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The Insanity of Multiculturalism

Updated on April 1, 2017

The difference between an ignorant fool shoveling manure in a bullpen, and a fool with a PhD in political sciences or economics, is that the fool with the PhD can shovel more of it, faster.

I have just watched an internationally known, left wing, European economist/politician/university professor on You Tube, demonstrating his brilliance to his worshiping fans in a packed theater somewhere in the UK. In order not to personalize the issue, let us pick a random name for him and call him Yanis Varoufakis. To make his point on how our humanity should combine with our need to improve ourselves by allowing migrants free access to our shores, Yanis told the story of a Bangladeshi man, currently awaiting extradition from Europe to his country of origin. And the story goes as follows:

In Bangladesh, a group of fanatical Muslims firebombed the house of a Christian family. The Bangladeshi man awaiting extradition, a Muslim himself, lived next door to the Christians and went to help them escape the conflagration. This did not go down well with the pyromaniacs, who then proceeded to burn down the Good Samaritan’s car rental business and to threaten his life. In fear for his safety, the good man took his elderly father and walked to Europe through the many different countries in between, each with a different culture, though with the same religion. They were robbed along the way in each country they walked through, and the father finally died of exhaustion in Turkey. The good man eventually managed to make it to Europe and instead of being welcomed with open arms and spasms of gratitude for saving Christians, he now awaits to be send back to his own country of horrors.

You are probably wondering how it is possible for Yanis, a university professor, to miss the point of his own story by such a wide margin. But you forget that Yanis is the proud holder of a PhD and he can do anything.

He completely ignores the fact that in Bangladeshi culture it appears to be necessary to emigrate if your life is threatened by people who are selective about which acts of kindness you may indulge in. The perpetrators’ religion is not the point. Christians, Jews and Hindus do not come with clean hands in any conversation of this type. The point is, the culture of civilized people unequivocally condemns such acts of barbarism. To claim that the mixing of the two cultures will somehow improve our own, is simply wishful thinking.

The irony of multiculturalism’s obvious eventual result of mixing cultures until we are all the same – thereby doing away with multiculturalism – appears to escape the proponents of such a course.

Part of the beauty of our humanity lies in the fact that we are comprised of different tribes, each with different cultures. Some of these cultures are more benign than others, meaning that the European tribe is not necessarily the best, but a lot of blood and tears have been shed in our efforts to reach our current state, imperfect as it may be. To suggest that by mixing cultures on the scale we are now facing will not be a step backwards for Europe, is simply false.

By all means let us help our fellow man in any way we can. And I use the politically incorrect term of ‘fellow man’, which should resonate with those who prefer a more gender neutral term. But let us help them in improving their lives in their own countries, first and foremost by not trying to steal their wealth and by not bombing the hell out of them.

Religion is not the issue. Culture is. I live on the island of Cyprus, which has a 20% Muslim population and I would not change our common culture, as flawed as it is, with anything in the world. You cannot tell a Cypriot’s religion unless they told you of it, because we are all exactly the same. We have made each other what we are, but it took us centuries to do it. To suggest that millions of migrants to Europe, who refuse to adopt the European culture will not result in tragedy at some stage, is simply delusional.


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