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The Media Overkill of the Shady Hook Massacre

Updated on December 20, 2012

Well, I guess there is no other news or things that matter to CNN, Fox News and many others news outlets. Yes, I understand it all- the need to cover, to be the best with 24\7 coverage, cover every funeral, talk with every parent that basically states the same thing any parent, including myself, would say if it was child, talk about every angle of gun control, commentators stating profound apologies before interviewing, wishing them the best. I get it but is that all there is?

I am not insensitive but what else can be possibly be discussed that has not already? More condolences for lost ones? Watching grieving parents act like zombies with tears as they recant how perfect, loving and wonderful their kid was. Do you really think any parent who lost one would say anything else? Of course not, yet, broadcast after broadcast, the recitals abound. Sorry, nothing will repair the damage and airing it on national TV will not relieve a parent's pain only continue it. One after one, funerals were televised, why? Do people really want to see this? One black limo, one crying relative is the same as the other one. It all ends the same way. Depressing, sad and tragic.

Exploring why the killer did what he did is equally lame. Who cares? The kids are dead. Will it really matter if the killer left a note stating, " I am very angry at my life, I hate it". No, nothing changes, what, some odd satisfaction knowing that this is the flaky reason? But, there will not be even that satisfaction because the killer is dead. All of the crime investigation is equally for nothing. Investigating that the killer used 100 rounds is meaningless, the kids are dead. It does not matter if a child was killed with one or five bullets.

Is all the coverage, all the time, out of respect? If so, for whom? Is simply for ratings? The gun debate will go on for months and if history is repeated, very little will change. I think all gun buyers should go under a mental examination before issuing a owner's permit. A gun in the wrong hands is always a killer and there will always be guns in America. If we conclude this as fact, then a mental examination and criminal investigation would be good. But, even that will not prevent a sane, everyday person from getting pissed off and using a gun against society or people that he hates.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good article, but I think you missed one thing. This tragedy is also being used to get America's attention off of the "fiscal cliff", Benghazi, Syria, and Iran. Also, Dianne Feinstein now has a plan to introduce more gun legislation. How is that different than last year or the year before? If guns should be so restricted, why hasn't she demanded that they not be carried by her security team.

    • jose7polanco profile image

      Jose Misael Polanco 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      you Know i think the news are biased, always, and attempt to manipulate the masses. Here Obama comes up playing with the US emotions and preaching how important gun control is. I hope next president can have some more education and proper use of common sense. We all know that what truly keeps crimes low is prevention which is why i highlight how important hired security is because their role and nature is to prevent crimes. As a proof i offer Joe Alpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff investigation on Dec. 20 leading to the arrest of a 16 years old girl who, well armed, planned a massive murder at her high school.


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