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The Japanese are preparing for a North Korean missile attack! Know about it here and learn how to protect yourself too!

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Lived and worked in many countries such as France, Colombia, Philippines, India, Japan and others. Has been writing for 3 years.

People in Japan are increasingly getting wary about North Korean movements as a conflict in the region could cause serious repercussions. Some experts say it could result in a world war if countries such as the US, China or Russia involved. Some say there is no need to worry as the entire episode of North Korea threatening Japan is nothing new. The Japanese government, however, is conducting mock evacuation drills and preparing defense against imminent threat posed by North Korean dictatorship.

Kim Jong-un`s Threats

North Korea`s threats to attack Japan, South Korea and the US are nothing new to us. In fact, many people around the world have taken those threats quite lightheartedly citing the North Korean dictator`s erratic behavior and funny looks. Ever since he launched empty missiles towards Japan into the sea, people all around the world have started panicking. Many international magazines have started telling people that a war in the Korean peninsula could be more dangerous than presumed before. With increasing nuclear capability, any serious provocation from any side could end up in a major conflict right now. Kim Jong-un has been constantly letting the world know through his propaganda that he would not hesitate to attack any country that meddles with North Korean sovereignty. However, some people argue that North Korea just over-exaggerates its missile capabilities, and it is a tactic used by its government to attract attention and possibly negotiate an economic deal in exchange for it to stop its threats. A similar deal was sanctioned a decade ago but it proved to be futile as North Korea backed out of NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty).


Evacuation Drills

North Korea claims that it has missiles that could hit coastal Japan and even the US that is actually some ten thousand kilometers away. It has conducted failed missile tests several times including the very controversial one in 1998 which actually landed on Japanese territory. Recently, propaganda videos from North Korean websites are popping up showcasing simulated videos of how their ballistic missiles destroy Washington DC and Blue House, Seoul`s main center of administration. Nevertheless, people took these videos as silly and of less substance. But, there is one country that is not taking North Korea less seriously - Japan. After the second world war, Japan took a pacifist path; pacts were signed that it could only protect itself but not attack any country in future. However, Japan recently pushed forward a controversial bill that allows itself to expand its overseas role without depending on foreign help. It recently sent its biggest warship Izumo into the Pacific Ocean to showcase its military might.

Apart from strengthening the defense, Japan is keen on educating people on how to respond in times of emergency. The Japanese Self Defense Forces have conducted mock drills in the small coastal town of Abu that has a population of just around 300. People of Abu have participated with much interest to prepare for any possible missile attack. Japan is approximately 1000 miles away from North Korean missile launch site, and it takes around ten minutes for Unha or Hwasong or Rodong or any other North Korean long or medium range missile to reach the nearest Japanese island. Since recent provocations in April and May by North Korea, Japanese defense website has been flooding with millions of visitors. Many people are searching for how to protect themselves during an attack that is more imminent. So, the following are a few tips you could keep in mind in case of, god forbid, a North Korean attack:

Mock Evacuation Drill conducted by the Japanese military
Mock Evacuation Drill conducted by the Japanese military | Source

Protection Tips

  1. Pay attention to your mobile phone alerts, breaking news and loudspeakers near you. The Japanese government has full satellite coverage and it is in a position to inform everyone instantly seconds after a missile launch from North Korean territory. Just as you would receive a message alert seconds before an earthquake, there will be a massive alert all around the country in case of a North Korean aggression. It will be actually ten minutes before any piece of metal reaches Japanese shores.
  2. Run to hide under concrete. Do you know military hideouts such as bunkers etc are made of concrete? Concrete has actually power to withhold any major blow to it. So, run underground or look for a strong concrete structure under which you can hide.
  3. Hide under a wooden table with your hands over your head. This way you can protect any concrete fallings. The head is the most important part that needs to be protected in case of an emergency.
  4. Keep oxygen bottles in your apartment or office. You can actually survive under concrete debris if the impact is not that strong and you manage to get enough oxygen until you are rescued.
  5. Buy an air purifier that could actually filter any kind of radiation. For example, purifiers containing some type of activated charcoal could actually limit the effects of radiation on our bodies by absorbing the radioactive elements in the air. If you could not afford such room purifiers, you could atleast get a gas mask. The demand for these is actually growing exponentially in Japan according to online shopping websites such as Rakuten.
  6. After you have been rescued and the resources made available, follow a strict diet plan. Use kelp in your diet so that your iodine levels will be back to normal. Use Chlorox to clean your surroundings and eat fruits rich in Pectin such as Apples.

Emergency Alert System in Japan
Emergency Alert System in Japan | Source

Some Japanese companies such as Shelter Co., are turning average homes into missile-proof hideouts by creating cost effective and creative underground basement designs. Anyway, you might think it is all just a hype and paranoia, but it is always good to be well informed rather than ignorant about something so substantial. Diplomatic tactics and sanctions could work when it comes to restricting North Korea from pursuing any irrational attack on its neighbors. However, a North Korean aggression should concern not just Japan, but also every other country in Asia and the Trans-Pacific Neighborhood.

© 2017 Yashwanth Kumar


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