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The Last Conservative

Updated on August 2, 2012
Image credit: rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo

house divided stuff

It is hard to know exactly where the divide is between conservative and liberal, but conservative blowhards have been attacking the latter for a long while. A liberal according to the definition of a conservative probably does not exist. But the election of Mitt Romney, if this is November's outcome, very well might signal a sea change in America. With conservatives of every stamp strewn all over in positions of power and influence, meaningful dialogue would be unthinkable. There would be no use talking. A conservative America that excludes everyone who has a problem with it cannot endure. The politics of intolerance is insupportable. Beyond that, it is anybody's guess as to what would happen or should in the event that the upcoming election and its aftermath develops into a red-state putsch.

If conservative forces decide somewhere down the line to cut liberals out of the larger picture, the exact course of action is not immediately clear. Nevertheless, one can predict how thinking on the left might evolve. None of the august institutions or offices held or controlled by conservatives, for instance, need be automatically revered. Not if abuse of power and population control are at issue. Instead, all titles that once commanded respect and/or confidence would undergo re-evaluation. After all, if King George had looked out for our best interests we would still be singing the praises of crowned heads. But this is not the case, and with a president in office who turns his back on those who voted against him, the presidency will likely become overnight a song left unsung to match the one not sung about the English monarchy.

On the other hand, Barack Obama has been steadily accused of betraying his mandate by moving lock stock and barrel to the left of the spectrum. Clearly, he remains in the middle, from where he has not stirred. Few have any inkling what a true left looks or feels like in America. Usually it is associated with provocative song lyrics, overdoses, and revolting movies, and these are the faults of poor lyricists, bad judgment, and sick minds, not a political agenda. In reality, the left is merely the front door, the way to the future, not the backdoor, that looks only upon the past, which, over time, gets golder and golder the more it is gilded. This is not to say that Obama is the last hope of Americans who truly love freedom, and not just the word as it rolls off a radio-jockey's forked tongue. But a vote for Romney could give the nod to right-wingers to take their directives to a new and unwanted level.

To be sure, Romney is presidential and an excellent candidate. He does not have to prove he is Christian. But is it so desirable to have a nation of people who see eye to eye on all topics thanks to this one understanding called conservatism? Not so very long ago it seemed impossible that those who, against the grain, buttoned down their shirts and pulled up their socks, could become such steamrollers. But their time came. Now liberals must ponder whether or not they really want to be bullied and taunted for an eternity. Moreover, the notion that conservatives will go so far and no farther is a policy of appeasement that cannot be entertained.

Naturally, conservatives will protest. But they will do so too much. They are aggressive enough, but deep down, what are their convictions? Yesteryear's noble conservative is as archaic as a Mohegan. The newer brand is worrisome. They look the part in suits and ties but what dwells within? All the same, they are winning. Democrats, who once commanded the votes of diverse citizens nationwide, have lost the hearts and minds of the middle class. It prefers the false security of conservatism over and above any ideal. Nonetheless, the non-conservative will not change or be dealt out of the game. To him or her, it is worth the try to bring about improvements despite no immediate pay-off. As far as conservatives are concerned, Romney could very well be the last one before the storm, if in November America votes to roll over.


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