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The Lynching Game of Ku Klux Klan Republicans Against Hillary Clinton

Updated on July 28, 2015
KKK Republicans
KKK Republicans

The Confusion and Manipulation of Big Data by Republican Ku Klux Klan

Here we go again with the Hillary Clinton Server Game. Frankly the Republicans need to be sued by the people of the United States of America for the extraordinary waste of time and money spent over a non-issue.

  • Did Hillary Clinton do the right thing by wiping her server (if that is indeed the case because we can't really trust the media or Fox News)? Yes. Why would you hand over an email server when you have a bunch of Republicans that have nothing better to do than to manipulate the electronic data and then feed it to the media as fact?

I think that going after Hillary Clinton, is yet another tunnel vision, OCD game, which the Republicans are hoping to play, just like the long list of scandal games that they played with former US Attorney General Eric Holder. These games never amount to anything except an astronomical waste of the public and media's time, resources and money.

First of all, Hillary Clinton and the US State Dept had NOTHING to do with anything that went on with Libya and the death of an ambassador. From what I understand, according to the reports that were previously released, it was the FBI running these careless international games and even a CIA Agent, was in shock that the intel community (CIA) was having to take a back seat to law enforcement, when it came to international dealings. Since when is the FBI qualified to be the CIA? They think that they are, along with Congress, since they all have access to data (which may or may not be true, virgin and non-manipulated).

  • This technology that has put certain politicians and government agencies, onto the same ladder steps, as the CIA; frankly has the NYPD and any pig cop force from Anywhere USA, thinking that they have the same intel training as the CIA or US State Dept.

This shady and blurred-line effect of NSA spy snooping, has frankly put an aspect of protocol, that was monopolized by the CIA, into the hands of every GED Boss Hog Sheriff and as a result, when something goes wrong in the international arena the firist place that the media looks to pin the blame; is on our intelligence community.

When everything goes right, we see everyone from NYPD Top Cop, William Bratton, to FBI to Congressman Sniff-Around-Scooby-Doo wanting to take credit but whenever something goes, or is being perceived, as having gone wrong; we quickly jump back to the CIA, US State Dept or even the British Intel Community, as having to take all the blame.

If we don't want to keep having these accountability problems, then someone needs to clarify, who has access to what intelligence and who has access to what data-collection mechanism tools. We even have political operatives, that now appear to think that they are CIA and can over throw Putin? It's quite comical.

  • As of right now, personal data of Americans, government agents and agencies are a free-for-all; for not just foreign hostile powers like Russia/China, temp contractors like Ed Snowden but also for some Klan Affiliated political operative and even people that do radio/news shows. It's a threat, not just to our national security, but also to the security of our allies like the UK, Germany and Saudi Arabia. This is why Western Europe and even aspects of the U.K., no longer trust the United States. Getting in bed with the United States, is always a bad idea, unless you want endless games and massive screw-ups. It was the U.S. that allowed the Soviets and Putin to gain access to powerful and high tech inner secrets.

Would I turn over my email server if I was Hillary Clinton, to people that clearly hate me? Absolutely not! Because even if nothing is on the email server, it is only a matter of time before this email server is given to the Ku Klux Klan Arm of the Republican Party and people like Karl Rove or hate monger Alex Jones. And if there is nothing to find; they will spoof emails (replies and responses) and simply create a fantasy out of thin air; a fantasy world that the racist, radical Tea Party of Neo-Nazi Right Wing Media & even leftist media; will be all to happy; to consume, digest, buy and sell to gullible journalist and the American Public.

My advice to Hillary Clinton? Girl keep your mouth shut. They are zombies. This to shall pass.

P.S. #BlackLivesMatter (Just like politicians address every other demo as their own people with their own issues, it is no longer enough for white democrats to simply give a speech to the NAACP or go to a Protestant Church and think that this will turn out the black youth to vote for more of the same)


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Clearly these right wing politicians have a political agenda and are only seeking a political outcome. There is no transparency and why continue to cooperate with goons that are clearly only interest in political coercion? And left wing political interest groups aren't any better. It just gets dumb, tired and redundant.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      The Republican Party needs to be dismantled over these endless and costly "investigations" into people like Hillary Clinton and even former US Attorney General, Eric Holder. The amount of money spent by the GOP via US Tax Payers into rigged, fraud and phony side show acts, could feed twenty thousand African families. Years and years and years of unending harassment, that never amounts to anything but smears and bubble gum for idiotic political operatives sitting on cable news. Last I check, Libya was a global NATO mission and that ambassador demanded to be put in North Africa. Plus, we have too many media and government agencies with access to slanted data due to mass surveillance, which is nothing more than an instrument of corruption and political blackmail.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      A great article with much truth revealed it is a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton.


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