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The Insanity of Drilling in the Arctic

Updated on July 27, 2015
Via Wikipedia: "Description from NASA (source): "NASA's Terra Satellites Sees Spill on May 24 Sunlight illuminated the lingering oil slick off the Mississippi Delta on May 24, 2010.
Via Wikipedia: "Description from NASA (source): "NASA's Terra Satellites Sees Spill on May 24 Sunlight illuminated the lingering oil slick off the Mississippi Delta on May 24, 2010. | Source

When Barack Obama came on the scene his first presidential election after two terms of George. W. Bush, I was incredibly excited for someone else to come along that appeared to give us hope. As an environmentalist, I was happy about the fact that Obama was all about the Green Revolution, his plan to give people jobs in the Green sector, had me filled with delight. However, through the years, after the first term in office, being an environmentalist I wasn’t so happy with Obama anymore. I began to see that nothing was being done to save endangered species and the people he was adding to his administration weren’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly folks. Obama's administration became a revolving door for Wall Street, Eric Holder being a prime example of that, getting a job working for the very people he was supposed to “regulate” making millions of dollars a year after he worked for the government as their oversight person. Monsanto executives were in and out. When he had Geithner someone from the New York Fed, head the U.S. Treasury, I almost choked on my Wheaties.

As fracking just carried on business as usual, as the Gray Wolf has been slaughtered all over the country in record number, As Obama appointed Sally Jewell to be the Secretary of the Interior, a past oil woman and banker, I just felt hopeless. It was a nightmare. Incident after incident happened to destroy the world. Oil spills everywhere, rivers, and the ocean. Even in Yellowstone National Park. It became okay to start leasing lands in national parks for oil and fracking. As there appeared to be less and less that anyone could do about it, it just became more and more invasive. I was told by a soil scientist that lived Back East at one point that when Obama became president, he had hoped that he would see the end to fracking and was very excited to have wind turbines in their place. But instead in his state of Pennsylvania, he was seeing fracking and what it was doing to his state, he was very saddened and sick. This is why he is voting for Bernie Sanders this time and is no longer a fan of Obama.


I think the last straw with me and the Obama administration has been the okay to drill in the Arctic. Obama will be fantastic about talking to Millions of people that are fighting global warming in his speeches. He will say one thing and then do the opposite. The biggest thing to date is allowing Arctic Drilling after all of his talk about the environment. It is the ultimate cognitive dissonance. The ultimate contradiction to the things that have come out of his mouth.

I don’t know if he started out with good intentions and then just gave up, I don’t know if he ever really meant to change anything. But if you think about it, this has just been business as usual for the oilmen in this country from the Bush administration on. Nothing has changed whatsoever and if anything it has gotten worse under the Obama administration. What used to be hope has turned to disdain for him and his administration. I just know that we need change in a big way. The government needs to change, we need an overhaul. There really isn’t much difference between our “two party system” anymore. All the same lobbyists are paying their pay checks. I wonder is there anything we can do as we sit here and watch the absolute destruction of our planet. When our own president pretty much lies to us about his intentions the whole time, or does something he has acted as if he was against the whole time, what are we to do?

I guess we just have to keep fighting. Hopefully someone will listen before it is too late.


Facts About the Gulf Disaster


82,000 birds, 6,000 sea turtles, 26,000 marine mammals (dolphins and whales), an unknown amount (could not be estimated) number of fish and invertibrates were harmed or killed during due to the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill?

200 Million gallons of oil spilled into the ocean.

2 million gallons of toxic dispersants were sprayed into the gulf making water more toxic for wildlife?

Drilling in the Arctic

Do you think that the Obama administration was ethical to allow drilling in the Arctic?

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