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The Iran Deal

Updated on March 17, 2018

I was about 8 years old when the Iranian Hostage Crisis was going on. You wouldnt think that a kid that young would know or even understand what was happening but it was a HUGE deal. My teachers in school were drawing catchphrases on their chalkboards and showing them to us... saying things like "American ends in I-Can, not I-Ran" Iran was the enemy! I didnt know who Iran was until that day. I didnt even understand geography outside my city block but I knew where to find Iran on a school globe.
IF you dont know what the Iranian hostage crisis is or was a pissing contest between Iran, and the U.S. The Shah was the head of the country back then. Political turmoil, much like what is going on here, hit their country and the sitting Shah was overthrown,replaced by the the Ayatollahs and Mullahs and was about to be killed. He sought exile here. We granted it, and in retaliation, they held up our embassy and took all of our diplomats hostage.
Jimmy Carter failed miserably at trying to free them using both economic sanctions and diplomacy..and a horrible rescue attempt just before he was about to leave office.
It went on for over a year a half! Ronald Reagan gets elected and within, HOURS they were let go. Just like that. No deal, no bargains, they were simply let go because Reagan was very forthright in what he was going to do to Iran the moment he took office.
As liberals do, nobody took notes during that success story. Today we are going through the same process again under similar leadership as Carter....but much worse.
We have made a deal with Iran to keep them from building nuclear missiles.
The deal calls for you and I to send our tax dollars to Iran to the tune of 8 trillion of our dollars when converted from their currency. They get a 24 day notice before inspectors come! Drug dealers would love that kind of deal!
We have at least 4 Americans being held hostage in Iran and their freedom was not even on the table during these negotiations.
Our President said it was because they didnt want to encourage them to take more hostages in the future, while John Kerry said the hostages were part of every discussion but it failed.
If this is true, then why did they trade 5 terror kingpins out of Gitmo in exchange for a known deserter?
No consistency!

The entire time this deal was being signed..the Iranian government was burning our flags and telling us to screw off.
Our leadership even admits that the money we are sending Iran will fund more terrorism and they cant promise us that the money wont fund a nuclear weapon.
Before this deal, Iran didnt have the money to fund a nuclear weapon. After this deal, they will pay for a nuclear arsenal using OUR know...that money you are missing from your paycheck every week.
Iran hasnt changed since my 3rd grade teacher was writing on her chalkboard that American ends in I-Can and not I-Ran.
Unlike our current leadership, Iran is very honest about their intentions.

This is a re-run of history. You dont have to be very old to remember how the nutjobs in North Korea became a Nuclear Power.
They played the same cat and mouse games with nuclear inspectors that we have just given Iran the freedom to do.
During the Clinton Adminstration they were spinning centrifuges and creating nuclear weapons. It took them more than 5 years but right after Clinton left office, they detonated their first nuclear test missle for the entire world to see.
History has cleared Bill Clinton of that failure even though N.Korea could not have possibly built a nuclear arsenal in the few short months that Bush was in office. It had been going on for years and Iran will do the same thing.

History has proven time and again that the terrorist see only weakness in diplomacy and retreat when there is a show of force. They dont like us, they never will and we have to GET OVER that factoid when dealing with them. We CANNOT be friends. They do NOT want to be our freinds. They want us dead.

So why are we sending them billons of dollars to fund future murdering of our troops? To fund weapons that will end Israel and threaten our borders? Ask John Kerry how he can sleep at night knowing he committed billons of our money to fund the largest state sponsor of terror in the world while they cant keep Social Security and Disability funded?

When our current President leaves office, whoever is in charge will go down in history as the one who let Iran go Nuclear even though it was HIM who funded it and allowed it to happen at the protest of everyone in Saudi Arabia and Israel. BUT this will be the first time in history that we actually FUNDED the crime.

When Israel is more radioactive than Chernobyl, take a step back and really absorb the fact that it wouldnt have happened if our tax dollars hadn't paid for it.


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