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The Killing of Clinton or Trump

Updated on August 24, 2016

With so much distaste for either candidate in the 2016 Presidential election, America and the world do not have a good choice. Extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, as Trump hinted at, might take things into their own hands. When Trump alluded to this in a recent speech, many immediately thought what this title suggests, especially those who staunchly support NRA manifests because it is their “right” to own guns. Of course, Trump claimed he was not inferring to that, but sidestepped it by saying he was talking about NRA members voting in huge numbers to prevent her from being elected.

What if the horror does occur? That, either candidate is murdered before the election by a terrorist under Islam, by a wacko NRA member, by a lone wolf on the far left, by a woman hater, or by any other persuasion?

Talk about political intrigue. What would happen to the election? Postponed or stopped? What would the impact be on the nation and world? How would President Obama handle this, how long would his presidency continue? Who would replace either candidate? Would another primary season have to be redone?

While it would be horrific for sure, what if the REALLY bad scenario happens, that both candidates are killed in some manner? Either by a single terrorist attack during a debate or separately before the election?

What would happen? Perhaps the Libertarian Party or the Green Party candidates would continue? Doubtful. Neither has more than 10% of support and it would seem so unfair to not have a new Republican and Democratic candidate, perhaps, the election would continue with the vice president candidates? But would this be accepted by the American people? I mean, if none of this happens, and Trump or Clinton are elected and then assassinated while in office, the VP would then become President. The net effect would be the same.

As the election looms closer, the more bitter and ugly it is becoming between them. Trump and Clinton are both ugly Americans for different reasons and 50% of America thinks this way. Emotions run high among many voters and while this scenario is remote, it is still there.

Who would have thought 9\11 could have occurred even as millions watched it happen? Nobody saw that coming.


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