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The Last Bastion of Legal Murder In America

Updated on January 22, 2019
questions posers profile image

A Voyce was married to a smoker for 20 years and saw first hand what the effects truly are in both adults and children.

Murder doesn't always include a knife or gun

This is just as deadly as a bullet
This is just as deadly as a bullet | Source

The definition of murder

First Degree Murder: An unlawful killing that both willful and premeditated. In some states, Malice Aforethought may be an element of first degree murder. This is generally described as an evil disposition or purpose and an indifference to human life.

Second Degree Murder: This is generally described as a non-premeditated killing of another person which may or may not include malice or ill will.

For the purposes of this article, we will confine ourselves to these two definitions. I intend to prove to you today, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that millions of Americans charged with the general well being and care of others are in fact guilty of one of these charges every single day, that our Government in complicit in their crimes, that huge sums of money are invested in these crimes and that people you know and love are guilty of attempted murder.

It might even be you. How you react to this information could determine the future of both yourselves and your loved ones.

Is this you? Murderer!
Is this you? Murderer! | Source

What do I mean?

So, what do I mean when I say legal murder is attempted? First let us think on the definitions stated above. The taking of another's life through means which could be either premeditated or not, willful, indifferent and/or with malice. Basically, you could say that this indicates that a person who is acting in a careless, uncaring, or selfish manner to the point of not taking steps to eliminate a known cause or factor in shortening another's life is guilty of attempted murder. Do you agree? Say, if someone knows that a certain car is unsafe because they did something to it or are aware of an unsafe condition, causing it to lose its brakes or steering and another person driving it unaware of that condition wrecks and dies, or kills someone else walking or driving another car. Or perhaps a person shoots a gun in a neighborhood and kills someone after the projectile travels through a house and kills someone within. We hear examples of this almost daily on the news so these are simple examples of what the law considers to be murder in one aspect or another.

But what if someone knowingly and intentionally places another person in harms way multiple times a day, exposing them to harmful agents such as Agent Orange? Our Government did this in times past and is reaping the costs now, albeit grudgingly. Or those reports of our soldiers in post WWII times being involved with nuclear tests, exposed to lethal doses of radiation? Could that be considered attempted murder? Lawsuits continue to this day concerning these examples, with no end in sight.

But what I am speaking of today is more heinous than either of these examples because it is routinely practiced upon the most innocent of victims, children. It takes place millions of times each and every day with the knowledge and approval of almost every municipality in our country.

Smoking in the presence of children.

Be it in the house, car, or elsewhere smokers are subjecting children to known dangerous and carcinogen loaded vapors which are proven to create death in persons who breathe in the second-hand smoke from those who are smoking in their presence.

Yet this is legal. Why?

Why is it acceptable to trap babies in child seats, driving in cars with the windows rolled up and filled with the noxious poisons of those who are smoking cigarettes in said cars? It has been made illegal to smoke in buildings, in public domain locations such as courtrooms, restaurants and such. One cannot smoke on a plane, traveling from one place to another. Yet it is conveniently forgotten that in these instances adults are the people no longer being victimized by the thoughtlessness of those who choose to smoke while those who have no voice whatsoever, the children of smokers, are still not only at risk but are literally given what could be construed as a sentence of death by those who supposedly care for them, their parents.

Is this you? Guilty of premediated murder.
Is this you? Guilty of premediated murder. | Source


Why is it illegal to purchase cigarettes for a person under eighteen years of age cigarettes yet perfectly acceptable to hold someone that age and younger hostage within an enclosed environment with no chance to escape? Why is it illegal to supply alcohol to a minor yet legal to carry an infant in one hand while carrying a burning, smoldering stick of death in the other, often holding the child up to the shoulder while the cigarette is smoldering in the lips of that same person inches from that child's face?

Why is it that those charged with caring for their loved one are found to be innocent of attempting to kill them by smoking in their presence, often blowing smoke in their faces? How can a parent care so little for their child that they attempt to kill them with cigarettes multiple times daily? Is this the definition of love they prescribe to?

Every day of my adult life I have seen this occur. Every single day. In cars, in public, everywhere I go it is in evidence yet never once have I seen anyone approach the person smoking and confront them. No police are called, no child services brought in. The single most innocent of people, those without a voice to speak or someone to speak for them, daily are left to fend for themselves by the single most selfish of humanity, the smokers themselves. They do not care that they are killing anyone, least of all their child. To them, nothing matters but their disgusting habit.

How do we live with ourselves? How can we call ourselves civilized? How can we raise money for the starving in Africa, how can we give to charities which attempt to alleviate the suffering of children across the globe yet continue to ignore our own children?

How can we trust a Government which accepts what may as well be termed bribes by Big Tobacco and turn a blind eye towards their continued attempts at murdering our children?

Vaping, and E-cigarettes

The newest form of this disgusting habit are electronic cigarettes, and the vapors they issue. Flavored, if you can believe that. Grape, cherry any flavor you can think of. Loaded with nicotine and just as addictive as cigarettes are. Again, supposedly illegal for those beneath the age of eighteen yet apparently in the hands of youths across America.

How? How do they get them? Do they steal them? From stores or elders? Or are they purchasing them from the store, from a clerk who just doesn't give a damn? Or are they being purchased for them by other smokers, family members or friends? I haven't heard a single word on the news about how they are getting them, just that they are smoking them in ever increasing numbers which are approaching epidemic numbers.

Add to this epidemic is the fact that smoking e-cigs leads teens to other issues including a higher chance of smoking cigarettes themselves and other drugs beyond nicotine, such as meth and cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Doubt this? Fact check me: look it up. I dare you.

The FDA is reportedly looking into eliminating them from the market if teen ecig smoker numbers do not cease their unchecked rise. And believe it or not, those who smoke these ridiculous things are defending them, saying that if they are eliminated they will just go back to smoking cigarettes. Rather than recognize their effect on them and society and stop, they will just switch back to the other thing and continue blithely on, polluting themselves with death and expecting the rest of society to care for them when they contract emphysema or the now popular moniker COPD.

How very sad and disgusting all at the same time.

So, where do you stand? Do you agree that smoking in the immediate presence of a child is willful indifference to their life? Can you agree that this is no different that exposing a child to crack or meth, either smoking or making it in the house where a child is? That is at least endangering the welfare of a child at least in the eyes of the law. Do you agree that this should be construed as malice aforethought, of a brazen, intentional, premeditated attempt to present a dangerous and deadly substance to an innocent individual with no chance whatsoever of escaping the effects and death sentence supplied by cigarettes any more than one who supplies a child with an illegal drug such as cocaine or heroin? Are you one of the millions who smoke in the presence of your child without giving a single thought to their safety? Do you make sure your child is buckled in when driving? Protect them from bullies, from harm each and every day, harm that exists just outside of our doorsteps in the form of abductors, of child molesters? Feed them balanced meals every day? Wash their clothes, make sure they attend school, help them across the street yet blow smoke in their faces at home and in the car? Bring them in close for a hug against your filthy, nicotine laden clothes which would cause a pig to hold its breath? Profess to love and protect them even as you intentionally plot their death by your continued smoking, knowing the proof is there, definitive proof that leaves no doubt to the possibility, nay the probability of your killing them with your habit, either directly or indirectly by introducing to them the habit itself via embryonic means or by blowing smoke into their faces ? And if you are one of those millions, how can you possibly believe in your love for your child? How can you possibly look at yourself in the mirror and say that you would give up your life for your child? That is what we as parents routinely tell ourselves, that we would die before allowing harm to come to our child, that we would give up our lives for our children. Because if you are a person who smokes in the presence of your child, a person who goes home each night with carcinogens on your cloths, your hair, your breath and subjects your child to those poisons...

You Are A Liar. To yourself. To your child. If you truly care, you will not smoke. It is as simple as that. If you smoke, you do not care. You can't.

© 2019 A Voyce


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    • questions posers profile imageAUTHOR

      A Voyce 

      14 months ago from America

      Thank you Angel. I intended this to be direct and harsh, it is time we answer for our actions.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      14 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Smoking has got stigmatized so much in the past two decades. It is proven to over time complicate your life. Your article is pretty direct and harsh. I hate seeing kids inhaling second hand smoke.


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