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The Joe Biden-Tara Reade Sexual Assault of 1993

Updated on April 25, 2020
Tara Reade 1993
Tara Reade 1993
Joe Biden 1993
Joe Biden 1993

If you were to watch CNN, you might never hear about it because they are anti-Trump and this story rings true. If you were to watch Fox, you are hearing this story and wondering if it is all just BS and smear tactics from a woman with an agenda. But, does having a POTUS who was a womanizer and used his power to bed willing and not so willing suspects (remember, Trump did say he could even grab their pussy) any better than another one with touchy, inappropriate, hands? Or worse?

The Case of Tara Reade

Joe Biden has run for president twice before, in 1988 and 2008. His first attempt ended in a plagiarism scandal and other lies, such as, graduating at the top of his law class, when it was the bottom 10%. However, the Reade event has been around for decades since it occurred in 1993. At the time, Tara told her mom and other associates who worked for Senator Biden. Her friends told her to remain quiet because nothing would happen except herself being fired from the Biden staff. Her mom suggested she report it to the police. Tara also recalled how her mother had told her that she had called into the Larry King show that year to discuss the matter with Larry's guests. Ironically, the Larry King show was on CNN! Yet, for some odd reason, CNN never looked for the archived footage even after Reade's sexual assault story was retold. Adding to mystery is that Joe Biden has been on CNN many times and has never directly asked about the allegation. However, the campaign does state it is totally false.

What Happened?

Tara was instructed to deliver Joe's gym bag to him down in the basement of the Senate building. He greeted her and without much chit chat, shoved her against the wall and his hands went from her blouse top down to her skirt and up inside where his fingers penetrated her vagina (finger bang) while he was kissing her. He paused and asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else. Then, suddenly, as if he regained composure, he pulled away and said, " Come on, man, I heard you liked me". Tara just stood in shock. Biden than said, " You mean nothing to me", and walked out of the room.

Tara, when her mother had told her about calling in on the Larry King show, was furious with her at the time. But her mother only alluded to the encounter by saying that her daughter worked for a prominent senator and could not resolve problems within the office staff and chose not to go to the press out of respect for him.

Just Smoke?

Why, after all these years, did this just get revealed? Tara could have brought it up in the 2008 campaign. There is some authenticity in the allegation. What he said to her sounds like what Biden would say after rejection. All her friends who worked with her in 1993 on the Biden staff recall Tara's story in varying degrees and the consensus then was that if reported, nothing would happen except job loss. If Tara did complain to her superiors, none of them recall her doing this, although they recall her. But the thing that does support her story is her now deceased mom who phoned into the Larry King show in August 1993. You can hear her mother allude to something wrong with her daughter working for a prominent senator. Since Tara knew of this happening, the actual video of it confirms it so many years later.

Also, Tara is not Republican. She hates Trump. She will not vote for him in 2020, yet, she cannot bring herself to vote for Biden, for obvious reasons, which is why she was planning to go with Sanders. But, CNN is obviously being soft on Biden by not even asking him or dealing with the topic and the show was on CNN for years.

I tend to to believe her. Shit happens. Maybe this was just a one off for Biden during a time of discontent for him. Look at Clinton having sex in the WH closet and lying directly to the American people on TV. What if Biden chooses a woman for VP and it comes out that she had an affair with a married man and lied about it? Or worse, with another woman?

I still plan to vote for Biden.


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