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The Meaning of Life and Why Our World is Corrupt

Updated on April 29, 2013

Getting Started

I believe I have found out everything about life and how it works. I am going to try to explain it the best way I can in the simplest way possible. I may be incorrect on some things, but I am going to write this as if I am correct in order to properly explain it. So, for the purpose of this article, we are going to assume my theory about life is 100% accurate. Keep in mind that this is going to require a lot of explaining, but reading the whole thing will be worth it

Everything is Created for a Purpose

Let’s find the reason as to why I am writing this article. Well, the reason is to explain the meaning of life in the most accurate way I can. So I am creating a theory about the meaning of life. This theory that I create can be evaluated in many different ways each of which are determined based upon the purpose in which it was created for. Everything in this world that was created was created for a purpose. Right now I am creating a theory. The theory I am creating was intended to serve the purpose of being as accurate as possible. There is the value for this scenario, accuracy.

The Process Behind Creation

Now that we have determined what was created (the theory) and the value in which it is measured (accuracy), I want you to imagine a bar graph. It is important that we understand how this imaginary bar graph works. Each bar on the graph represents what was created, in this case, a theory about what the meaning of life is. Now imagine every theory ever made about the meaning of life is placed on this graph and represented by its own bar. The height in which the bar reaches is determined by the value in which it is measured in (accuracy). The higher a bar reaches up the graph, the higher the level of accuracy for the theory represented by the bar. To make it simple; when something is created, it is then evaluated based upon whatever the purpose was for it to be created. I created a theory that will be evaluated based upon its accuracy. Every value can be separated into a positive and negative category. Since our value is accuracy, let’s determine whether it is positive or negative. When the value is positive, as it increases good will come out of it. When the value is negative, as it increases bad will come out of it. Judging by this we can say that accuracy is a positive value. When ANY positive value increases, a specific negative value MUST increase as well. The accuracy of a theory about the meaning of life cannot be increased unless something negative increases as well. So what is the negative value associated with accuracy? In this case the negative value is the difficulty it is to explain and be understood properly. To sum it all up, I created a theory about the meaning of life, the more accurate it is, the harder it will be to explain. In life, the max amount of any positive value can never be achieved because something just as equally negative will cancel it out. Think about it in this situation, the maximum value for accuracy would be 100% accurate. Therefore, to achieve this, the negative value must max out as well. Since the negative value in this situation is the difficulty to understand, if my theory was 100% accurate, it would be impossible to understand. This means that no form of live to ever exist will ever be able to fully understand the true meaning of life. Now what we can do is get as close as we possibly can to understand the meaning of life which is exactly what I am going to try and do.

My Theory

My theory is that life is not bad and life is not good, it is average, it always will be and it will never change. How do I know this is true you may ask? Well, just think about it for a while, for everything positive in this world there is always something just as equally negative that will happen as a result. Now I want you to think about that statement right there for a little bit. The more you think about it and apply it to things you do in everyday life, you will start to realize that there is nothing untrue about that statement. I have many examples too but I will just choose some of the things that the average person is familiar with. Take food for example. When you make some kind of food, it is evaluated by its taste and its healthiness. In order to make something taste better what do you do? Make it less healthy. As taste (a positive) increases, the ultimate harm it does to your body (a negative) also increases. That’s how this world works; there is a downside to everything. It's like a magnet, there are two things that are the complete opposite of each other (positive and negative values), however they are both linked to each other in some way. Ever heard of opposites attract? Now let’s talk about drugs, take heroin for example. I have talked to many people who have used this drug and they all say that when they used the drug, it was the best thing they ever felt in their life followed by the worst feeling of their entire life after the drug wore off. That is another perfect example of my theory. The amount of pleasure caused by the heroin is so high that the negative effects it causes creates an equal amount of harm canceling out all the good effects. That’s how life works; everything is just average.

Life is a Game that Nobody Wins

The best way I can describe life is to think of life as a game. Every single living organism is a player in this game. In this game called “life” nobody ever wins. Think of it more like a survival game to see how long something will survive. We are trying to see how long our planet Earth will survive for. There are certain tasks we are asked to do in order to help the world last longer. When we do these certain tasks, we are rewarded. The three most important tasks are eating, drinking, and reproducing. Here is where my whole theory of “the world is average, neither good nor bad” really comes in to play. Getting as close to winning in life as possible isn’t about eating, drinking, and reproducing as much as a possible, it is about doing it at an AVERAGE amount. If we eat too much we become overweight, if we eat too little we become underweight. If we drink too much we can develop bladder problems, if we drink too little we become dehydrated. If we reproduce too much the world becomes overpopulated and we loose resources, if we reproduce too little or not at all life will slowly cease to exist. Since the rewards for doing these three tasks are all positive things, many people want to do them as much as possible to get the most positive they can get out of it. What they don’t realize is that something just as equally negative is being resulted from it. It’s how the world works; everything was intended to be average. Overall, the main purpose for life was meant to be surviving as long as possible.

Why Our World is Becoming Corrupt

Think about the world today in the year 2013. I want everyone who is reading this to pay really close attention. Almost all sources of corruption are all linked to the same cause; money. The reason the world is becoming more corrupt over time is because the main goal in life is slowly beginning to change. The goal in life is no longer survival; it is making as much money as possible. Money is ruining our existence, as we know it. My dad is a stockbroker and has always made a lot of money. In our corrupt society, this is what everybody desires, to make a lot of money. What people fail to realize is the cost at which it comes. My dad makes a lot of money, but because of this he hates his job, he works in an office all day everyday, he is on the phone all the time talking to clients, he gets people yelling and complaining to him constantly, and he takes out all his anger from this on me. I have sat back and watched this my whole life and slowly observed until I finally came up with all these conclusions. Remember, for every good thing, there is something equally as bad. Well for money, this isn’t the case. For any good that people think comes out of money, there is something MUCH worse that ultimately happens from it. As the desire for money slowly becomes more important than the desire to work to try and serve our purpose to keep the world alive, the world slowly begins to die down over time. Nobody knows an exact date when the world is going to end. However, I am almost positive that I know HOW the world will ultimately end. As money has slowly become more and more desirable over time, it has gotten to a point where people have started to kill each other over it. This completely contradicts what our purpose in life was meant to be, survival. If this continues, it will eventually get to a point where we all kill each other. The most desirable thing in our corrupt society right now is exactly what is killing us. When money becomes the only important thing in this world, then our purpose for survival will no longer become important and we will destroy ourselves altogether. Why do you think there are so many recent natural disasters? I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I think it is our planet Earth telling us we are failing at survival not just for us, but for our planet. If we don’t make a change soon, bad things will happen.


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    • profile image

      10 months ago

      Please write more!

    • profile image

      Ann 16 months ago

      You are so right!

    • profile image

      Liv 2 years ago

      Those natural disasters are results of man made climate change, which is rooted in selfishness and money. I like your ideas overall though.

    • profile image

      estefanie 4 years ago

      You are so right