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The Isolation of Israel

Updated on June 12, 2020

In 1967, in the brief Israeli-Arab war, Israel's military crushed the Jordan armed forces as well as others in a blitzkrieg, similar to those the German's used in WW2. It literally shocked the outside world and vanquished the Arab nations. The war booty, in part, was the West Bank, which Israel has kept and built up over the following decades. Now, many Israelis live there with Arabs but segregated.

Jordan and Israel have been friends for decades now, and even Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have been until now. With the Trump Peace Plan for the Palestinian - Jewish resolution that wants a single state solution instead of a two-state solution (as most Arabs want), few nations agree with the Israeli annexation of the West Bank that would enlarge the state of Israel officially.

In fact, several nations like Turkey, UAE, and others, clearly stated that they will not allow its annexation and it IS a redline. Meaning, military actions, overtly or covertly, will happen to derail the process. Even Jordan, now has said the annexation of land formerly theirs is totally unacceptable and ties would be cut. Turkey, has become a rogue NATO member with one of the strongest military in the region. They have teamed up with Russia now over Libya, which each side fought one another, since Russia realized that having Turkey as a friend is the smart play. Both could make annexation more of problem along with Iran's proxies in the region.

What is even more alarming is how the West Bank annexation has divided much of Europe. There are only a few countries (all NATO members) that support the annexation, the rest of them, have been very vocal in their opposition to Israel's plan. Some have vowed to sever relations if it actually happens, which it will.

I have often wondered how Israel would become isolated from the rest of world in End Times, as prophecy states in the Book of Revelations. This issue is toxic and most likely be the one that causes most of the countries in the world, to some degree (at least the major players) to turn their backs and support on Israel. Of course, the UK and USA (and others) will either support or remain neutral on this issue, unless their own populace is vocal about it in dissenting fashion, which has not happened.

Who knows what events will transpire after or during annexation. This toxic topic could easily spark another "Six Day War" as in 1967, but much more deadly and complicated. Arabs living in that territory may up rise to defy Israeli authority with support from Turkey or others. If Israel wins the fight, it is more likely, more countries may turn on Israel. With the latest estimate that Iran will have its first nuclear weapon by early 2021, this adds to Israel's dilemma: Should they make a first strike to eliminate this threat inside Iran (if they know the location), which would no doubt cause military responses from Iran, maybe Russia and Turkey. It would be very bad timing with annexation.

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds and how accurate the predictions made are. But, one can easily see how the new alliances were forming, how Israel is becoming more and more isolated with only a few powerful friends, and, how maybe even one day, those few friends also desert Israel, as prophecy states.

I suspect, it will come to pass.


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