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The Jamaican plague!!!!!

Updated on December 19, 2014

Chikungunya! Chikungunya! A popular word now widely prolific in the Jamaican society. If you go anywhere in the island and ask anyone about that word that's hard to pronounce (Chikungunya), people will know what you mean. But they have different names for it. There's the popular Chik-V, Chicken gunman and even chicken pneumonia. People everywhere in the island are either trying to dodge the the virus or are trying to weather it's annoying effects. This virus as proven to be completely impartial; from uptown to down, the poor and the rich, woman and man, supervisors and workers, foreign or Jamaican, the virus has no regards for people and has completely degraded the Jamaican health system and embarrassed the government of poor preparation techniques.

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

The Jamaican Boogeyman!

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Retrieved from here

Chykungunya is a virus carried by the mosquito (Aedes Aeygypti). This virus can cause a lot of joint pains in a person's body. The virus first passes to a person and then when that person is bitten by the same mosquito it passes onto the mosquito. It should normally last from 2 to 5 days, however there has been cases in Jamaica where it has lasted for up to even a month! Also it is said that the symptoms can come back, up to periods as long as two years. I've also realized that the virus perhaps has some partiality to it. Like most illnesses; it seems to affect the old or the young more than anyone else. Therefore if you fall somewhere in between you probably won't be found wailing for excruciating pain. That is unless you fall into one of the other categories; i.e whether or not you have certain ailments that can further amplify it's effects; Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma and some others. Also, even though not completely confirmed, it is believed that persons who have had dengue before are immune to it. personally I know a few persons who have had dengue and to this day they are still Chykungunya free. Also it is supposed that some persons are just immune by nature. The sad part however is that there isn't a cure for it as yet. The virus can spread rapidly throughout an area if there aren't any effective control mechanisms. i.e. One should ensure that there is absolutely no breeding sites present within the confines of your abode (stationary water). Even though there isn't any foolproof cure as yet. persons you can take a Panadol for the pain.

The new national dish!!!

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Have you ever caught Chikungunya before?

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This virus was first said to be in the island in July 16, 2014. However there has been claims of it's awareness since 2013. This should further amplify the government's disgrace where they should have had more than a year to prepare for the virus. since the first time of it's arrival on the island, there was a mixture of opinions among the masses. Many persons were highly attentive near the point of chronic-panic, whilst others weren't even aware of the fact that something was here for them to be cautious of. "What is chikungunya?", a man who had Chikungunya asked me in September two months after it's arrival! Nobody can ask or respond to a question such as that again without seeming past dubious to the point of insanity. Over the past months the virus had received an astronomical rift of recognition for it's world renowned effects now. "Everybody must know me!" I could imagine it rummaging homes, storming offices schools and even the god fearing people falling to their knees mourning the mighty Chikungunya, 'the tiny demon'. There was even a point when Panodols were low in stock around the island. The worst part about all this was that many persons started to think of the virus as something close to a gag. What you found was that persons were becoming less and less serious than they were in the beginning. "Everybody is being biltten, it's okay." This was the popular sentiments being displayed among the population as the virus raged on. Only a few remained serious. that is until some started dying. The persons that have died were all as a result of an indirect complication from the the virus-Chikungunya. The ailments I've listed above are some examples along with reported incidents like falling to you're death whilst immobilized by the virus. you can read about it


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Presently now the virus has ravaged our shores like an African thunderstorm and left us sobbing and sore; literally. There are relics of it's fury still about the island, however most people are either recovering or have recovered. Many persons have found ways to co-exist with the unprecedented virus. Whether it was finding alternative methods of a cure or even making jokes or songs about the infamous virus. Here are some of the methods of cure Jamaicans used. Maybe it will work for you; Papaya leaf juice, Chykungunya relief soup (broth, noodles callaloo, garlic fever grass and ginger) and plenty of water to drink.

I leave you with a popular song recorded by a child about the infamous Chykungunya.

Check out this kid


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    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Hi peach purple..... Thanks for stopping by . The Chikungunya virus is actual different from malaria and dengue.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      here, we called this virus dengue virus, where mosquitoes bite, human gets malaria and die with fever