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The Meaning of Life and a Renaissance of Love

Updated on December 30, 2017
k@ri profile image

Kari spends much of her time thinking about the meaning of life and time. She has concluded love is the meaning and time doesn't exist.

I think I know the meaning of life. It's and and and happiness.

You may ask yourself, "How do I find this meaning? How do I find understanding, love, happiness?  How do I obtain this meaning in my life?"

Look within yourself.  Give more than you take.  Consciously seek love.

People are uneasy these days. We see our dreams and beliefs tumbling down around us. But many of our beliefs and dreams relate to material objects. Material objects that seem solid, but are here today and useless tomorrow.

We dream of owning our own home. We dream of big screen TV's to watch the big game on. We dream of college for the kids and an easy retirement.

We believe we are only as good as our job. We believe how much money we make sets our status in life. We believe that we are better than others just because we own more than they do.

The Meaning of Life is "Stuff"

Where does happiness fit into these dreams and beliefs?

Based on our dreams of "stuff" and our belief in our economic standing, it would seem that money can buy happiness. But I guess that would depend on where your happiness is rooted.

I dream of a time when scientists are held in greater esteem than athletes. A time when creation means more than passive entertainment. A time when philosophers are more sought after than lawyers.

I believe that only love can overcome all things. Only love has the power to create peace. For in love lies a willingness to understand. Love searches for what connects us...not what divides us.

Where do your beliefs lie?

Society is waking up and, like a great being awakening after a deep slumber, ripples are occurring, ripples of our reality interspersed with truth.  Ripples that are becoming waves of momentum.  Waves of change and revolution.  Waves of war.

But I dream of a renaissance and I believe in love.  I know I am not alone in my dreams and beliefs, and I need help.  I need help to make these dreams and beliefs reality.  I need your help in making our time a Renaissance of Love.

The Renaissance of Love will be a time of awakening.  A time during which we shift our focus and values from material objects and invest our time in each other.  A realization of our very consciousness that we are more than we own.  Each and every one of us is precious and unique.  

Love Will Find a Way


There has never been a time of such great potential. A time that we are united in our inability to accept war is the answer. A time during which science has discovered we are all connected. It is time for a great awakening. An awakening of love and acceptance for each other. An end to the fear and hate we have known.

After all, where does all this hate and fear originate?  Why do our differences divide us?  Why, when we are all very much the same.  We love our families and want to provide for them.  We all want to have clean air to breath and clean water to drink.  Why does it seem the world is trying to divide us.  

We are Closer than We Know

Reality is only what we believe it is.  Only we can create it...only we can change it.  However, it seems to me that we are allowing our reality to be manipulated.  Manipulated by media and big business.  And their message is simple.  It runs along these lines:

"We are all in danger!  (DANGER, Will Robinson, DANGER!)"

And what exactly are we in danger of?  Losing everything!?  Losing our jobs, our homes, our stuff!? (OH NO!)  But look closer.  Are these really the things happiness are made from?  Is life that simple?  Are we but what we own...or are we more?  

What will all this "stuff" matter in 10 years?

Does your job give you satisfaction? I remember having jobs that gave me satisfaction. Life is a compromise. I made good money and supported my family well. We had the big screen TV and all the "stuff" we wanted. You would think life was good.


The job that was satisfying because it allowed me to be a good provider, was very dissatifying in other aspects. There was always a great deal of pressure to do more with less. The job was taking all of my time and energy.

I was lackluster when I returned home. Even at home I was distracted with work. One day I woke up. I gave up the job, and became happier. We could no longer afford all the "stuff" that we wanted, but we had what we needed.  We had each other and we were happier.

Lasting Happiness

The real happiness in life had been reinstated to it's proper place in my priorities. In 10 years it will matter if my children love me. It will matter if they are well-adjusted or not. It will not matter if we owned a certain game...wore a certain shoe...drove a certain car. What will be important is our current health and happiness. This is my reality.

Possessions are only dreams. Dreams that promise happiness, but deliver anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction. Wake up and remember what is real.

Nobody can take what is real from us. We can unwittingly give up what is important, but no-one can take it from us. Who we are, what we are, thrives on the energy of love...the life-giving energy that connects us all...the ripples of reality that make us one.

I know I ask a lot of you. I ask you not to fight for love, just that you love. I'm not asking for a Revolution of Love... I'm asking for a Renaissance of Love. A Renaissance that can only begin with you.

The Miracle of Oneness-Fractals

Oh, are you still there? Sorry, I got involved watching that series on fractals...Fractals amaze me! The pattern is never-ending, and a change in one portion results in a change in the whole pattern.

I look at fractals as a map of space and time. The way the fractal keeps it's pattern when it is magnified to me is like looking at time. It continues unending into the future. The way the fractal keeps it's pattern when scanning it right or left makes me think of all the dimensions that exist in this moment of time.

If you were to pick one portion of the fractal you would see it repeatedly occurring. You could see how the pattern is all connected, up and down, side to side, in and out. I feel we are all connected in this way. We are connected through out time and space. The existence of fractals shows me our connectedness.

To me, fractals prove that, in the pattern of our the pattern of the universe, one person has the power to make a change in the whole. While the change may not be easily recognized, it will be there changing the pattern of the whole. That one tiny change will affect everything.

© 2010 Kari Poulsen


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Great article.

      I think the meaning of life really is love. It's as simple, and as complex as that.

      Thanks for writing such a wonderful article.


    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Great -- I like the "make it simple" approach as well. Contentment and peace profound.

      Love - light - laughter


    • SleeplessnLaJolla profile image


      7 years ago from La Jolla, Ca

      Nice ;)

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Look within yourself. That line says it all! You have some good thoughts here - thanks

    • goprisca profile image


      7 years ago from Bangalore

      Very informative. Thanks for sharing

    • AngelTrader profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Love is the essence of the universe.

      Be open, learn to give and receive with no expectations or demands and your life will be filled with love.

    • Bijosh profile image


      8 years ago from from the cosmic sea, sustaining life and radiating purity.

      In fact in my life I have been asking questions like, meaning of life, significance of our life etc ever since my childhood. I have never come across a satisfactory answer.Yet I m seeking in vain for some answers which I haven't found so far. Thanks for the great hub.

    • fucsia profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this Hub: touching, stimulating. When I read pages like this one

      I smile: the world is full of beautiful people, who know talk about love, who know the value of life. Thanks!

    • BJBenson profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      When you moved as many times as I have, you know what is important. It is who you move with! I have know a lot of people who have lost everything. As long as they have each other they survive. Wonderful hub.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I agree with your views. So many people do not see these aspects. Things should not make you feel happy. They are nice but I think happiness is more natural like putting a genuine smile on a friend's face or even doing something to make a stranger you just met smile, making kids laugh.

    • k@ri profile imageAUTHOR

      Kari Poulsen 

      8 years ago from Ohio

      VioletSun, Love back and I hope you are enjoying the holidays. You make me chuckle when you talk about the human getting in the way. That seems to be my greatest stumbling block also.

      The human in me wants to make it all about me...but it isn't all about me, or about any one of us. It's all about US. All of us together. :D

    • VioletSun profile image


      8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      K@ri, I read this last night and had to leave a comment today. Your hub touched me, as the message of a Renaissance of Love is one I hope touches many people! I like you, simplified my life, left NYC, and the simplification is to the point that all that matters to me is living a concious life where love is my highest priority, even when the human in me gets in the way!

      Rated up and love to you!

    • k@ri profile imageAUTHOR

      Kari Poulsen 

      8 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you Mentalist acer! Merry Christmas! In love we are born, and in love we find meaning. Love you! :D

      Raven King, Thank you for reading. And leaving a comment. Merry Christmas! Know that you are loved! :D

      Vern, I am so glad you are on board. If we give, we will get love! Merry Christmas! All of us who believe in love should stand together. Love can change the world! :D

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 

      8 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      I don't know if I'm just not paying attention, but I am happy to read one of your hubs again.

      Hey, thanks for calling us to this Renaissance of Love. We are born to love and be loved. By the time we are nine months old, if all goes the way it is supposed to and of course it never does, we learn through experience, it is not an thinking learning, to love and to be loved or NOT. So we are truly born to love and be loved. For most of us it is a life of healing so we can love and be loved and it really can change the world. In recent months, I have had so many wonderfilled experiences of being loved and learning again to love and it has changed my life and everyone I come into contact with. SO I AM ON BOARD.

      Merry Christmas


    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 

      8 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Thanks for writing this clever and inspiring hub! I like it!!!! Merry Christmas! :D

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      8 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      One cannot deliver themselves from the fractal nature of life,so just simply react to what is common sensicaly important and minimumly ingnore the static things that don't offer positive I will react to this hub as an positive opportunity to appreciate the"stuff"of common sense..and to K@ri's love and understanding.;)


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