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The Justice We Seek

Updated on October 22, 2013

Based on True Events

It is with a heavy heart that I write this as no amount of time can ever erase the turmoil my wife and I face on a daily basis. With every thought, memory and photo you are only reminded of the injustice plaguing your family, and the carelessness in which our situation was handled. Take a second to imagine. You are a parent anticipating in meeting your child for a day of shopping for an impending vacation. Then imagine your child never showing up or calling. The last call you did receive early that day is now the last time you ever hear your child’s voice and then jump forward to 19 years spent trying to find the people responsible for taking that voice away from you.

You see my story begins like this. In 1991, our only child Kelly Thompson, was brutally murdered in her apartment just hours before she was to meet her mother. That meeting, of course never took place because Kelly was maliciously stabbed 33 times and had her throat slit. With her parents now having to deal with the murder of their only child, Kelly, but also the inconceivable way in which she was murdered. Beyond normal grief and bereavement, we’ve also had to digest the gross miscarriage of justice due to the manner in which the case was also handled.

My daughter’s murder occurred in her very own apartment which was in a building that not only had surveillance cameras but had at least 8 units per floor. You would think that if a young woman was stabbed 33 times, at least every tenant on her floor as well as the units above and below where she lived would be interviewed or questioned but that didn’t happen. You would then assume that the investigating officers would request the video surveillance tapes, but that wasn’t the case either. During the initial investigation, the police officers assigned to the case only knocked on one door on her floor.

In the interim, nothing was done at the scene of the crime other than taking pictures of the bloody apartment, images of my Kelly’s butchered body and an officer’s report of the incident and the notes gathered upon the interview of the one tenant on Kelly’s floor.

Due to the severity of all this, and the emotional duress and trauma from the horrific loss of their grandchild, my mother and grandmother lost their will to live and passed away seven months later. Meanwhile, to make matters worse my family began to receive death threats, and Kelly’s grave was being desecrated. We advised the authorities since we were under the impression the case was still under investigation to no avail. The authorities never even bothered to visit the cemetery or take our complaints seriously.

With all that was going on. The loss of my only child, the passing of my mother and grandmother months later and the desecration of my daughter’s gravesite sent me into a dark place. I tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions, and I intentionally impoverished myself by becoming homeless, sleeping on rooftops and or abandoned cars.

This went on for months, until a divine intervention occurred. I stumbled upon a newspaper article about a man being shot two times in the back of his head. Do you know who that man was? He was none other than the brother of whom we felt was the primary suspect in my daughter’s murder. It so happens, he was killed on the same month and day my daughter was murdered, (Sept. 10th.) At that moment I realized that our prayers have been answered and I now needed to snap out of it. My daughter had given me a sign to wake up and continue my fight for justice.

The chain of events that followed opened even more doors than I could have ever imagined. My older brother’s daughter appeared on the Montell Williams show to reunite with her father. This young woman’s birthday was the exact same day as Kelly’s, November 30th. She was also 23 (the age Kelly was when she was murdered). I just had to meet this young lady and in so doing as we got to know one another, I told her about her cousin’s murder.

Shortly thereafter, I found out that a famous psychic, Sylvia Brown would be appearing on the Montell Williams show. My niece then reached out to the producers of the show and managed to get us on air with the hope that we would be able to acquire some more insight. My wife and I had the opportunity to share with Sylvia Brown our daughter’s murder and she offered us multiple visions that provided details that I felt were important.

I then decided to do more research and pulled news articles which led me to find out that there were seven other murders of young girls who were raped and chopped up by Aaron McGee, a Serial Rapist who preyed upon unsuspecting minors and all cases reported were within a two block radius from Kelly’s apartment building, and was covered or being investigated by the same precinct that mishandled Kelly’s case. The articles referenced the parents of the victims and the outrage they felt due to the lackadaisical manner in which the officers went about investigating the murders.

At this point I felt it was necessary for me to reach out to someone who would listen to my story. I then reached out to the three people I thought would be a bit more compassionate about the issues plaguing our community. I sent detailed packages of my daughter’s case, which included newspaper clippings, and a copy of the Sylvia Brown segment to the offices of Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Calvin Butts and Fernando Ferrer who was then running for Mayor in 2001.

Out of the three packages sent only Fernando Ferrer replied and asked, “How can I help you?” Since he was running for Mayor he was able to set up a meeting with a detective at the precinct. When I had the opportunity to ask my own questions and view the crime photos taken at the scene I found out there was significant DNA evidence. My daughter had the hair of her murderer lodged between her fingers, yet this evidence was never sent to forensics. The autopsy also proved there were two people involved. One man, and one woman based on the wounds.

As you can only imagine I couldn’t believe what I saw. At the time another Detective had taken over the case, and he too was in disbelief. I surely thought we were going to re-open the case, but once again I was disillusioned. Throughout all of this I found out my daughter’s case was never even referred to the ADA. No one from the District Attorney’s office was involved and Fernando Ferrer never made it to office so once again I became a thing of the past. The message I was trying to get across posed as a liability and it has now been ten years. In my frustration I reached out to the Attorney General’s office, and the Civil Rights Division and the letters were indeed read, but no action was taken.

My beautiful daughter, my only child’s murder didn’t even pass the muster of due process. The failure of the precinct to not act on the physical evidence or use the DNA obtained is a dereliction of duty and a depraved indifference by not responding; not to mention a blatant obstruction of justice. My child to them wasn’t worth the effort. I now ask myself did the police and the public defender ever look at the file closely? My guess is no, because my daughter’s murderer is still out there.

The investigation of my child’s murder was in shambles from the beginning and still is to date. The case may be considered a cold case to them, but to us it is a living hell. We’ve dealt with the loss, the desecration of her final resting place and the time since as best we could but we still don’t have peace. As a parent, if you are a parent please take note and consider the way this case was mishandled by reading the following:

· failure of the police to interview more than one tenant

· failure to review the surveillance tapes

· failure to send physical evidence to forensics

· failure to run biological testing on the DNA obtained

· failure to follow up on the desecration of her grave

· failure of the Attorney General/Civil Rights Division to follow up

As a parent you can only determine that I demand justice in the name of my murdered daughter Kelly, and hereby request that her file be re-opened and that her case be re-investigated. The desecration of my daughter’s grave continued for fifteen years and always on Mother’s Day or Christmas. It was totally unfair practice on behalf of the police department handling the case for being so careless and not handling the case as they should have, and so now I feel compelled to share my story once more in hopes that no one else would ever have to endure the indifference we have dealt with for the past nineteen years.

It is my strong feeling that black on black crimes in this city are viewed as not being important enough for a complete and thorough investigation. The Aaron McGee case just solidified that notion when I became aware that they had him in custody and later released him due to insufficient evidence against him. Another failure on their part as once free he struck again and victim number seven surfaced.

As a parent who adored, and loved his only child I will not rest until the culprit is behind bars and only then will I let this go. It has been a long and drained out battle to be heard and seek true justice but we will prevail and the NYC police department that handled this case should also be scrutinized. My daughter may have lived in a neighborhood that harbored drug dealers, addicts and such but she didn’t deserve to be treated like this. The police officers should’ve had a bit more compassion towards us and the investigation should’ve been handled as if the child was their own. If they had used these practices who knows what the outcome may have been, but this father knows and has a renewed passion to see this through. My daughter’s murder will not be in vain and I will never give up until justice is served.

On Behalf of Jay & Sheila Thompson

The contents above were written to assist a friend and his family who are still to date troubled by the way this particular case was handled and the grief they still carry with them which is as strong today as it was the day they lost their only child in 1991.

My heart truly goes out to this family and I can only hope that someday they can each find the peace and the closure they so desperately need.

© 2010 one2recognize2


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    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 

      9 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      What a terrible tragedy.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      10 years ago from South Africa

      Justice is a human right and I feel so much for this father. I have a somewhat similar story of justice denied through the lack of caring on the part of the police. Maybe should write it up also. Thanks anyway for sharing this agonising story. It deserves to be widely read.

      Love and peace


    • one2recognize2 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New York

      Thank you msorenson for your heartfelt remark. This piece refers to a grieving father I just became acquainted with because he wanted this story told once more and hopefully get some assistance with the closure he and his wife most certainly need. It is sad to say the authorities involved didn't do their share of investigating this case appropriately but like Paul so eloquently stated, it is easy to forget you are dealing with people when it comes to cases such as these. Thank you and I appreciate both of your comments.

    • paul_gibsons profile image


      10 years ago from Gibsons, BC, Canada

      what can I say.... we all so often forget in our work, especially professionals, that we are dealing with people and not just cases... a solitary reminder. Thank you for this.

    • msorensson profile image


      10 years ago

      Oh...I can feel the anguish and the anger that you feel.

      If humans only knew how deeply connected we are to each other, we would never even think of harming another lifeform, much more so another human being.

      In truth, we all share everything so I can tell you that your sorrows are mine as well. There are no isolated incidences.

      My heart goes out to you, one2recognize2 and I will pray that you find peace.



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