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The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation

Updated on October 1, 2018

President Trump stated he wanted a full and comprehensive but limited FBI investigation into the sexual assault and near rape of Ms. Ford by Brett Kavanaugh, his Supreme Court nominee. Just to get this far, after all of the hearings and hoopla in testimony, was like "pulling"teeth. It was only when a Republican senator was trapped in an elevator by leftist women regarding this sexual attack that things finally steered in the proper direction, that is, let the FBI find out and end it once it for all.

However, many fear that when it is all over, the Republicans and Democrats will face the situation still. That is because there is uncertainty about who is controlling the FBI. Some indicate that Trump is (i.e., the White House), others, including Trump hints that the Republican committee is limiting what the FBI can pursue and who they can talk to. If it is either the WH or the Republicans restricting what the FBI can investigate and follow-up on, then, it smells of some sort of facade of investigating whether Kavanaugh did try to rape Ms. Ford way back in 1981 (mostly likely around July 1st, according to Kavanaugh's own calendar). If this is what it ends up being, that the FBI could not talk to anyone outside of what Trump or his Republican senators want them to talk to, the investigation will just be a scam to get those few Republicans who want more assurance that Kavanaugh is "clean" from this sex allegation, to vote for his confirmation. The other side and many Americans will once again be shown that the Republicans and Trump cannot be trusted because they simply want to push their own agenda.

On the other hand, if the FBI truly can talk to anyone within the scope of this investigation, including those other women who have alleged similar sex crimes, former college classmates who reveal that Kavanaugh lied about his alcohol consumption and blacking out, or other facts, then, the investigation is legitimate. Already, several former classmates have indicated that Kavanaugh lied about his college drinking days. Which leads to the next issue, should he still be on the Supreme Court or barred? We are just talking about the drinking. Naturally, if the FBI corroborates Ford's facts, Kavanaugh is out. Even if there is a scintilla of proof he did this, he is out. But, what about the drinking? Kavanaugh seems to have lied about his heavy alcohol drinking. Would this be enough for Trump to withdraw his name? After all, if a judge can lie while on the stand, should he be barred from the Supreme Court? How would the current justices on this court react to having a person who lied? Would Kavanaugh be punished for these lies he made under penalty of perjury?

The investigation, at the end of the day, will be given to the WH first, then the Republican senate committee. The WH could easily remove some of the FBI results that do not favor Kavanaugh without anyone knowing a thing. Even the committee could do the same, to a lesser degree. The process is flawed. The FBI should provide the findings to all parties simultaneously in order to be fair and to avoid entities from removing information.

As it is now, with suspicion so high on this nomination, the FBI investigation will be another exercise in futility at getting to the truth. Nothing changes, and Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court and very tainted. Will he still be able to be non-political after all this?



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