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The Israeli 737-size Eitan Drone Over Iran

Updated on September 10, 2012

A key element for any Israeli attack on Iran is there 737-sized drone called Eitan or Heron. Like the US drones, it contains a powerful array of weapon loads and surveillance equipment equal to the US Predator. The difference is size. It is 43 ft long and has a wingspan of 86 ft. It can fly and remain aloft at 45,000 ft. and can detect a license plate number on a vehicle. Like the US drones, they are silent.

They have a 4500 mile range and can remain flying for 70 hours. Their weapon payload is two tons. There is little question that the Eitan drones of 210 squadron would partake in any Israeli attack on Iran along with their F18s etc. Their mission would be to confuse and jam any Iranian radar or detection capabilities as the attack would occur and then remain aloft after the attack to assess the damage or to use their weapons to help finish the job.

Israel still remains sitting on the fence about attacking Iran. Some indicate there is a 50% chance it will occur before November 6. Others, not so sure because some of the targets are now deep underground in bunkers and beyond the capability of the Israeli Air Force to destroy. The question that must be nagging the decision makers is the backlash after the attack worth it? Will enough targets actually be destroyed to delay the Iranian quest for a nuclear bomb and for how long? The repercussions of the attack could long outlast its damage with Iran, Hezbollah and others making life difficult for not only the Israelis, but even Americans should Iran stop the oil flow or attack oil fields. This could cause the World to be very angry toward Israel.

Israel has much to consider before any attack.


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    • profile image

      Richard 4 years ago

      "Others, not so sure because some of the targets are now deep underground in bunkers and beyond the capability of the Israeli Air Force to destroy. "

      And that is why Israel has already ruled Iran strike back in 2005 (see link below) so don't expect to see any strikes on Iran for the foreseeable future. Also, sending Eitan to Iran is an absurd idea. The sheer size of it and the fact that it lack stealth capabilities makes the drone a much easier target to take out and believe me, Iran's capabilities is more than robust to deal with this kind of a threat. Most likely, the Eitan will be used to monitor Israel's neighbors (Lebanon and West Bank).

    • profile image

      Richard 4 years ago

      Sorry, I meant to say "ruled out Iran strike"

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