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The #MeToo Movement Is Becoming More Toxic by the Day

Updated on January 22, 2019
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to American politics knows what the #MeToo movement is, but if you’re one of the few who somehow missed it, allow me to summarize it. Sometime in October of 2017, the #MeToo hashtag appeared on social media as a rallying cry for victims of sexual assault or workplace harassment. The movement went viral when the highly publicized accusations of sexual assault against Hollywood Golden Boy, Harvey Weinstein, hit the airwaves. Followers of the hashtag were encouraged to publish tweets, which were intended to bring awareness to the issues. Several high profile Hollywood types championed the movement; many of whom were also victims of Mr. Weinstein’s casting couch horrors. Over the next few months, the viral wave spread throughout other industries including the military, professional sports, the music industry, and oddly enough the pornography industry.

The Spread and the Hijacking

Millions of women worldwide were using the terminology, but as time progressed, the term began to take on new and additional meanings to the social justice community. Now it suddenly became a place for any woman to vent about anything each saw as harassment; basically watering down real rapes with girls who may have gotten whistled at while walking. Some feminists chose to use it as a way to attack all men, regardless of they treated women. Other activists jumped on it as a way to slander and attack anyone who disagreed with transgendered or LGBT rights. It was further politicized during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; one of the tenants of this group was to constantly keep repeating that “all women should be believed, regardless of whether evidence exists of any sexual violence.” The American media did everything they could to help push the narrative championed by the movement members. Day after day, the nation watched as the protestors committed acts of violence, slandered and denigrated then candidate Kavanaugh, and shouted relentlessly about the evils of being a white male.

At first most people sympathized for the movement. That is until the smoke cleared and it was seen for exactly what it was; a political weapon against the right. This was made obvious by who was being attacked and in what fashion. White, straight, male, conservative men were in the crosshairs along with a few minorities who were influential and conservative. Anyone else was seemingly immune from the harassment and the needs of actual victims were no longer a priority. Many women came forward with terrible stories, but somehow only the ones focused on Republican white men were considered credible by the #MeToo leadership. Many major Democratic leaders have been accused of sexual assault, but they were somehow shielded from the onslaught. In fact, many attempts were made to destroy the credibility of the women that didn’t fit the political narrative the leaders were trying to concoct.

Hypocrisy and False Allegations

Mixed in with all the hype came one false accusation after another; it seemed like the leftists who hijacked the movement needed more fuel for a tenuous fire. A whole new dialogue of what is “consent” emerged, which basically was a warning to men that any activity could be called sexual harassment should the woman see it as such. They legitimized trivial things such as holding hands as inappropriate touching, or worse. What was considered a dirty joke ten years ago, now amounts to harassment. The movement became a multi-tentacle monster with a voracious appetite of men, regardless of whether those men were guilty or not.

The results of the movement are mixed at this point, but the scales are tipping downward in favor of the opposition. There were many people across many businesses who were called out and forced to resign or be fired from their jobs; a positive not only for their accusers, but for all people. These powerful predators are no longer able to control the lives of their employees; no longer able to negotiate sexual favors for promotions. A few high powered attorneys jumped on the bandwagon, but it seems now that they only did so to gain fame for themselves and not support the movement. One particular one tried but failed to entrap the President of the United States in his schemes. What started out as a few brave women who risked everything to share their horrific stories became a political platform for elitists who had no skin in the game; nothing to lose in their never ending hypocrisy.

Men Going On Defense

The high level of publicity likely stopped real victims from coming forward due to fear that they would be subjected to ridicule like some others had been. But the movement continues today and it’s created an environment which is anti-male, anti-masculinity, and anti-conservative. But, despite the angry rhetoric and vitriol, America is starting to see it slowly backfire. On college campuses, a place where empowered socialist females had been used to calling out men for rape and citing the rape-culture of campuses, men are fighting back in unorthodox ways. Women are being charged for false accusations and the one-sided policies of major Universities are under fire.

Many men have stopped dating altogether and are actively avoiding one on one situation’s with women. In the business world, men are no longer comfortable mentoring women employees, travelling with them, or anything else that might put them in a perceptive compromising position. The net result is that women are no longer being prepared to take the next step up corporate ladders; meaning no promotions or advancements. Men aren’t comfortable working with women, as they are unwilling to see decades of career-building destroyed with a false accusation. Workplace lawsuits are expensive, which may lead to employers not considering anyone with a harassment claim in their past.

Conclusion - Turning The Tables

Hot dates and one-night stands appear to be in danger of disappearing altogether as men are simply uncomfortable with the entire premise of “asking permission” to do everything. Men also are being told to stop complimenting women, having idle conversation with women, or sharing anything about them. They are in survival mode in a time where they shouldn’t be. All men are not rapists, nor are they serial sexual harassers. Real men know there is nothing wrong with being masculine and are simply waiting it out. Oddly enough, this movement might do the one thing that conservatives have been trying to do for years; bring back the notion that getting married and raising a family is the best course of action in life. With the options limited in the workforce due to the current environment, we may see more women decide being a stay-at-home mom is the choice for them.

© 2019 Ralph Schwartz


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