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The Irony of an Islamic Terrorist Attack

Updated on February 18, 2016

Islamic Terrorism: There can be no victory

Whenever we talk about Islamic Terrorism our greatest fears come forward.

What if an Islamic terrorist detonated a nuclear bomb on a major American city?

This horrific scenario sends chills down the collective American spine.

The death and sorrow would be almost unbearable for the American

psyche. But ironically it would have far worse repercussions for Islam

worldwide. Here’s what would happen worldwide if such an atrocity

were committed.

First,within hours of the attack there would not only be random

murders of Muslims in the U.S.A. but worldwide as well. After

a few months the death toll could come to a global tally in the

millions. It doesn’t end there either. In this situation there

could very well be a political movement to not only end

Muslim immigration to our country but also a mass deportation

of all Muslim U.S. citizens. This extreme public policy decision

would not only be justified by fears of future attacks but also

on the protection of these people from discrimination

and revenge attacks.

In geopolitical terms,the fragile peace established in both India

and Israel with their Islamic adversaries would be extremely

difficult to sustain in this post nuclear scenario. It is very

likely war would break out in both of these regions leading

again to the death of many Muslims.

The hatred and discrimination against Muslims would be so intensified

by a nuclear attack that many Muslims may give up their faith and

even more people would be strongly discouraged from converting to the

Islamic faith.

Furthermore it is not fantastical to conceive that a global

movement might arise calling for the restriction of all Muslims

to one part of the world so as to prevent another attack.

In conclusion we know now that a successful nuclear attack

would not be a victory for Islam but would seriously threaten

its overall existence. Radical Islamists should remember the old

saying “be careful for what you wish for because you might get it”

In the end this may be what ends Islamic terrorism and brings

peace to the world: the terrorists realizing that massive,nuclear

attack will not only lead to their personal demise but potentially

the demise of ALL Muslims on planet earth.


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