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The Jews Should Know Better: The Burning of Mohammed Khdeir

Updated on July 8, 2014
Mohammed's funeral
Mohammed's funeral
Tariq before the brutal beating by Israeli police
Tariq before the brutal beating by Israeli police
Riots on Thursday
Riots on Thursday
Tariq's pummeling by Israeli police
Tariq's pummeling by Israeli police
After the American was beaten
After the American was beaten
Hell from above
Hell from above
The Israeli Iron Dome defense from incoming Hamas rockets
The Israeli Iron Dome defense from incoming Hamas rockets

I guess, in a morbid way, it would have been better had the six Israelis who had kidnapped Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a teenager from Gaza, had actually murdered him first before making him a human bonfire. As horrid as that is, it is far worse to beat him brutally and then while he is still alive, set him afire.

It was all revenge by the six sick Israelis, now arrested. The revenge is for the three Israeli teens who were also murdered and recently found rotting in a field. The six Jews range from 16 to 25 yrs. old and from the ultra-orthodox sect. Witnesses state they saw Mohammed kidnapped and forced into a car by six men. Now, rockets and airstrikes go to and from Israel and Gaza. Each creating more tension and higher responses. Now, the Israeli military is involved for retaliation from the rockets from Gaza. It never ends.

As Hamas, a terrorist group in Gaza, fires more rockets into Israel, the PM of Israel tries to make this a criminal law matter by stating his disgust with such a crime. It is worse than just killing a person who dies instantly. Mohammed was beaten and burned alive. Soot was found inside his lungs indicating he was still breathing while on fire. Such a cowardly act. Yet, despite the apparent apology of the Israeli PM, the Palestinians don't care and allows Hamas to ignite even more horror and death.

But it gets even worse.

There is another teen, Tariq Khdeir, an American citizen, a high school student from Tampa, FL. He was visiting his cousin, Mohammed Khdeir. Yes, the teen burned alive. His involvement is murky about the turmoil of Thursday in East Jerusalem. Tariq was visiting his Palestinian cousin for the first time. He had never left America before. His mother and Tariq are American. To think Tariq would be savagely beaten by Israeli police after being seized adds to the disgust and anger. Israeli police beat and kicked him severely as they were being filmed. Tariq was handcuffed and helpless as Israeli police kicked him in the head. He did not resist. Once unconscious, police dragged him into the police car and arrested.

Of course, Americans come in all colors, shapes and races. It is hard to profile an American many times. Had Israeli police known he was an American citizen, he probably would have been just arrested. Now, the U.S. Embassy and State Department are involved and protecting him. Once Israeli officials found out he was American, things totally changed for Tariq. For one, he got the best medical treatment. He got the Israeli government to investigate the police who beat him savagely. Had he not been American, he most likely would have died from his severe wounds while in jail.

Tariq is now on house arrest until an investigation occurs. He was due to fly back to the USA in another week. Even if the investigation reveals that Tariq had tossed some rocks at Israeli police, it does not warrant such a brutal beating. These men should be arrested and charged.

War is the result of all this tinderbox. The Israelis have launched its, Operation Protective Edge, because of the rockets from Gaza. Israeli airstrikes hit targets in Gaza. Hamas plans to use rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv, they have about 100 of them from Iran. The Israeli airstrikes are pinpoint objectives on suspected Hamas targets hidden within civilian areas. Thus, more innocent victims will result and creating a snowball of anger from Palestinians.

It is a gradual escalation into war. It all began with the three murdered Israeli teens. Then, the revenge killing of Mohammed Khdeir who was burned alive. Then, the American Palestinian, Tariq being brutally beaten and caught on video. Then, in revenge, Hamas, starts firing its rockets into Israel and retaliation comes form the Israeli air force.

Talk about hopelessness.The cycle repeats into war.

The brutal beating of an American


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    • profile image

      Louis 3 years ago

      Aliens were behind the murder. They are trying to further destabilize that region before they begin their conquest of Earth. It's so obvious, it's sickening. They think we are too stupid to see it.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      And the worst is yet to come....

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 3 years ago from Singapore

      Its a very complex situation. In case the existence of a race is threatened anything can happen. This problem is not going to end easily. The Hamas and other such groups would have reacted worse.

    • Iakovos Alhadeff profile image

      Iakovos Alhadeff 3 years ago

      The socialist anti-Semitic myth of "out of thin air money creation"