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The Media Control

Updated on September 30, 2012

Mind Control

Are we awake or asleep? Are we living in reality or someone else's illusion? From the time we were children we have been lured into watching television. From cartoons to children's products and as we mature, from entertainment to the news. Nothing wrong with a little entertainment. There's nothing wrong with selling useful products. There is nothing wrong with being informed with the news right? Well, the last one may need a closer examination.

question it
question it


There are a few problems with the news. Number one, is it true? Most people have been conditioned to accept whatever is presented without question. We discuss the broadcasts with family or go to work and talk about the latest news. If nothing else it makes interesting conversation. What some people are not aware of is the fact that their thinking is being directed. In other words, their attention is being focused on whatever the broadcaster chooses. The average Joe wakes up in the morning from a good night's sleep and turns on the television. If he turns on the news, he will be suddenly hit with tragedy after tragedy. A collection of the darkest stories and happenings from around the world. The stories may have nothing to do with him. If he is not wise he may feel a drop in his enthusiasm. He may start carrying a story that may not even be true for him. Lets face it, most people are walking around with a television/radio/internet mind filled with opinions, illusions, advertisements and manipulative propaganda. The propaganda is repeated so often everyday that it literally becomes a form of brainwashing. Take the recessions for example. How many times have you heard that word in the last twelve years? Has that word had any influence on your thinking, feelings, decisions or actions? It is deeply embeded in most people's minds and yet there are those who continue to prosper regardless of the economy. I have seen people working at the same companies for over twenty years. The news broadcasts have hammered the recession for years now. Those companies have seen presidents come and go while still earning millions of dollars every year. For some reason, the media projects the idea that the entire country is in the same boat and its sinking. They talk in terms of a collective national experience. But if you look closer, you will see technological giants, gasoline companies, restaurants and retailers making billions of dollars. There are business people, athletes and other entertainers signing multimillion dollar deals every year without fail. Even a good movie can rake in 100 million over a weekend at any time of year. Musicians go on tour and pull in millions of dollars. That is the truth of the matter. Is everybody in the same desparate boat? Even the broadcaster is being paid millions of dollars as he paints the dark pictures of the so-called economy. J. Paul Getty once said there are always new opportunities available. Some industries will shut down but new ones will always be created. He understood that the mind is superior to circumstances, problems and conditions. The reality is, life is your personal experience. Your income is your creation regardless of others opinions and experiences. Politicians don't have a problem raising millions of dollars and they will boldly tell the people about hard times. Some people may be having hard times, but not everybody. In other words, it shouldn't be the dominant outlook for everybody. There are people starting new businesses every month and some are succeeding if they know what they are doing.


Your Life

If you are awake, you can create a beautiful life. You can direct your life and have pleasant experiences. All it takes is objective awareness. If you watch television, tune in to the people who are succeeding. Pull back on the doomsday forecasts. Find creative ways to improve your own life. Learn how to condition your mind for pleasant outcomes instead of allowing media propaganda to control your thinking and actions. The dark horror stories from the media will never stop. You should not carry every tragedy or tale of doom that is being tossed at you. The world has good and unpleasant happenings. There is no reason to be totally consumed by the massive negative broadcasts. In the end everything comes and goes. Those who live to be 100 years old will gladly testify that every event passes in time. Nothing stands still. Everything changes. If you don't like the world that you are experiencing, you have the power to change it. You can focus your attention on better subjects. You can have a better life. The only question is, are you willing to do whatever it takes. Don't accept the illusion that everybody has the same problems. You are an individual! You can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others, if you are strong and wise enough. You will have to direct your own thinking and take actions contrary to popular opinion and the news broadcasts. You cannot stop others from buying into gloomy, negative outlooks. It's almost impossible to go a day without somebody sharing their programmed opinion of how bad things are. The news has done a very effective job on most people. One way to throw a wrench in the propaganda machinery is to ask yourself, is everybody in the country really having this horrible life experience? If you see other people enjoying life, taking exotic vacations, creating new projects, falling in love, making millions and billions of dollars every year, building new buildings, buying and selling new products, inventing new gadgets, writing bestsellers, going on shopping sprees, creating blockbuster movies, having sold out tours; going to sporting events and mega churches that are packed to the rafters every week, then maybe a grand doomsday illusion has been projected on the masses that may not be true for everybody. If nothing else, it's time to question it and step out of it, if you are living it.

Books to awaken you


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    • Sri T profile image

      Sri T (the mystic) 5 years ago

      Yes I agree. To be selective is the way. Thanks for commenting.

    • yoginijoy profile image

      yoginijoy 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      Interesting take on today's media! I tend to avoid all propaganda unless I consciously choose to consume it. I do like PBS, I tend to the geeky side of things. I love Nature and Nova and shows like that. The news isn't news these days. I tend to watch news from non-US sources, the US sources are pitiful.

      I do wonder why the lens of most shows-whether for entertainment or for information tend towards the spreading of fear. Have you noticed this? It has been happening since 9/11. No one seems to talk about it. There has been a major shift--either you watch "reality tv" to hide from reality or what could happen, or your news is actually entertainment about celebrities.

      I refuse to partake in any of it. Voting up and interesting!