also believe that scientists, through their manipulation of nucleic acid strands and uncontrolled use of lentivirus delivery systems will create a pandemic of unforeseen magnitude. But suddenly, in this third season the show shifted from the scientific nature of a post pandemic world to a political reality. The vaccine, intended to save the world was not being distributed by the evil Empire of China that saw withholding of the vaccine as a means to destroy all its enemies. We went from a world that hardly had enough survivors to have any political countries even existing any longer to a world where China had emerged as the enemy of mankind and human survival. Coincidence, I hardly think so. As you know, I do not believe in coincidence. But instead, a predetermined Hollywood exercise to prepare Americans to view China as the enemy but even more than that; as a people lacking humanity, destined to destroy mankind. How sad that the people will be manipulated by the media into believing confrontation through war is the only viable option.

In Conclusion

My wife, a Karaite Jew like myself but of Chinese origin, stemming from the Zhang family of Kaifeng, leans over to me and says, “It is happening, isn’t it?” I nod my head as if to suggest that the end is already upon us. I can appreciate why Elijah hid in a cave, how Jeremiah was thrown into a prison, why Jonah thought it would be easier to run that serve, and I realize none of their actions were the direct outcome of their fears but from their sense of futility, the overwhelming feeling that they were given a task doomed to failure right from the start. There are obviously forces whose sole purpose is to counteract the sensibility of the prophecies, to dull the blade of the potential threats, to reassure the public all will be well, even if events come to pass as predicted. It is no coincidence that this article in Newsweek appeared, that The Last Ship has taken on the theme of Lost Hope, and the focus of the political debates will become how America has been taken advantage of economically, politically and militarily. They are designed to prepare you for what this manipulating well-oiled machine welcomes as a solution through warfare and mass destruction. They somehow see benefits to themselves, I simply see tragedy for all of us. But I assure you, it will not end the way they think, the prophecy will come to pass and as a result, it will be the end of the Empire that was once America and everything it represented. We all will be the biggest losers!

Peace be with you,

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • profile image

      BAR AVIEL 4 months ago

      As days past this post reads truer and truer......

    • profile image

      Shilo 18 months ago

      So what is God telling you know with the 2 anti Israel resolutions in the UN and the world on the brink of disaster?