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The Invasion Culture

Updated on May 18, 2017

The Culture of Invasion

What we see and hear has radically changed in the last 20 years. Everywhere you look is the almost subliminal encouragement to: tune in, give up and die off. It is as though our minds are some kind of food for some alien intelligence with an insatiable appetite for human souls. To be readily consumed, the mind needs to be robbed of it's natural sense of power and freedom. This is done by repeatedly presenting affronts to personal power. Things that were once funny are now rife with underlying messages that are both sick and wrong. Once upon a time, our music served to strengthen our sense of control and power. Now it follows a conformist agenda dedicated to the sissification/programming of the populace.

Take punk rock as an example. At one time, being violent and powerful was an end unto itself. If you listen to something from that time period, you can literally feel the power surging through you. Try listening to "Anarchy in the UK" by The Sex Pistols. It was great to be young, hostile and dare I say it: male. Nowadays, it's all about hammering the soul into something useful for the preservation of the Earth. Try listening to "Ape Drape" by NOFX. Very skillfully, the socially-undesirable elements of being masculine are imaged as something false and weak. Listening to it is castrating for lack of a better word.

Add to this the music that makes you feel feels so very unnatural. Try listening to "Phantom Limb" by The Shins. Do you or do you not get this tingling sensation down your spine that feels just incredible ? I do...........and I very naively consumed songs like this so that I could experience this "smoking" sensation. What followed wasn't just an affront to my sense of masculinity, it felt like a threat to the very fabric of my soul. When I analyzed my thoughts while listening to songs like these, I noted a shift in my personal identity from male to that of a young girl. Further, I had a very difficult time getting rid of this "young girl self image". It didn't take months, it took YEARS of inner-self-programming to overcome this almost viral feminine feeling. Apparently, what you do not know can hurt you these days.

It is truly impossible to find anything on the tube that actually feeds personal power. At best, you can watch movies that don't stifle you half to death. Thank God for music made before the year 2000. The music helped me get through periods of this "despair programming", several near-death experiences and what I'm going to describe as "alien"-invasion attempts. What does an "alien"-invasion attempt feel like ? Well, you "see" something very menacing and black in that part of the mind that visualizes coupled with this constricting feeling on the very fabric of your being. At some point, you feel like it's "it" or you that will be controlling this body from now on. Honestly, it felt like I was being erased from my own brain. Something else was vying with me for power over this body. How does one survive this kind of thing ? I managed to think of the WORST possible atrocity I'd be willing to commit before I'd let this THING take over for me. It was so revolting that I'm not going to share the details........when the time comes for you, be fierce, horrific and very creative.........that's all I can say.

In the meantime, I encourage you to do and feel all the things that our invisible "culture of invasion/despair" discourages. Be bold, self-centered, vicious and sexual. Know that there will be times when you'll feel as though you might die.........this is when you must be willing to "be nice". Why not be nice all of the time ? Because it JUST.......ISN'T........NATURAL. That is why! Yes, I'm advising you to "cheat the plan". Do anything you wish, but don't give up......don't become faint and do not succumb to whatever the hell this is. I am here speaking to you because I was able to think/visualize something truly awful.......apparently frightening away the "invader". I've got this very profound feeling that something very bad is going to happen to these "invaded souls"........hell........something WORSE THAN DEATH has already happened to them! Again........NEVER GIVE UP. It will be you who pays the ultimate price if you fail to win this struggle!!


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