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The Iranian Nuclear Missile: Sejjil

Updated on February 19, 2020
Nearly perfected- Iran's nuclear capable missile
Nearly perfected- Iran's nuclear capable missile

The decade of the 2020s will be monumental in so many ways, none of them good. With climate change being rather obvious, the Wuhan virus that is pandemic across the globe, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, it is akin to a woman giving birth. The US 2020 election will be another repeat of 2016 in many ways with an exonerated POTUS from a failed impeachment that tried to reign him in. Of course, there is still the Middle East embroiled in war and Damascus coming under more and more Israeli attacks. The US peace plan is just a joke and lopsided in favor of Israel, all while Iran continues to work and perfect their nuclear missile to carry their first atomic bombs.

The Sejjil

As Iran centrifuges fiercely spin to create weapon grade plutonium for an atomic bomb (some say by the end of 2020 or sooner), the Iranians are perfecting their medium range missile to carry the bomb or non-nuclear explosives. The frightening thing about it is that is has a range of 1250 miles, plenty of range for a host of targets, Israel among them will get the first, no doubt. This rocket is solid fuel technology from their friends in China, North Korea, Russia, and allows for a quick launch with little warning time. It has been said its target acquisition allows it to hit within 20m of target. That is quite accurate. Its payload max is 1500 kg and has an anti-radar coating to make it hard to detect.

Earlier versions already exist and are also have mobile launchers. The rocket has been in development since 2008 and has several successful tests. With the recent Iranian attacks on the US base, where up to 100 soldiers suffered some sort of damage from the blasts and their accuracy, Iran has shown that it does possess high technology GPS targeting systems.

What Now?

What, if anything, can the US, NATO, or Israel do about this? It seems that everyone is just waiting for the biblical prophecies to pass without actually believing in them. Iran has not backed down about attacking Israel with a nuclear bomb, quite the opposite. The US and NATO are not willing to further escalate involvement for political and military reasons or the repercussions. Israel seems to be bewildered about whether they should take the missiles out (assuming they know where they are made) or take out the sites making the enriched plutonium for the bomb. Nobody wants to face the repercussions Iran might cause.

Russia and China don't really care about what happens to Israel either, which is why they continue to provide know-how and technology to Iran for their missiles, which number the hundreds of all types. The stage has been set in the Mideast for a horrible war that is coming sooner than not. Damascus will be destroyed as the Revelations indicate. Israel is already attacking Iranian assets in that city on a much more frequent basis than ever before. The Russian missile defenses seemed to be turned off to allow them.

Its just odd seeing how alliances are created, for example, who would ever thought Turkey, a NATO member, would be an ally with Russia, its foe! Or, Israel and Russia seem to also respect one another, while Russia provides arms to Iran, its foe. Yet, in Syria, Turkey and Russia are foes as the Syrian forces take Idlib causing millions to flee. They are also foes in Libya.

The coming decade will see the horrors of nuclear weapons in the Mideast.


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