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The Kashmir Issue!!

Updated on January 22, 2017

What is the Kashmir issue .......
It's of the local politicians their shop
Which for them is doing business hot
Our of the market they do not want it to drop
The separatist leaders make sure to keep the issue alive
Assuring no solution to it does ever arrive
As doing so from the centre money and importance they derive
Being anti national the kashmiri does not pay tax
On government expense he does sit back and relax
In state governance there's obvious lapse
As they do hail the Pakistani flag
Of this nation being traitors they have a tag
From across the boarders they are paid to protest
To pelt stones at the forces and create unrest
The very nation on which they totally depend they detest
Since independence the Kashmir territory lies disputed
For agitation and unrest it's reputed
Gone are it's days of glory
Now it's left with a history that is gory
Now all that I feel for it is sorry !



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