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The Justice System

Updated on February 28, 2015

What is the Justice system? The justice system practices and institutions of government directed at upholding social deterring and mitigating crimes to those who violate crimes . Do the system protects the rights of the poor, is the system bias.

What crime17 year-old Trayvon martin commit? Martin was spied on and gunned down by George Zimmerman for walking to his father house, after a trip to a near-by store

Twelve men and women took and oath to be impartial to all the evidences placed before them, they violated the rights of Trayvon Martin. The grand jury was responsible for a George Zimmerman to walk out a courthouse in Florida acquitted without charges.

The System protected the rights of George Zimmerman placing all the blame on and unarmed 17 year old unharmed Afro-American high School boy, where is Justice for Martin. The system failed Martin and Brown; two different shooting with the same verdict handed out by a Grand jury. George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson both killed unarmed Afro- American and was freed. Do the just system really works for the poor?


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      CalebSparks 4 years ago

      This was not a hub...this was a silly rant.