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The Lion that Squeaked

Updated on December 4, 2012


The Master or the Pet?
The Master or the Pet? | Source


After the upgrading of Palestine, by the United Nations, to a non member State, Israel immediately said that they would build 3,000 new houses on Palestinian soil.

This not only showed disrespect to Palestine but also displayed a total disregard for the United Nations.

Several nations instantly voiced their disdain at Israel’s actions, some European States even considering the removal of the Israeli Ambassadors from their countries.

President Obama, of the United States, also voiced his displeasure at the Israeli statement.

Israel though remains unrepentant and insists that it will continue with its stated plans, regardless of world opinion.

This behavior comes as no surprise to many, as Israel is responsible for ignoring more UN initiatives and rulings than any other country, including Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Many though, may be surprised that Israel ignores the voice of the United States, after all it is the United States that arms, finances and protects Israel.

United States

The United States is supposedly the leader of the free world and the most powerful nation on the planet.

That should therefore make President Obama the most powerful man in the world but does it?

Why would Israel be unconcerned with ignoring this “giant” of a man?

The truth is that Obama is just the face of the beast.

He is the puppet to the rich American elitists that really make the decisions.

Israel knows that Obama’s statement was no more powerful than a whisper in the wind, a mere act in order to appease world opinion.

Israel, like Obama, knows that the American elite’s ties to Israel and Saudi Arabia are far too great to allow the United States to make any real impact on the Israeli statement.

No Change

Perhaps the only country that has the potential to sway Israelis decision is the United States but they won’t.

It is perhaps a little ironic that in the “jungle” of the world, the self proclaimed tamer of the beasts (the US) cannot even keep its pet on a leash.

Perhaps that analogy is wrong!

Of the United States and Israel: Which is the master and which is the pet?


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