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The Intolerable Proletariat

Updated on November 24, 2011

Pain Threshold

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Not Off to Work We Go

Ultimately, the uber-rich will find something munching on their behinds. Things come around full circle. The economy of the US cannot survive for long without a middle-class that is able to consume (make purchases).

For now, we are being force-fed inferior, foreign-made products that are cheap in every sense of the word. However, even now, the middle-class must think two or three times before buying ANYTHING -- even goods of the lowest quality.

No purchases equals no tax harvest, and this is not sustainable for the long term. People feel as if they are splurging if they eat out or buy the latest gee-wiz gadget. And they are. The idea now seems to be: live for the moment for tomorrow may never come. But, tomorrow eventually arrives.

Eventually, the greatest consumer nation on the planet will be placed on a strict, forced diet. For many, that eventuality has already arrived.

For many, tomorrow means another day of coupon hunting.

When the majority of women have no choice but to start sewing their own dresses, we will have arrived at the eighteenth century again.

At that point the middle-class may get busy constructing guillotines and line up the elites to lop off their heads (I think something like this happened in France a while back). But, even before things get to this drastic stage, the elite will have to alter their greedy, self-interested, capitalist policies, as they will see their corporate empires imploding and the flow of money into their accounts thinning to a trickle.

And who can say for sure when the Middle Class will awaken from its complacency and begin smashing store-front windows or turn to using their millions of hand-guns (and even assault rifles) against a wavering police force?

What will be the tipping point? What will break the camel's back ...? Will it be when their cable is cut off and their giant, wide-screen TVs sit for weeks/months like overturned monoliths? Will an actual rebellion begin when gas prices double? Will the action begin when all that can be afforded are food staples, or when cosmetics become unaffordable, or when water starts to become rationed?

Perhaps it will take a synergy of these privations (or others we can only guess at) to get the ball rolling.


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    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 2 years ago from Irvine

      American Romance: This is all speculative, of course. From what I can see Americans have become fat, lazy and complacent. I can't even imagine what it would actually take for them to get off their huge rear ends and become seriously engaged. But, if Americans just allow themselves to drift toward an eventual oblivion, I guess that will mean the end of the great democratic experiment. And you are so right about the elite escaping any kind of onslaught (if it should really ever get to that point). The capitalists who would be most responsible would certainly end up sipping margaritas or whatever in some other corner of the world -- much like how key Nazi figures fled to South America toward the end of WWII. So what would we be left with -- various clans of gun enthusiasts fighting the National Guard -- a bunch of other middle-class victims. At that point we'd not differ much from the situations in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria. I suppose the main point is if the US goes under (not too likely given the media propaganda machine), how would this affect world economics? I suppose if the escalation were slow enough, Europe would find a way to survive. The key things are: (1) Is there anything that would cause a revolt; and (2) Does anyone really care?

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      Well let us put this into another respective: The middle class will NEVER begin smashing windows nor lopping off others heads! The revolution you mention in France was performed by uneducated mobs like the OWstreeters of today! Difference being when this begins in America, the rich will simply lock their doors and hop the next plane to some remote beach and have servants delivering them drinks and sun tan lotion tomorrow morning! The true middle class will load their guns and sit in lawn chairs waiting for the OWstreeters to come down the streets and get slaughtered, they then will neatly hang their lawn chairs in the garage and return to their kitchen tables to thank God for the bounty and love their families as they teach them the benifits of hard work and loving one another!...........those OWStreeters that still exist will be living in less than 3rd world conditions wondering what the hell did we do???